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ULN map!

This is the official map of the ULN!

Current claims
Spaceania - Color: purple location: Spaceania the space station.
The Great French State - Color: red Location: France.Belgium and Luxembourg
224 - Color: blue Location: Sweden and norway
French-Aran - Color orange :location Sierra leone, Guinea and Mali
Breithiuna - color Emerald green: Location Ireland
Malumynumen - Color Black Location: southern south america
Eosses* Color dark grey Location: Uruguay

Telegram Spaceania if you want to claim a spot on the map!
Note: you must be a citizen of the ULN if your not already look here
Second note: Say where you want to claim.
Third note: a star after a nation's name mean's it is a colony the color of the star will match with the
color of the main nation.

The Dominion of Spaceania