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Leovin Kalvar, the President [WIP]


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His Supreme Excellency

Leovin Kalvar

Heroic Theme: LinkCid's Theme
Villain Theme: LinkThose Chosen by the Planet

Supreme Master Leader of the
Niendelberg Group


Assumed office:
1 August 12017 HE

Preceded by: Jascob de Rostschildt

9th President of the
Lairan Union (LU)


Assumed office:
19 February 12018 HE

Chancellor: Chatei Noryibion
Preceded by: Hermann Stochl

56th President of the
CFR Wunderstrafanstalt


Assumed office:
1 May 12017 HE
Interim: 3 January - 1 May 12017 HE

Vice President: Aresdem Hayska
Chancellor: Himself, Rexis Mirexell
Preceded by: Teufel Alptraum

President of the Committee
for an Orderly Planet (COP)


Assumed office:
17 August 12016 HE

Vice President: Lenchoun I de Carolingine
Preceded by: Office established

Supreme M. Leader: J. Rostschildt, Himself
Deputy: Rexis Mirexell
Field Commander: Aresdem Hayska

President of the Light of Democracy
NWO Parliament Party Group


Assumed office:
1 January 12018 HE

Secretary General: James Wolff
Preceded by: Office established

President of the
Functional Forces Party (FF)


Assumed office:
27 January 12017 HE

Secretary General: Rexis Mirexell
Preceded by: Office established

Member of Parliament
for Rescada Constituency


Assumed office:
19 February 12018 HE

1st President of the
New World Organization (NWO)

Assumed office:
19 February 12018 - 19 August 12018 HE

Vice President: Rexis Mirexell
Chancellor: Malik Nayef Al-Hashim
Preceded by: Office established
Succeeded by: James Wolff

49th Chancellor of the
CFR Wunderstrafanstalt

Assumed office:
3 January 12017 - 1 May 12017 HE

President: Himself
Vice Chancellor: Rexis Mirexell
Preceded by: Arshnyk Duro
Succeeded by: Rexis Mirexell

Chairperson of the Second
Committee for Democratic Restoration

In office:
24 December 12016 - 16 January 12017 HE

Deputy: Rexis Mirexell
Field Marshall: Aresdem Hayska
Preceded by: Position established
Succeeded by: Position abolished

Minister of Foreign Affairs

In office:
6 July 12015 - 17 February 12017 HE

President: Teufel Alptraum
Preceded by: Venomal Ramory
Succeeded by: Hares Kastrans

Minister of L.U. Affairs

In office:
17 August 12015 - 6 July 12017 HE

President: Wincasfal Scaris

Personal Details


Leovin Reximé Luxtern Mirexell Kalvar-Peierls


"The Prince"
"President Everything"
"Saddlebrown" (HEX code)

Worldwide Identity Number:



30 December 11991 HE, age 27
Azura S.A.D, Wunderstrafanstalt



Political Party:

Light of Democracy (April 12018 - Present)
Functional Forces Party (12017 - Present)
Conservative Party(12009 - 12016)


New World Organization
Lairan Union
Continental-Federal Republic of Wunderstrafanstalt
Niendelberg Group
Committee for an Orderly Planet

Political Stances:

Classical Liberalism
Radical Centrism


Mily Solystra (m.12018)




Galdan Kalvar, Falyrin Peierls


Lazarus Kalvar, Lulla Kalvar


Headquarters 0, Rescada C.A.D (primary);
L.U. Capital Area of Lerona;
Velmeiro City, Kirstacith (private).


Velmeiro Republican Academy,
Anagael Marinol Institute
- Degrees in Law, Political Science,
Management, Psychology, Macroeconomy,
Civil engineering, and International Relations.


Liberal Freemasonry

Net Worth:

Ł 34.9 Million (June 2018)


"There is no God, so we will be the Gods!"

- Kalvar's speech in front of the Niendelberg Group before the launch of LEVIATHAN B, 4 July 12017.

Leovin Kalvar (/'lɛovin 'kalvaː/; born 30 December 11991 HE, Capricorn; age 27), also widely referred as Prince is a Lairo-Wunderstrafanstaltian statesman and political leader primus inter pares with co-leaders and 'teammates' Chancellor Rexis Mirexell and VP / VC / Comindesc Aresdem Hayska. He is currently serving as the President of the Lairan Union, President of the Continental-Federal Republic of Wunderstrafanstalt, and President of the Committee for an Orderly Planet. His government is universally referred as the "New World Order".

Kalvar rose to the spotlight in 12010 by becoming the de-facto face of the Lairomaidan. After the SOZIs fell, he became the apprentice of the new president Wincasfal Scaris and quickly rose through accomplishment, intrigue, and nepotism, appointed L.U. Minister in 12014. Becoming Foreign Minister in 12016 after the assasination of Scaris, he became central in an internal fighting against the increasingly dictatorial president Teufel Alptraum under investigation for his role in Scaris's death. When the president launched a self-coup to prevent impeachment, Kalvar seized the initiative to led a resistance and oust him. Kalvar then split the ruling Conservative Party and founded a transpartisan new party, the Functional Forces, attracting 2/3 members of the CSV. Combining sound and sustainable socio-economic policies with careful but dirty populist rhetoric, he scored landslide electoral victories in 12017 and 12018.

