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[ARCHIVED] VampereonTech™ is proud to present... MAGOLITHIUM™

VampereonTech™ is proud to present... MAGOLITHIUM™

Magolithium™ is a new form of energy, that is clean, reliable, and so much more. Why use fossil fuels, electricity and gas, when Magolithium™is all three?! Magolithium™ is a substance worth over 5,200,000 Vampmekelna Dollars. The new Vamperiallian Dollar is now made of Magolithium™. It is lighter, shinier, and tarnish resistant.

Magolithium can also be used as body armor, weapons, fuel, in computers and also as an indestructible case for devices.

Magolithium is stronger than Vibranium, Gold, Diamond and even Steel.

Magolithiumis a sustainable material, made from sunlight, pure water, lightning, and nuclear waste.

Magolithium is completely safe.

We are also developing Magolithium v2, a better version. Magolithium is generally a gold color.

Let's say that a car runs out of gas, and the owner fills it up with Magolithium. This car used to run on fossil fuels, but now it will run for 10x as long as it did on one fill up, and now it will reinforce the ozone layer.

Our scientists here at VampereonTech™ actually tested the ozone layer substance to Magolithium, and found a 83% match. Every puff of Magolithium actually is better for the environment.

Magolithium is kind of kinetic playdough, that I can change at will with the right tools.

Any nation wishing to purchase Magolithium must telegram me their price, it is about 500 credits per 5 pounds.

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Issue 1

The Imperium of Vamperiall