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New Citizens' Assembly Chair Elected


Contact Information (TG): Vaculatestar

(Europeia, March 12, 2018) - On March 9, the citizens of the region hit the ballot boxes yet again, this time to elect a new Chair for the Citizens Assembly (CA). Up until the final hours prior to the vote opening the race featured three candidates, Punchwood and Alan Lee, both long time contributors to the Assembly, and longtime lurker Locustofcharon, with Punchwood eventually coming out the victor.

Alan Lee posted a long and very detailed Linkplatform consisting of many controversial ideas, such as attempting to get the Assembly included in foreign visits alongside the executive, along with an entire laundry list of ideas which lead to some, such as Comrade Prim, suggesting that Alan was simply trying to recreate the failed European States program, in which he expended quite a bit time and energy. Ultimately, in the hours leading up to the polls opening, Alan withdrew, leaving many to wonder how the region would have reacted with their votes to such different ideas. This sentiment was expressed on the most recent LinkEuroToday broadcast.

Punchwood posted a much more traditional Linkplatform for Chair. He spoke in great detail on finishing up outgoing chair Airbus' work on the Legislative Training Center (LTC). In particular he was critical of the automatic pairing of mentors to mentees, with little room for choice in the matter. Instead he proposed turning the LTC into a more passive training center, and allow for more freedom of thought as well as more individual choice. He also touched on the Mockingbird, praising the previous Chairs effort to ensure only the highest quality work was put into the publication which is put out by the Assembly at various times per term, depending on the preference of the Chair. He proposed further improving upon that by spotlighting individuals who prove to be above and beyond in their contributions to the Assembly as a method of positive reinforcement in encouraging people in participating in Assembly discussions.

The new comer to the race, Locustofcharon, also posted up a more traditional, albeit less thorough Linkplatform. Just as Punchwood and so many candidates before him did, he touched on the LTC. While praising outgoing Chair Airbus' work in this area, he proposed improving upon the execution of the mission of the LTC via the giving of lectures. He then went on to state that the CA should not necessarily be a source of legislation of its own making, but as a source of knowledge on the region's legal system, and on what a skilled legislator in this region can accomplish.

After Alan's withdrawal less than a day before polls opened, the vote came out to the end that many in the region predicted it to come to. Punchwood came out on top with a vote of 32-6. Locust did lose his first election, but that number six can be seen as a symbol by him that he wasn't like so many political newcomers that came before him that didn't even bother learning about the region at all before running. He can use this as a building block for future political ambitions, provided he keeps at it. Punchwood is predicted to do well with the chance he's been given to lead the assembly, and he's quite thankful for the opportunity provided to him.

"I'm thankful to the voters for entrusting me with the position of CA Chair, and I hope I can repay that trust throughout this term. I'm also glad that Alan and Locus got engaged in the democratic process and helped to provide a healthy discussion on what direction the CA should take so I certainty hope that they remain active during this term. I want to see the CA busy with discussion again as we will have plenty of amendments/ideas to look at this term and I also hope we see some more newcomers engaging in discussion and proposing amendments and/or laws. I have every hope and belief that this can be a stellar term." -Punchwood


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