As militarist-populist (milipops) regimes were imploding under climate change, infighting, and finally a nuclear crisis, the neoglobalists launched Project LEVIATHAN and seized control of the planet. They then succesfully restored peace, order, and freedom - becoming the unquestionable world authority. Today, Kalvar is largely viewed as the unquestioned de-facto leader of the continent and the world, renowned for his young and easy-going optimistic personna, if not a bit eccentric (in humorous ways), despite being way more ruthless and manipulative compared to his dictatorial predecessor.

Early Life

Sweet Start, Bitter Start

Leovin Kalvar was born on 24 December 11991 in Moreno, Wunderstrafanstalt. Kalvar was raised in a mansion in Azura in an elite, aristocratic lifestyle. Possessing prodigious potentials in various sectors, he was enrolled to the 'Aseian way of life'- countless hours of training and education in various sectors, through 'care and belt'. He was very close to his father Senior Presidential Advisor of Foreign Affairs Galdan Kalvar, who was delighted by Kalvar's early interest in Galdan's professional life.

SOZI rally in Kilva, capitalizing on the Worldwide Crash.

In 11997 however, when Kalvar was 6 years old, the Second Gilded Age came to an end with the Worldwide Crash. The center-left government tumbles upon the quasi-fascist SOZI party who was elected to power under populist promises. As the party swept absolute control, the globalist Galdan Kalvar was trapped between a forged corruption case and imprisoned. His family fled to Kylliro and was protected by a noble branch of the Carolingine royal family from the Roman Imperial Federation, who were also in exile to avoid Emperor Charlais II's persecution. Living in poverty, his brother Lirkyl Kalvar worked as an asbestos factory worker. Kalvar meanwhile joined a smuggling mafia organization.

The Young Mafia

Kalvar's rank in the smuggling gang rose steadily, and soon he became a group leader tasked with operational security - including delivering bribes to the police. In 12004, Kalvar rescued a lost upper-class teen cornered by gangs. He happened to be Rexis Mirexell, heir to the MireX inc. Soon they became best friends, and Kalvar was even adopted son by the Mirexell family. Kalvar also befriended Aresdem Hayska, the son of the Night Wolves' patriach Marsen Hayska. When Marsen was struck by brain haemorrhage in 12006, Kalvar and Aresdem Hayska seized control of the gang and align it to serve MireX's interest. He also expanded the industry to debt collection and gambling, inflating his coffers in an incredible margin.

Hail Father Scaris

Galdan Kalvar died in prison in 12008, being sick and malnourished. Devastated Kalvar was quickly radicalized and

Governor Wincesfal Scaris.

Kalvar vs. Governor Besterdann

On February 12008, finance minister Siri Shekelstein was kicked out of the cabinet after she revealed in detail SOZI's corrupt plans in SOE subsidies in front of the parliament. Shares falls in coincidence of the passing of the 'Autarky Act' to bolster rapidly slowing national industries. Trade war escalated and international trade collapsed. Within 6 months, the world is in a full-blown economic depression. The crisis deeply impacted the military-industrial complex - SOZI's power base - and President Yukom Pyreksa was pressured to find more funds to keep the industry running. As Shekelstein is no longer around to supervise, Pyreksa ordered his protégé Anais Besterdann, governor of Kylliro to try cancel the Kylliro Great Sea Wall. This was bad news for MireX, as the GSW flagship project is under fire.

Coincidentally, Kalvar was dating Mily Solystra, his genius and beautiful college colleague - and daughter of the Secret Police Bognos Solystra. Through her, he was able to access valuable informations and selectively leak them to the media. Within months, Governor Besterdann was under fire of an alleged megacorruption. Distressed unemployeds found their scapegoat for all the problems and CSV candidate Besky Moonlight won the race by a 2 digit margin.


The spectacular defeat of Pyreksa's protege in Kylliro sent shockwaves across the nation. Scaris immediately declared his presidential candidacy under the motto "12010 Change System" - direct declaration of war against the SOZI. Kalvar officially joined the Conservative Party and became an important broker between Scaris, Rex Mirexell and Bognos Solystra. Scaris appointed Kalvar as "extra-legal youth campaign leader", who immediately formed the "Students Association" (SA) consisted of unemployed, thughs, and revolutionary students. Kalvar also led an unprecedented negative campaign, using his girlfriend as a way to access critical information. Pyreksa's popularity had fallen to one digit by September 12009.

However, Bognos Solystra was relieved from his position and his replacement, Muggon Pyreksa, is a hardline loyalist with tainted history. In 30 September 12009, S4 elite forces planned to infiltrate Kirstacith with the goal of capturing 43 'radicals' - including Scaris, Mirexell, Kalvar, and Solystra. Hayska who was a junior S4 infantryman however decided to defect and warned the CSV. The news quickly spread and by morning, 4.7 million people has gathered to defend Scaris from the S4. 23 S4 soldiers was captured and lynched by the mob, including Pyreksa's son-in-law Pascowo Suebry Pyreksa. The mobs then turned violent and began looting the shops and buildings owned by members of the SOZI oligarchs.

