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by The Holy Empire of Snoodum. . 15 reads.

Special forces infiltrate a Bovranian military compound holding five Snoodian tourists.

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The Snudgeskooge抯 Palace Herald

36 minutes ago
26/Skooguary 4040

Special forces infiltrate a Bovranian military compound holding five Snoodian tourists.

The helicopters carrying three teams of Snoodian special forces hovered over the Bovranian military compound known as Al Sakirri, the only noise was the soft thwump, thwump of the helicopter blades. A green light turned on and a buzzer sounded within each of the helicopters. The soldiers ushered me into an alcove. Grey in colour and with a bulky outline of a man, it had a HUD that told me wind speed, direction and the height at which we were flying. Below me, the display pointed out three heat signatures, one walking, two others sitting down. Enemy soldiers. I set my legs, arms and torso in the pod as the protective gel-like substance moulded to my build. I was handed a silenced pistol and given a grim thumbs up. I nodded, nervous.

All the soldiers got into their pods with great efficiency and the doors to my pod shut slide shut. A soothing female voice counted down from 321. A hiss and we were away. I watched as the numbers ticked from 9,144 metres to 15 and the heat signatures blinked out. The way was clear. A soft thump sounded and the door to my pod slid open. I hesitantly stepped out. We were on a walkway atop the wall. A big building stood at the back and a courtyard stretched down below. I could see three bodies slumped by the side of the wall. The guards.

A soldier pulled me down by the arm. 揑抳e got responsibility for you Mr Jautin. Follow me and don抰 get shot. Stay out of sight as much as possible. Let the professionals shoot the enemy. You just write your favourable report. I swallowed and nodded. I have five years conscription completed. I told the man.

He grinned. 揧ou do, as a normal soldier. He patted me on the back and suddenly everyone started moving. He crept forwards and up to a window in the main building of the complex. Another soldier raised a hand. He waited a couple of seconds then took a running jump and collided with the glass. It shattered as the man rolled on the floor, coming up and sweeping the room. The other men jumped into the hole and my mentor turned towards me, a big smile on his face. 揟he other soldiers just flew right through the window, "We抮e going in hot. I nodded as more soldiers were jumping through the window. A woman turned to me and nodded coarsely before giving my mentor a clap on the shoulder. She turned and ran, jumped and effortlessly sailed through the window.

My mentor pushed my gently forwards. 揋o. I turned, summoned all my strength and ran, springing off the wall and over the gap. Too short. I knew I抎 never make it. I headed right for the wall just below the window.

Two strong hands seized me under the armpits and hoisted me up, mid-fall. Arms straining, I looked up at who had grabbed me. The woman who抎 just jumped gave me a smile and helped me through the window, my feet gripping the wall as she pulled me up. Once I was inside, she gave my mentor a thumbs up and he jumped, cleared the gap and flew through the smashed window to give a smile and the woman a hug.

Once we were all inside, the platoon commander turned to us and spoke quietly. 揂lpha Team, clear this floor, teams Beta and Charlie, clear the garage down below. The woman pulled open the door and soldiers filed out. A few bursts of silenced gunfire could be heard as Alpha Team got to work. I had been assigned to Alpha Team and the soldiers went around, clearing room after room, sweeping the hallways until we came across a big room with a thick metal door on the front. I could see five bodies all sitting down while three other heat signatures stood looking at them. The Bovranian soldiers kept very quietly, one man always pointing his gun at the door.

One soldier knelt down and took three small devices out of his pack, attached them to both hinges and the lock. He held up five fingers and began putting them down, one by one. When he put the last one down, he made a fist and two other soldiers took out grenades. One kicked the door in and they threw the grenades into the room. A blinding flash shot from the room accompanied by the loud hiss of a smoke grenade. The Snoodian special forces poured into the room and three shots rang out. Seconds later, the Snoodian tourists were led out into the corridor and given some orange drink along with a slice of bread and jam. They looked up at the special forces men and women and some of them started to hug the soldiers, tears spilling from their eyes.

The tourists were told to stick with me and my mentor as the Snoodian special forces took the staircase down to the garage. A soldier saluted us there and I could see the Bovranian bodies littered throughout the garage. They had been piled into military trucks and explosives strapped to their torsos. The vehicles had had petrol splashed on them except for one untouched troop transport. It had a machine gun in the middle and benches for the soldiers to sit down on. The soldiers had piled into the truck and the tourists were helped in. I grabbed onto the cold metal bar overhead and hoisted myself onto the truck. The platoon commander held up a lighter she must have taken from a Bovranian soldier and flicked it into life. The truck engine roared. The Snoodian special forces had been told how to drive as it may be crucial to a mission.

The platoon commander turned, hair free-flowing, a beautiful set of intelligent grey eyes glittered at me like gems. The woman flung the lighter onto a splash of oil and it burst into flame, flying through the trail to reach the explosives strapped to the many remaining tanks and APC抯. By this time, we were almost out of the compound as the vehicles blew up fantastically, turrets arcing gracefully into the sky, burning wheels rolling their last and glass shattering with a spray of light and colour. A cheer rose from the Special forces as the display unfolded and the truck sped out of the compound.

Written by Justin Jautin, Editor of The Snudgeskooge抯 Palace Herald.

May we civilise the world with an iron fist.

The Holy Empire of Snoodum