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Out of Character Information

Eye Colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Economic Left/Right: Right
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: Social Libertarian

My Favourite Historical Figures:
LinkKemal Ataturk
LinkMohammad Mossadegh
LinkRonald Reagan
LinkCharles de Gaulle

Nationales Deutsches Reich (New Main Account)
Persagonia (Former Main Account)

Strasserite deutsche republik
Freies konigreich preussen
Nationalist chinese republic

Out of Character Information

• If there is a grammar mistake in one of my factbooks, please TG me!

• If something does not make sense (timeline wise, geographically, or historically) in one of my factbooks, please TG me and tell me what is wrong so I can fix it!

• If you have questions, you're welcome to TG me.

• If you find something cool or like something within my factbooks, do say!

• I acknowledge that the images (and some concepts) used in my factbooks do not belong to me.

[If you want to ask me a question and would like it put here, feel free to TG me!]

  • What's your name? Why bother, just call me Reza

  • What's your race? Persian

  • What's your sexuality? Male

  • What about orientation? Heterosexual and Straight

  • What's your country of origin? What citizenships do you hold? Iran, American Citizenship (lives in Istanbul)

  • Do you have a significant other? No, not yet

  • Job? High School Student

  • What do you believe in? Christian (Secretively Agnostic)

  • So... your ancestry and heritage? Persian by descent

  • Your likes? What about dislikes? Modern History and Geopolitics, and slow Wi-Fi.

My Nations (As of 2018)

German Nations:

  • Nationales Deutsches Reich: My current main nation after retiring Persagonia. A hypothetical scenario where the National Socialists didn't rose to power and a national conservative party (the DNVP) took its place instead after the 1934 elections in the aftermath of President Hindenburg's death. A semi-democracy and semi-presidential federal republic in Europe, Germany is reasserting herself once again as a great power in the international world and is currently rebuilding itself after the disastrous Weimar years. Has some weird mix of Prussian - Nazi aesthetics and is the German Empire in republican form, basically. Germany is part of my Four Powers nations segment.

  • Strasserite deutsche republik: It seems that I jumped on the alternate universe nation bandwagon too late. My first (and only) alternate nation that I seek to construct. The premise is that the Strasserite Black Front won the aforementioned 1934 elections, purged the National Socialist and other parties, and established a totalitarian state over Germany. Unlike other nations, I would build this nation to a moderate degree content-wise and would only include some essential Strasserite stuff.

  • Freies konigreich preussen: My first German nation other than Straserite Germany. I felt like I neglected the nation for too long and I promise that I would expand and complete it after I'm done with Strasserite Germany. Anyways, the Free Kingdom of Prussia is basically an autonomous kingdom in the republican German Reich which is headed by a König and a Ministerpräsident.

The Four Powers:

  • Nationalist chinese republic: A potential (yet mostly unlikely) scenario if the now right-wing and loyal Wang Jingwei assumed power in a coup in 1934. Now, dominated by the KMT and the military; China is set on to unify the region and reconstruct nation after years of fighting amidst the Chinese Civil War and later, the Sino - Japanese War. Like Prussia, I felt that I neglect it for too long in favor of my main nation and Strasserite Germany. However, I would definitely expand it to a moderate level after I'm done with Strasserite Germany and Prussia.

  • The United States (MacArthur-led): Maybe?

  • Russian Federation: Maybe?

Political Standpoints:

  • Pro: Civic Nationalism, Patriotism, Progressivism, the Free Market, Environment, Secularism, Kemalism, Middle Eastern Women and LGBT+ Rights, Persian Culture and Heritage, and the West

  • Neutral: Religion, Palestine, Israel, the Arab World, Multiculturalism, Interventionism, Monarchism, Social Conservatism, and Socialism

  • Anti: Fundamentalism, Salafism, Wahhabi, Sharia Law, Ethnic Nationalism, Communism, Fascism, and Nazism