Falling Dominoes

1. Lairan Spring

Rise in Politics

Die Die Sovereignty

Mr. Minister

Revolution v.2

Road to HQ0


Armageddon from Moravia

Good Zionists, Good Cabal

Spring of the Planet

Game of Thrones - The Director

Dividing the Cake

One World Government

Two Dark Clouds - Fuel Riots

Plans to massively hike carbon and fuel tax by up to 30% had been circulating around the governments of L.U. since 12017. On 20 August 12018, a joint statement from L.U. leaders and the 24 L.U. members announced that the "Big Green Axe" policy will be implemented by 1 January 12019 to reach the targets of the Reims Agreement's carbon limit of July 2018. Kalvar however didn't came to the declaration in Lerona - he was represented by his wiser spokesperson Peter Jordanson.

Fuel riots in Jagiellnaw, Wroczland.

This news, which is also Amalgein Ratis's unfulfilled policy, is the straw that broke the camel's back, at least according to the ruralists and anti-Kalvar conservatives. With Kalvar as the ultimate boss of the L.U. holding firm, the "Blackshirts" - coalition of far-rights and far-lefts - decided to try to emulate the 11998 riots which ousted Ratis from office. Within weeks, anti-BGA campaign spread like wildfire. FF and radical centrists didn't sit silent; an "internet civil war" quickly engulfed the continent. Protests escalated; Kalvar and Minidefsec Hayska who are very aware of the protesters's intention feared political breakdown. They organized a meeting between L.U. ringleaders, but the result weren't conclusive as Kalvar vetoed any motion of violence. For the next few days, Kalvar's position as continental leader were undermined, and he spent his hours meeting with demonstrators and handled them professionally.

While his attempts does improve his image in the public, it does nothing to solve the increasingly larger hordes that were quite literally sitting in his backyard. After a clash between pro and anti BGA activists killed 4, Kalvar secretly contemplated defeat with Chancellor Mirexell, and "except Maxx helped us with his Godly hand", he would have to tune down the policy or the whole New World Government will be in jeopardy. But Kalvar and the L.U. spoke too soon.

On 7 September, a forest fire started in Scampra raintaiga. Unfortunately, due to climate change, the yearly rains haven't came for the last 2 years, and within 3 days it has covered an area larger than New Albion. Environment minister Alb Sadis recalled that when he informed Kalvar with this looming disaster on 7 September night, the president "backflipped 3 times in overflowing joy". For the rest of the day, members of the Continental Security Council come and go, drafting the "Operation Hellfire Hyperbole". In the aftermath, Marjor Pandjaitan recalled:

"It looked like the coup. The winds were particularly strong that day. Flights were cancelled, uniformed police forces distributed free masks in the streets, malls and schools were closed. The whole situation can be rounded as "panic time" - the black shirts clearly didn't expect this turn of events. Then the grey hordes came at 9 am; before lunch, MAD is now at "national emergency" and you can't see more than 10 meters in front. By sunset, you can't even see your hands."
-M.T Pandjaitan

On the morning of 8 September, citizens were confused as their regular airing were replaced by climate change reports and drying forests in the TV and internet. The next day, confusion became panic as the airing disappeared completely: MAD alert system informed of an incoming "level 7 lethal smog" due to a sudden megafire in Scampra.

National emergency due to the smog, Joveau

The smog, known as the "Lairan Continental Smog Crisis" or simply "the Haze" brought an abrupt end to the fuel riots. Meanwhile, Kalvar's girlfriend Mily was struck by lung complications due to her activities in helping the sick populace. Kalvar, who was in Lerona discussing plans to extinguish the fire, quickly returned to Rescada in worry. Although Mily's sickness is apparently miniscule, she does inspired Kalvar to hold a dramatic press conference which will create an unbreakable link between the smog, climate change, and BGA.

While not really accurate in informing the public about the real situation, the ad hoc speech - and repeated media glorification - served its purpose. On 24 September, after an all-out international effort, the Scampra Megafire was dead - along with talks about increased living costs due to the BGA, despite Kalvar's little effort to solve the root of the concerns. That being said, he drafted a scheme to help the poor by expanding the welfare benefit - a program he called "Kalvarsafe - Kalvarcare". The opposition leader Sergey Sedexston , a climate change denier behind the protests also received his new branding, "Smoking Sedexston".

"In the last few days, there has been... movements to bring down the survival of our planet. This thugs paid by the big Oil, they claimed to fight for you. They claimed to fight for your living cost. For that, they blockaded your streets, closed your schools and your hospital. But at what cost? THIS IS THE COST! Do you see around you? Those are human ignorance. We feel your pain. The regressive pests meanwhile... Where are they now? When daddy Competrol closed their wallet, thus the riots end. But we are not here to create chaos. Let us all calm down, and together we end this crisis. And when the crisis ends, let us all vow: Never Again."
-Kalvar's Smog Address from the Rescadian Central Hospital.

However, due to the megafire releasing an unprecedented amount of new greenhouse gases, the NWO warned that a more radical cut must be taken. So now Kalvar, armed with a huge political support raised the BGA to 50% and pressed its implementation throughout the world. The overflowing money acquired will also be a big boost to Kalvarcare and the Lerona Initiative fund. The resulting global economic slowdown is even a stronger argument for greater free trade commitments worldwide.

