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The Lennart Awards: Winner of the Trailblazer Award for 2017

The Lennarts 2017: Newcomer of the Year

The Category: Newcomer of 2017

Good evening, I'd like to present to you the Trailblazer of the Year. Who is the greatest innovator in TNP? That person who walks the path not previously walked. The one who has got things done this year that you thought were impossible. That person is a trailblazer and deserves this award.

Who are the nominees?

Listed below in their order of nomination are our nominees:

Crushing Our Enemies
Gladio II
Hesskin Empire
The Sanada Clan
East Supple Lund

And the winner is?

Gladio II!!

Congratulations! As Trailblazer of the Year, Gladio may display the following Lennart designed by Deputy Minister Artemis in their forum signature, NS factbooks, or anywhere else:

Congratulations once again! Gladio will give their acceptance speech shortly.

Please be sure to also post your acceptance speech Linkhere as well.

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Please feel free to reach out to the Minister of Culture here on NS, live on Discord (Eastern Standard Time), or on TNP's forums linked all over this dispatch! Thank you for reading! Thank you for participating! Thank you for being part of TNP's storied culture!