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Was it right to ban?

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The Mzeusian Department of Review

The Mzeusian government feels it is necessary to point out the flaws in a dispatch banning Vivami
from Role-playing on the TNP RMB and other places. The banning dispatch shall be linked at the end.

According to the dispatch, "This ban will last indefinitely until such a time comes when the RMB RP Moderation Team, under unanimous agreement, agrees to lift it."

It is almost certain that the ban will not be lifted unless Vivami were to do something extraordinary to warrant the ban being lifted. This seems like a rather pointless punishment. People are meant to learn from their punishments and Vivami has been given no room to do that.

Vivami will now be given no chance to redeem himself in their eyes and this is wrong. Yes, he may have been a repeat offender to them but he has been given up on and so the people placing this ban on him have given him absolutely no way back no matter if he wanted to change.

Now if we accept that, the logical conclusion that we arrive at is that Vivami has been used to deter others from copying him. This brings a certain atmosphere of being either against us or for us and this is not a healthy attitude to have and does not nurture happy players.

The unanimous decision that is needed to overturn this ban also seems born out of anger and not of reason. Decisions born out of anger are rarely good. If the majority of the people in charge conclude that Vivami has learnt his lesson and can return, then why should the vote of the minority be so effective as to stop him being re-admitted? If one person was against his return, just one, then would that really be fair when all the other disagree? Of course, this is not fair.

Vivami also says he had no knowledge of the treaty about RPing that stated the rules he was breaking. He has been accused of lying about this but this cannot be proven and so does not hold water. He has also been accused of saying things that are offensive but offensive is taken not given. Does this alone excuse what he might have said? No but he was pressed into a corner with no allies and should be forgiven for lashing out in this government's opinion. He was banned for misconduct during role play and so what he had or had not said should not be used against him and while the banning dispatch does not give this as a reason, it would have influenced the RP community when they took the decision to ban him. This is simply silencing people they do not agree with, and their not agreeing should not have played any part in banking him based on the unrelated grounds.

The Mzeusian government knows that this will annoy people and many might disagree with its position. It knows that people considered high-ups will be part of those disagreeing and that it could be thought of as dangerous to support Vivami but this government also knows that it will stick to what it believes in, no matter what odds it may face. It will of course be more than ready to hear opposing views.

The Mzeusian government thanks you
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Here is the original dispatch.

Official Notice From the North Pacific RMB Roleplay Moderators:


Date: 3/10/18

Taking into consideration that Vivami refuses to abide by the rules set forth in Friently's Treaty Against Godmodding.

Taking into consideration that Vivami refuses to abide by the rules set forth in Yukkira's Treaty of the Right to Live.

Taking into consideration that after having been given numerous chances to reform, Vivami simply turned back around and continued to do as he sees fit without regard to reformation of unacceptable habits, actions, and behaviors.

Effective Immediately,

Vivami is hereby banished from the TNP RMB RP Community. All actions In-Character henceforth are considered null and void.
Puczovska will, upon receiving this notice, remove Vivami from the Strangerreal RP Map. Any and all other claims made on any other maps within the TNP RP Community are also considered null and void.

This ban will last indefinitely until such a time comes when the RMB RP Moderation Team, under unanimous agreement, agrees to lift it.

Any appeals to this decision will be heard by the below RMB RP Moderators:

Illusia and Neverendia
The Sanada Clan

This decision has been made at the behest of the TNP RMB RP Community, after due consideration was given to the actions and decisions of the above user.

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