Prince vs. Knight

While the government still focused on extinguishing and dehumanizing the Blackshirts as far as possible - now officially stated as "regressive pests", Hayska privately met with Kalvar on late September. After almost two years in office, Hayska had only succeeded in bringing half of the intelligence-police deep state to Kalvar's command, most of them already in a good relation with the New World Government. The other half meanwhile, are still loyal to conservative elements of Sedexston and Farfas.

'Council of Knights': Deputy Director of the
IA Gen. Hex Glittra, Lockhide Inc CFO Bill
Kierckring, President of the Conservative
Party Lt. Vincenté Farfas, and Commander
of the Strategic Reserves Gen. Zakhar Preub.

This resonances with Kalvar's suspicion on the frustratingly dormant law enforcement mobilization during the fuel crisis. Since challenging them directly would be spurious, Mirexell sowed suspicion towards the "conspiratorial deep state". Within a week, the echoes had circulated around media corporations. On 15 October, the Chares voted to create a "special committee" in investigating the role of government officials in enlarging the fuel riots. But the deep state stroke back. On 19 October, documents were 'leaked' detailing the government's role in the megafire. It suggests that the megafire is actually planned and manmade. While mainstream media dismissed it as "saddening last attempt to get out of the sinking ship", this theory actually found great success within the alienated conservative movements. #fakefire became a trending hit and there are signs of the Blackshirts 'rearming'.

Meanwhile, the "Chares Un-Wunderstrafanstaltian Activity Committee" (CUWAC) headed by HQ0 Chief Marjora Pandjaitan was given basically unrestricted power by Kalvar's decree and rushed to worked. To the president's surprise, they uncovered


Since coming to power, Kalvar has sought to link the real needs of the planet and economy with the populist needs of the people, eventually setting on housing, digitalization, harder immigration control, and security from milipops terrorism.

I. Gaeforming

Chairperson of the Gaeforming Steering Committee: Chancellor Rexis Mirexell

Housing shortage, inequality, pollution,
unsustainable growth, and crime rate has
been hitting the middle class quite hard
since the 11990's.

Gaeforming (Gaea= mother earth) is the neoglobalist government's most publicized program. It tackled the most important issue in people's mind - rent and housing shortage, while pushing for an unprecedented education program and digital infrastructure development. More importantly is the massive effort for eco-sustainability, control climste change and prevent the collapse of the Anthropocene Civilization.

  1. Anthroplex - Housing

    Sector Capricorn west of Nizhy, which will house about 10 million new people by 12023 is the first completed Anthroplex "constellation city complexes".

    The key of FF's populist promise: tackling housing, homelessness, and choking rent. Massive "Singapore model" eco-smart high-density quality public housing to house 120 million citizens (8% of thr population), complete with infrastructure package and MRTs. Populations will slowly be moved from the slums and rural areas to the interconnected megacities in a land-lease agreement. Housing will be built across the Aurocircum, forming constellations of internet-integrated smart cities. More importantly, the present public housing (which currently houses 226 million) will also be revitalized.

    The revitalization process has been criticized as discriminatory as projects in the districts that voted for the FF was completed at 1/8 of the time with far superior quality and cheaper price. It also spawned numerous conspiracy theories as a) AETHERNET's orwellian system can be implemented en masse in the cities and b) the urban population votes heavily in favor of the FF, as urbanites' values and self interests aligns very well with the party manifesto.

    More important than the housing project is the administrative reforms to combine and integrate various city governments and trim bureaucracies. 27 cities and the 12 Anthroplex sectors along the Golden Bay coasts will be amalgamated into just 6 "Megalopolis" with population totalling 60-100 million each.

  2. Automation and OK-OCE (Digital age employment program)

    In competition with both cheap labor developing countries and tech-focused developed countries, Kalvar has focused Wunderstrafanstalt's manufacturing sector into a Great Automation. Meanwhile, high-level entrepreneurship-focused trainings and education (known as OK-OCE) is given to 75 million people to compensate the rapid loss of employment to automation.

  3. Highway on the Sky

    "Sky Highway", Kalvar's ambitious project to support the launch of 15,000 satellites.

    Cooperating with MireXSpace and Arjunatech, 15,000 satellites for private and public use will be sold to investors and launched until 12026 and revolutionize the internet, while an even bigger fiber optics network, data centers and other infrastructure will be built. "Dekesslerizer" robo-satellites will also be launched to tackle space junk.

    Private-public partenership scheme will be used thoroughly to raise funding. State-owned companies are partly privatized and organized into holdings to better coordinate and join market competition.

  4. Kalvarsmart

    Education is radically reformed to suit the digital age. Funding is increased to 22% of the budget to pay for teacher training, salary increase, school infrastructure, and school vouchers to make the poor able to afford free education.

    Civil engineering class in a highschool, whose curiculum is now intensely diversified.

    School vouchers, designed to breed market competition, only applies to the schools whose curriculum has been approved by both the education ministry and Continental Scientific (COSCI). This means schools also become an atheist conversion machine and neoglobalist history revisionism, while those who don't comply went bankrupt.

