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Embassy Policy of The Undivided Nations

The Undivided Nations
Embassy Policy

The Undivided Nations profoundly appreciates the support our allies give us. To ensure all our allies share values similar to ours, we require all regions wishing to establish embassies with us meet these qualifications.

NOTE: These are the requirements to create a forum embassy. Once a forum embassy has been instituted we will initiate the creation of gameside embassies. No region may have a gameside embassy without first forming forum embassies, save raided regions. To apply for a forum embassy, fill out the application Linkhere and have your ambassador to us fill out Linkthis application.

1) Regions must provide updates on the state of affairs in their region at least every two months unless a valid reason is supplied as to why they are unable to. The update must include any notable position changes, the status of any military conflicts, and anything else pertaining to its relationship with TUN.

2) Regions cannot promote hatred toward certain people groups or be aligned with regions that do.

3) Regions with militaries must be either raider aligned or non-partisan. They also must be willing to assist TUNAF in military operations and aide the region in the event of a coup or the like. We will be happy to return the favor.

The Department of State of The Undivided Nations reserves the right to refuse embassies with any region for any reason not explicitly mentioned. Embassies may also be subject to suspension or closer for any reason.

Tun office of communications