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Geschenk History

Geschenk is German for gift, and that is what this great nation is. 500 years ago the great God-King Annialierung II wrested control of a small stretch of land from the Archduchy of Austria after a great battle that lasted 5 years. It is said that God, on the day that all seemed lost, sent down a bolt of lightning to crush the Austrian forces. Annialierung II ran down and captured the rest, and spared them for their crimes. He said "Gott hat dich besiegt, nicht ich", meaning 'God defeated you, not I'. He set the prisoners free, and they fled to tell their king that a new power had risen, and they had God himself at their backs. Annialierung II was given the title of God-King for this, as his people believed that his power showed that God had blessed him.

An era of peace occured after this, for no one nation dared to stand up to this fierce and brave country. God-King Annialierung II died peacefully after living a long, happy life, content with his blessings. When he died his crown was passed on to his oldest son Potenzial I. Potenzial proved to be weak. Austria once more threatened Geschenk, seeing that the God-King had died, and Potenzial did nothing. He submitted to their demands and depleted the nation's coffers, undoing his father's years of hard work. The people demanded a new king, and so Potenzial's brother, Tugend, challenged the worm to a fist to fist duel. Tugend began crushing his brother, and when he was about to deliver to blow to win the fight, Potenzial, desperate to cling on to his pathetic peace, pulled a dagger from his pocket in a desperate attempt to win. Tugend was stabbed in the chest, mere centimeters from his heart, and was rushed from the arena. From around the country people demanded the blood of the traitor Potenzial, and yet months after the fight, the new king Tugend simply exiled the fool, leaving him to wander the northern provinces.

King Tugend ushered in an era of war and strength for the Geschenkian people, as they fought once more against the Archduchy of Austria. Tugend swore an oath before the great high priests that he would conquer the land in retaliation for them seizing money from them during Potenzial's era of weakness. A ten year military campaign was commenced, and at the end of a long bloody conflict Geschenk had conquered all of Austria, and claimed the title of the most powerful nation in Central Europe. Great wealth was bestowed upon the citizens of Geschenk from their victory, and legend says the celebration lasted for 10 years after, a gift from God congratulating them for 10 years of hard fighting.

Peace would not last, however. After the celebrations, the Kingdom of Hungary attacked from the south. The cowards dared not to fight the army of Geschenk, still led by mighty Tugend, so stayed to the shadows and razed villages and killed women and children. King Tugend did not want the suffering of the southern citizens to continue, so he challenged Ferdinand IV, the current King of Hungary, to a duel to decide the fate of the two nations. The duel was accepted, an Tugend, armed only with a shield and sword, entered the Hungarian camp. Surrounded by Hungarian soldiers and guards, Tugend once more challenged Ferdinand to a duel, and he drew his sword, pointing it at the coward king's chest. The duel commenced, and Tugend, after only minutes of fighting, forced Ferdinand to the ground. The fools around him, fearing the death of their king, stabbed Tugend in the back, killing him. This dishonorable display did not end the war, but simply turned the entire nation of Geschenk into an inferno of fury ready to strike down the honorless Hungarians. The war continued. The kingless Genchenkians pushed back the enemy back into Hungary, where they finally took the fight to them. A long, bloody campaign finally came to a close when Budapest, the capital of Hungary, was surrounded. The general Erober led the 1 year siege. At the end, the gates of the city were bust open using the trunk of the tallest tree in Geschenk, and Erober and his men stormed the city. Ferdinand was captured and executed in the name of Tugend, for whom the city was renamed. Hungary was captured, and the empire was expanded.

For 200 years after there was no war in Geschenk, and kings came and gone. They dared not attack for fear of losing all of the wealth they accumulated in all the years. Then, in the mid 1800s, came Wiedergeburt I. His name meant "rebirth", and his parents named him this because they believed he could bring about and new age of war and conquering for the country. He did just that. Wiedergeburt had powerful friends across all of the noble families, and this propelled him into power. As king, he rallied the soldiers of the nation, and swiftly declared war on Prussia to the north. His army swarmed into the lands, and in less than a year half of Prussia was under Geschenk control. While Wiedergeburt was a great leader, he had many fatal flaws. His battlelust caused him to rush to battles without formulating a plan, often causing thousands of men to lose their lives to win a simple battle. The warrior council of Geschenk disapproved of his tactics, and while Wiedergeburt was winning the war, they still decided to assassinate him to bring in a more humble and honorable king. The assassination failed, and Wiedergeburt discovered that the warrior council had set it up. He returned back into Geschenk with his loyal followers and murdered every member of the council, and thus killed everyone who opposed him. He once more returned to Prussia, and after only 3 months of fighting wrested control of the Prussian capital Königsberg. Seeing his power growing, the other states in modern Germany signed confederation pacts and joined the nation of Geschenk.

The nation now controlled millions of acres of land, and Wiedergeburt passed away after a long fight with cancer. Geschenk was now the most powerful militaristic nation in all of the world, and yet their army was weakened after their victory over Prussia. The wars stopped, and until the present Geschenk has become a peaceful state. Still, the kings of Geschenk still have power over the hundreds of thousands of warriors waiting on a single word to begin fighting once more.