  5. Laïcité (New Ideals Promotions Campaign): After the massive religious conflicts across the world including between Violetists and Nixists, Kalvar (who is an atheist) implemented state secularism which discourages religion, religious practices, and encourage New Ideals and deconversion.

  6. Prevent the Anthropocene Civilization Extinction: Combination of Carbon Tax and Cap and Trade worldwide, which have three purpose:
    1. Reduce greenhouse gases emission;
    2. Fund Gaeforming;
    3. Placate and subsidize the poor so they don't revolt like in the 11990's, at east until the economy transformed into a greenhouseless society.

    In addition, subsidy on oil and natural gas companies will be cut gradually to 100% in 12022 to be reallocated to nuclear and renewable energy, including electric cars. Present strangling red tapes against nuclear power will be removed and subsidized to the same level as other renewables.

    Subsidized solar farm in Elanka, northern C.F.R.

    Carbon capture infrastructure will be required for all factories and fossil fuel-based power plants. The biggest project however is the Geoengineering, which will spray sulphate and ozone to the sky to try block the sunlight and replenish the ozone layer. This is worst case scenario preparation for 12040.

II. Nexoforming

Chairperson of the Nexoforming Steering Committee: Coordinating Minister of Economy and Finance Siri Shekelstein.

Nexoforming (Nexus = network, system) is a systematic effort to pass a series of intricately planned reforms and laws to achieve "full-mega bureaucratic efficiency, reorganize financial management, manage funding, and the New World Order".

  1. Centralization of the Lairan Union: Lairan Parliament's supremacy over states parliament, united market and customs, united budget and fiscal policy, united army police and intelligence, united education and welfare, united infrastructure and development.

    Regulatory powers was drastically centralized on the L.U. during Kalvar's presidency to better execute deregulation and standardization, achieving "economies of scales" in public administration.

  2. E-Government: also known as the "Grandé Haircut", it hand over much of the government bureacracy to AI. Digitalization and automatization of nearly all citizen administration and datas such as paying taxes or land record, and with its security beefed up to 11.

  3. Financial reform: Tax code is standardized and simplified across the continent. Diplomatic and financial pressure will also be used to standardize global corporate tax with NWO help and "end avoidance" worldwide forever. Tax amnesty followed by enforcement will raise more money, while jncome tax was replaced with progressive consumption tax.

    Worldwide Carbon Tax under NWO is created to fund Gaeforming and directly reduce carbon emission. Meanwhile, debt will be limited and remanaged to 47% at max.

  4. Regulatory reform: Along with e-government, the "war on regulations" led by the "marketeers" faction of the FF party has reduced business permit time to 2 hour (online), killed regressive protectionist measures from the SOZI era, and promote controlled privatization of unnecessary services.

    One important policy is the repeal of the 11993 LU Copyrights Act (colloquially known as the "Meme Ban") and its replacement with a light copyright protection act championed by FF's coalition partner, the Green-Pirates Party.

III. Ordoforming

Chairperson of the Ordoforming Steering Committee: Vice President/Coordinating Minister of Defense and Security Aresdem Hayska

TetraChan forum site (popular for
Anti-NWOs) being blocked by
mascot is a personification to
soften the image of an orwellian
system. (Note: this was a Linkreal thing).

In response to the explosion of anti-NWO terrorism, far-right and far-left populist riots, and religious conflicts, Kalvar drafted a plan to control instability throroughly through bread (Anthroplex, etc.) and stick. This section is about the stick.

  1. Cyberdefense Initiative
    To protect Lairan technological infrastructure and systems from attacks, including from trolling campaigns, all continental cyberdefense measures is united to the Lairan Cyberdefense Forces (L-CDForce) with its funding tripled.

    With the slogan "WE ARE WATCHING YOU", the AETHERNET security system integrates all continental security into one. 543 million new facial-recognition CCTVs and supervision drones connected to a massive and highly protected databank will be installed in public area (only), while the social credit score system scores citizen compliance to the law reward or punish them accordingly. Public protests are protected by the constitution, however the far-right, far-left, or evangelicals in the demonstration will be marked for supervision.

    AETHERNET is combined with the E-Govt project to form a giant continental citizen databank, automating the administration and now everything from paying speeding fine to taxes is done without the citizen needing to do anything except reading the completed report (sent to their email) if they want to. It is hoped that the system can scan and locate all human in the continent in 1 second by 12025.

    The NWO has embraced AETHERNET and planned to negotiate with member-states and install it everywhere worldwide by 12040. It is hoped that this system can get rid of many things from littering, to vandalism, to terrorist networks across the continent.

    One of the largest conspiracy ever, LEVIATHAN is the neoglobalists' plot to literally take over the world. Justification came in 12017 during the Moravian Apocalyptic Crisis when the Muskvan-Changkouese-Intermares alliance threatens a nuclear exchange against the Roman bloc, as those milipops was teetering at the brink of collapse in the Spring (mass pro-neoglobalist anti-war worldwide protests).

    Milipops leaders across Reims, Imperial Federation being targeted by Project LEVIATHAN (12017) in the world's largest conspiracy ever.

