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NS World Cup 2018: Bolitas Squad

This is the final selection of the Bolitas squad which will be representing the Palad Asul at the NS World Cup 2018 Edition #1.

Formation: 4-2-2-2

GK. Jonatan Banal (76/100)
LB. Antonio Danayan (75/100)
CB. Mathew Baluud (74/100)
CB. Luis Araujo (73/100)
RB. Devar Kaliyo (75/100)
CM. Brian Dhanya (80/100)
CM. Miguel Nusho (79/100)
CAM. Jose Delapan (84/100)
CAM. Buana Romero (81/100)
LF. Felipe Colzera (80/100)
RF. Mario Lozano (79/100)