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Sunday Morning Update


Contact Information (TG): Vaculatestar

(Europeia, March 11, 2018) - On March 6, Minister of Culture Prim kicked off the celebration for the Republic's eleventh Linkbirthday.. There were several events to participate in including Vice President Writinglegend's Linkavatar contest. That same day, the Navy went out and had some Linkfun, raiding a very confusing region, while at the same time serving as Julian's first operation.

On March 7, the LinkEuropeian Broadcasting Corporation released the Linkresults of a poll on the approval ratings of the Executive. The President, Vice President, and most of the Cabinet enjoy strong approval numbers.

On March 8, President Malashaan released Linkan address announcing that he will not be seeking reelection to the Goldenblock. This came to the dismay of many who view him as an individual who stepped up to the plate and saved an administration that was on the brink of total collapse after the events that lead to the previous President's resignation and Malashaan's subsequent ascend to the Presidency.

On March 9, elections for Citizens Assembly Chair opened with long time Assembly contributor Punchwood and newcomer locustofcharon squaring off. Perennial Chair candidate Alan Lee withdrew from the race just hours to the polls opening under extreme heat on his controversial plans for the Assembly.

March 10 was a busy day. The Assembly Chair election closed with a vote of 32-6 in favor of Punchwood, a result which comes to the surprise of few. The Senate Linkpassed the Criminal Code Update Amendment (2018) and sent it to the Goldenblock to await the President's assent or veto. The amendment more or less updated several terms in the Criminal Code to match modern times and to account for several other changes to things such as forum crashing, and foreign recruitment. The ERN played some Warhammer that night, with Gleg leading the ERN to Linkvictory over the Imperium of Man and defeating God Emperor Kecz in battle.


More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here: Link