    Involving secret kinetic bombardment satellites, drones, specops on black helicopters, and internal coup plan, project LEVIATHAN successfully eliminated about 380.000 officials in various milipops regimes including Roman Consul Edouard Rump and Changkouese Chairperson Bo Xi. Neoglobalist and revolutionary leaders then quickly took over the country and invited the Lairoforce to help securing power. A brief milipops armed resistance sprung up, was crushed, and devolved into the informal terrorism of today.

    Controversially, members of the Committee for an Orderly Planet (the team that lead the project) which includes Kalvar, Changkou opposition leader Jin Jie, and Roman Crown Prince Lenchoun de Carolingine was pardoned without question by the newly formed NWO, though public support (who were happy with the collapse of the milipops) ensures the passage of the pardon.

  4. Immigration policy
    Despite being a neoglobalist, Kalvar stated that "limiting immigration might be good, but control is better". All migrants and tourists to the Lairan Union are immediately signed to AETHERNET, making illegal immigration impossible, and they then have to sign a letter of obedience to the New Ideals if they stay in the continent for more than 30 days - while more of their data are collected.

    Immigrants undergoing biometric checking. Immigrants, who live in dystopian supervision, are under intense pressure to succeed financially and keep their Social Credit Score high lest they risk benefits cut or even deportation.

    Working and refugee permits are actually eased and liberalized, but the social credit score system are harsher for not-yet-citizen migrants. Failure to reach certain treshold of financial success or a crime case can lead to deportation. Meanwhile, the Continental Internal Affairs Agency (CIA) responsible for border security and immigrants inside the continent are greatly strengthened and centralized.

  5. World Peacekeeping
    In response to the rise of anti-NWO milipops insurgency and civil wars in the Imperial Federation and Changkou, New World Organization was given the white card to form a standing army to establish peace in member-states, and Wunderstrafanstalt will radically increase its contribution.


    With the LEVIATHAN system proofing to be a historic success, Kalvar has negotiated and agreed with other Lairan state leaders to support the L.U.'s full expansion of the Airforce's Drone Fleet, Orbital weapons, and the war algorithms. This is crucial esecially in the world peacekeeping effort and in combating the rise of milipops and religious terrorism. To prevent unwanted things, new laser and EMP weapons will also be developed.

IV. Moneforming

Chairperson of the Moneforming Steering Committee: Resource Minister Lulla Kalvar

The finding of the vast oil and gas reserves in Scampra and Orinocco and the development of deepfracking technology changed the game for the neoglobalist government. Already vowing to cut the world's fossil fuel consumption, it is not a coincidence that project LEVIATHAN went a little bit overboard in the oil-rich Aramian states, resulting in perpetual instability. Lairan Union now controls 42% of the world's oil supply and can set prices to both raise revenue and fasten the development of renewable energy to meet the 12040 zero emission goal.

  1. Cartel Policy

    Kalvar's foreign policy directly planned for the collapse of oil production in Aram through government meddling, international policies, and controlled instability.

    Arguably Kalvar's most important foreign endeavors is his meddling in fossil fuel-rich Aram and Siveria amounting to 35% of global production. Policies by neoglobalist "puppets" installed after the Spring combined with armed instability and terrorism hit oil and gas production in the areas hard, handing monopolistic power from OPEC to the Lairan Union (through its vast reserves in Scampra, Orinocco and Gelrance).

  2. Lairan Petroleum Inc. (LaPetrol)

    Going against his pro-market policy, Kalvar allying with 4 other petrol-rich major Lairan states pushed for the merger of the 9 largest petroleum companies to create an L.U.-owned continental petroleum behemoth of LaPetrol Inc. A significant power grab by the neoglobalists, this move aims to better control oil production to suit neoglobalist agenda. Government revenue are also stored in a newly created sovereign fund as to prevent a "dutch disesase".

  3. Drill Baby Drill!

    Destruction left behind by the historic spike of deepfracking and fracking activity in Scampra province.

    Controversially, Kalvar removed swathes of fracking regulations to enable rapid mass extraction and brought down price close to pre-Spring era—doubling the continent's priduction. Global prices can now be adjusted to raise revenue to fund his many programs, while foreign governments outside Laira became dependent on the generosity of Lerona. More importantly, choking prices kicked off a "renewables revolution" from which he hoped to accelerate the end of fossil fuel use and the new economy it generated must be used to help the L.U. avoid imminent disaster when both the supply and demand for oil ran out.

  4. International Tax on Carbon Emission
    Not only Kalvar shifted petroleum supply source by force from Aram states to the L.U., he also work behind the scenes for the NWO to pass a mandatory 25% tax on fossil fuel worldwide. The money is then spent on renewable research, development aid for developing states, and others. Especially in the C.F.R., the income generated is used to fund the expensive Gaeforming and Ordoforming programs.

    To avoid the global economic collapse due to the taxation policy, the L.U.'s deregulation effort and formation of LaPetrol rapidly increased petrol production and drove down the cost significantly, making the actual change in oil price limited to 5-10%.

  5. Ban on Fossil Fuel Subsidy.
    The latest and biggest New World Organization Law, every nation in the world are mandated to complete remove subsidy on oil prices gradually until 12025 or face immediate sanctions, including the rise of the price of their imported oil to 'non-subsidized' level. This unlocks a vast international wealth to be spent on other places, such as welfare, development, or climate change efforts.

