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Vote Opened in the South Pacific Assembly!


Assembly Announcement

A vote on Court Reform has just been opened in the South Pacific Assembly. This vote includes the Judicial Act itself, an Amendment to Article VIII of the Charter, a Resolution on the Passage of the Judicial Act, and the repeals of the Judiciary Act and the Court Procedures Act.

This vote will last five days, and ends on March 15th at 3:00pm UTC. So if you would like to vote, be sure to visit the Assembly soon!


Not a legislator? Want to be? LinkSign up here!

A reminder that to maintain Legislator Status, you must vote in at least half of the votes each month that there are two or more votes. March has already had one vote, so if you didn't vote in that, you'll have to vote on this in order to keep your Legislator status. Alternatively, if you have good reasons for absence, you may file a Linkleave of absence, or display other activity in the Assembly.