For and Against

Being a pragmatic, although he is still committed to the beliefs of "liberty, free market, environment, global cooperation", he has now adopted the "opportunist politician" belief pack.

  • For: Neoglobalism, Classical Liberalism, Radical Centrism, International Free Market, Liberal Democracy, Pragmatism, (Rational) Progressive Tax, Secularism, Atheism, Antitheism.

  • Neutral: Government Interference in Recession, Social Conservativism, Social Liberalism, Welfare State, Drug Legalization, Idealism.

  • Against: Nationalism (including Chauvinism), Fascism, Collectivism, Excessive Government Interference/ Welfare, Protectionism, Monarchism, Religion, Racism, Affirmative Laws.

Kalvar once described his priority scale: 1. Survival of humanity/ earth, 2. Economic - technological advancements, 3. Welfare, and 4. Those nonsensical "culture-identity thingy".

Personal Information

Public Life

From his carefully planned public image, it is quite clear that Kalvar wanted to portray himself as the "Wunderstrafanstaltian rolemodel". He does not lack any stereotipical Wunderstrafanstaltian quality: intelligence, competitiveness, success at a very young age, workaholic, double-faced emphaty, foul mouth, ruthless social darwinism, and an alarming disregard of "honor" and "morality".

Kalvar has also instructed his family and popular ministers on the Working Cabinet to implement "folking" - distancing themselves from "elitist" perception by doing away with luxurious lifestyle and instead appearing and acting as normal urban-dwelling millenials.


A painting by Casco Evajildes for Kalvar's
marriage with Mily Solystra, which was held
just before the Lairan elections.

Kalvar married his long time girlfriend Mily Solystra in November 12018 in a widely publicized wedding ceremony, with pictures of them french kissing in the Velmeiro Rye Park going viral. Solystra's family is very influental inside the "intelligence-police-judicial" deep state, while Solystra herself was a key scientist in Laira's nuclear fusion project. She recently decided for a recess to take care of their future family despite his husband's expectation for her to try continue working in the ITER. It is rumoured that their baby is heavily geneticly modified despite restrictions, and that Kalvar intended to raise one of his children as a "heir to the throne".


Like the (now) majority of people Kalvar is a convinced atheist. He was born a Lenist but deconverted at the age of 13. He kept it private until 12017 during the religious conflicts followed by #freeyourself movement where he became an antitheist (although soft) and began pushing for Laïcité.

Kalvar, like all of his entire cabinet, much of the central government officials and a percentage of the population is member of the Lairan Lodge (LL), one of the biggest branch of international liberal freemasonry.


Headquarter 0 "Evil Lair", Rescada.

As president of many institutions, Kalvar has lived on many places throughout his life. His spend much of his time in Headquarter 0 presidential office in Rescada, his private residence in Cherrybonn, and the Ark Fleet presidential aircraft. In the past, he and his family however often settled in Mirexell's lavish manor near Azura. Lairoquarter in Lerona meanwhile is occupied by LU Chancellor Noryibion, at least until Kalvar massively increased the power of his office, left Rescada and assume full de-jure de-facto President of all Lairans in 12023 (if he's reelected, that is).


  • Kalvar can speak 6 language fluently and understand more - a big plus for his diplomatic skill. Like many Wunderstrafanstaltians, he was taught the ability since childhood by his over-expecting father, with care - and belt.

  • He is addicted to yoghurt and other sour delicacies since middle school. Consumption can reach 16 cups/boxes a day.

  • Although he possess a notable physical prowess, agility and fighting skill due to years of living in hostile slums, Kalvar always resort to "quick ends" by relying on his "touch of death" martial arts ability or his concealed carry.

  • He owns a WhoTube channel where he and his closest friends would post highly popular musical and vlogging videos. This PR strategy also helped him to increase attention on the other weekly reports and commentaries he published (divided into 2 kinds, the "intellectual program explanations for investors" and "hate speech rally for the low-brained".)


While he has so far been able to maintain a high PR rating and public support as the "optimistic saviour", he hasn't been able to escape controversies, as any other politicians. However, he can always find ways to turn around his opponent's attack and, in a Rump-esque move, counterattacked with an even bigger scandal.

Abuse of Power (Cherrybonn Papers)
Main Article: Cherrybonn Papers

Following the August Anti-NWO riots and the
1 October attack, the Neoglobalist continetal
government has launched an unprecedented
campaign against both grassroot & political
milipops threats and terrorism.

A month before the Lairan General Elections, investigative journalist Allen Nairn leaked a meeting in Kalvar's private residence in Cherrybonn detailing neoglobalist plans to end radical milipops activities in the continent. A few of those plans includes:

  • Weakening of dangerous organizations, mass arrest of neo-SOZIs, evangelicals (including Pontifex Francis I, leader of the Lairan Maxxist Church), hoax buzzers, and conspiracy theorists, and his own backers with questionable loyalties: far-left, retired generals who are rivals to the milipops, etc.

  • Military, police, intelligence community, judicial branch, and corruption eradication agencies will be purged of milipops and packed with neoglobalists, and then its powers will be strengthened while national governments' are weakened.

  • Past and present actual corruption cases will be reopened to 'arrest as many as possible' political opponents. If not guilty, drown them in lengthy judicial squabbles.

  • Human rights abuses of the past milipops dictatorship will be reopened and milipops-supporting officers will be tried in court-martials.

  • National governments in Laira that don't support L.U. integration will be overthrown and replaced through the aforementioned war on corruption.

Kalvar played down the points in the papers, arguing that it was still a 'mere discussion'. However, his campaign immidiately ramped up hostility against milipops, branding leftists rivals as 'weak corrupts' and right-wing populists as 'corrupt milipops cancer'. The great lengths he implemented, including the use of mass doxxing and fake news campaign is thought to campaign the plan itself to the public, which seems to accept it as the memories of the anti-NWO riots and the October Attack is still fresh.

After the neoglobalists won the continental elections (and formed a coalition with the liberals, greens, and some grumbling socdems), they actually proceeded with the plan, albeit a softer one. Kalvar also succeeded in forcing the evangelical radical Pontifex, representing the Church, to sign the "Eternal Obedience to Secularism" treaty. Meanwhile, after big leaks by 'unknown perpetrators', Flonzuelan PM Malto Silvioni, Magary PM Viktoriano Araban, Wroczland PM Jaros Kaszinsky, Wroczland President Donald Duda, and Elvetican Chancellor Bastian Kurzt are simultaneously under investigations for corruptions, ties with milipops terrorists, or both. Numerous pro-milipops opposition leader such as C.F.R.'s Sedge Sedexton, New Albion's John Borisson, and Gelrance's Marine Le Havre are also being dragged to the Lairan Supreme Court in Lerona.

When They Go Low, We Go Lower (Doxxing and Fake News Campaign)

User databases were being mined by
whiteshirts to be used to doxx down
every single active anti-NWO radicals,
numbering about 1.4 million people.

Learning from the 11990's populist movements, Kalvar (allegedly) deployed the world's largest and dirtiest fake news campaign against his CSV and PT opponents. He picked the military-industrial complex, fossil fuel companies, and corrupt government deep state as "the people's common enemy". In particular, CSV's presidential candidate Vincente Farfax was attacked by sexual allegations, corruption, human rights abuse, and links to the SOZI in 12017. Kalvar meanwhile presents himself in public as the "adult in the room" who wants to focus on economy and governance.

As a direct response to the Spring and FF national victory, Patriotic Society, Knights of Lord, Blackshirts, and other anti-NWOs staged a massive counterprotests in August 12017, which turned into violent riots. Many milipops ex-generals were then found actively supported the violence and planned a military uprising. Immediately, 1.4 million militant blackshirts, far-left, and evangelicals were subjected to a massive online doxxing, harassments, death threats and terror campaign by grassroot neoglobalist militants called "whiteshirts". This resulted in massive job loss, public shaming cases, mental breakdowns and even 22,700 suicide. TetraChan /rightpol/ community in particular was hacked, closed, and the personal data of its 130.000 members leaked, with a strong indication of LairoIntel help.

Kalvar has condemned the attacks and visited families of the victims, but neoglobalist involvement in the movement were found "flagrant". However, extreme members of the now disbanded milipops organizations joined the "Black Hand" terrorist organization movement en masse.

Conflict of Interest and Collusion (?)

Construction of Sector Libra. About ⅓ of the
Anthroplex is built by the part-SOE part-
private MireXWorks, who had reaped large
amount of profits.

Critics accused Kalvar of "legal corruption", as big infrastructure and technology corporations such as MireX and Edtesla became crazy profitable with Kalvar's various projects. Kalvar and his allies (all of whom happen to own large shares in these companies) had denied these allegations, claiming that the corporations found success due to them being "objectively the best in their field". To be fair, this is quite true, since the tender process is transparent - there are plentiful cases of the backers of the FF losing their bid.

So far however, Kalvar has maintained a high approval rating by being open and honest about the whole donations while continuously attacked his opponents on their own far worse financial scandals from shoddy defense companies and big unions. The fact that Rexis Mirexell, Kalvar's right-hand man and a popular political figure is the overwhelming main source of the FF party budget (and not some shadowy greedy businessmen) also helped him.

More worryingly, in 12017, he rolled back campaign laws, enabling him to raise a total of Ł4.1 billion of new campaign donation funds mostly from green and technology companies. MireX is now working on more than a ⅓ of Kalvar's many project, screaming "collusion", although legal challenges against the MireX-FF alliance has so far been futile.

MireXFund in particular has been subjected to controversy as the foundation was found to have deep (although legal) funding links with the militant Whiteshirts pro-neoglobalist grassroot movement responsible for the 12017 mass doxxing and fake news campaign.


Kalvar at St.Brutus' Detainment Facility during the Lairomaidan Revolution, 12010 HE

President Kalvar at his private residence in Cherrybonn, 12018 HE

Kalvar and his brother Lazarus Kalvar (and some other individuals redacted for their privacy), 12014 HE

Foreign Minister Kalvar (second right) in the Lairan Security Council meeting to coordinate effort against the crisis in Orinocco, 12016 HE.

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