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The Rejected Times: Special Release - The Rejected Times: Special Release - "RRA Comp/MM Retires"

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Special Release | March 10, 2018

Media Officer: Glacikaldr
Editor-in-Chief: Glacikaldr
Deputy Media Officer: The Church of Satan


"RRA Recruitment Poster Competition" | FEATURE | WRITTEN BY Reporter Glacikaldr | EDITED BY TRT STAFF & RRA COMMAND
"Marilyn Manson's TRR Officer Resignation" | NEWS | WRITTEN BY Reporter Glacikaldr | EDITED BY TRT STAFF

RRA Recruitment Poster Competition

A quote from RRA Commander Wopruthien, reflecting on the modern Rejected Realms Army.

On the recommendation of those who wish to see the Rejected Realms (TRR) prosper, TRT Staff have been inspired to pay particular attention to our region's roots as of late. While brainstorming possible ideas for collaborative events, we were drawn to the appeal of doing our duty to help support the Rejected Realms Army (RRA), which plays a significant role in TRR's interregional image and can be linked all the way back to our presence in 2003. With this in mind, and through working alongside the RRA Command, the Rejected Realms' Media Department and The Rejected Times (TRT) is proud to announce that we will be facilitating a competition in creating recruitment posters for the defender-orientated army of TRR.

The competition will be run throughout the remainder of the month of March, with winners being declared over on the NationStates Gameplay subforum in TRT's thread prior to the publication of Issue XLIV (44), to ensure that the winner's recruitment poster is featured in TRT's next issue. Submissions should be sent via telegram to TRR's Media Officer, Glacikaldr, preferably in the format of a gyazo or imgur link.

The quality and respectability of the recruitment posters, as well as their approachability in terms of attracting new players, will all be under consideration during the voting process led by RRA High Commander Frattastan, RRA Commander Guy and RRA Commander Wopruthien. The best recruitment poster will be included in the next issue, Issue XLIV (44), of TRT, along with any other outstanding runner-up submissions as secondary.

Example of a basic recruitment poster:

To put this into terms that can be commonly understood across the NationStates community, our rationale will be explained using the format of a World Assembly resolution:

The Rejected Realms Army,

OBSERVING that the Rejected Realms Army was created in May 2003 as a primitive accountability measure that ensured the delegate ruled for the ruled.

RECOGNISING that, by summer of 2003, the Rejected Realms Army evolved rather naturally into an army compliant with the defenderism ideology following influences from wrongfully ejected members of the NationStates community finding a welcoming home in the Rejected Realms.

REFLECTING on how defenderism has developed implications whereby being defender-aligned now carries the weight, responsibilities and expectations of promoting peace and security among threatened regions as a moral response to raiderism.

DISTURBED by the mere existence of defenderism's contrary ideology known as raiderism.

APPALLED by the ongoing activities of those who prescribe to the raiderism ideology such as threatening, silencing, damaging and destroying sovereign regions and native actors through methods as extensive as frightening, alarming, raiding, invading, ejecting, banjecting, passlocking, puppeting and refounding.

NOTING how raiders have shown us time and again that they are always willing to work together; and hence

FURTHER NOTING how, every time defenders refuse to cooperate or communication, raiders have an advantage that they have utilised in the past.

BELIEVING that the need for a moral response to raiderism by the Rejected Realms Army among other defender-aligned sovereign regions and native actors is still just as necessary in the current gameplay climate as in the Rejected Realms Army's founding.

UNDERSTANDING that defenderism, as an ideology, cannot be bilaterally instilled or abandoned through one simple decisive battle, but instead is perpetually advanced through the process of a war that defenders fight every single day - twice in fact - with the degree of activity as the main factor that determines either internal growth or stagnation.

ADVOCATING for defenders to seize innovation with an open mind appropriate to exploring expansion of participation, networking and reach with the wider NationStates community, as the factors that determine external growth.

CONCLUDING that defenderism activities are a just response to the threatening, silencing, damaging and destroying of sovereign regions and native actors.


Marilyn Manson's TRR Officer Resignation

On the 4th of March, 2018, Marilyn Manson announced his resignation in The Assembly from the position of Culture Officer in the Rejected Realms (TRR). The Assembly is recognised as the parliamentary body of TRR, consisting of all citizens as a form of direct democracy, according to its Constitution, and Article 3 section B outlines how it is the responsible organ for electing Officers, of which concerns this resignation. The resignation read as following, however exact details will not be discussed in keeping with the wishes of Marilyn Manson, who is still a prominent citizen of TRR: "Dear Rejects, I am resigning from the position of Culture Officer. Today, I received a message that reminded me I had to do this. I've not been feeling good in RL, and I probably won't really be active again until I feel better. Of course I'll login once a month to make sure my nations survive, however I won't participate in government until I feel well again. Following this message, I know an election will be held for my vacant position. I nominate Relfa, my deputy. I know they will do well as Culture Officer so I'd like them to run. Remember, this isn't because of anyone here. I'm seriously not feeling good, and I'll be gone for a while."

The resignation has seemingly relieved some of the pressure on Marilyn Manson who has remained active on discord and in-game, however TRT Staff did ask him how long he predicts he will be inactive for within the NationStates community if it comes to needing to take a break entirely. Marilyn Manson relieved some of our concerns by stating that, "Probably [just] until later this month," and went on to reply to our question on whether he will be remaining within the community of the Rejected Realms, to which he responded, "Hell yes, TRR for life." I with worth noting that Marilyn Manson also expressed that he will be remaining loyal to The East Pacific (TEP) too, by shortly adding, "Also, TEP [for life] too!" To conclude a short interview of Marilyn Manson, we asked the former officer who he would miss the most if were to take the break, indicated to us, and to quote him letter for letter for symbol, "Uuuuuhh, a lot of people. You [Glacikaldr], Fratt, Cat, Kandarin, Skully, Yuno, Stalker, and a ton of others I haven't named. Please don't hate me! :P"

During the spare time Marilyn Manson has reacquired, he has spearheaded a successful practice of R/D gameplay, establishing a constitutional monarchy in Warzone Asia, the Land of The Morning Calm, with his friend, Xanderstralia, as Delegate. Yet, this ultimately meant the fall of the People's Republic of Warzone Asia (PRWA), which was established on the 3rd of February 2014 as of the two days ago on the 8th of March, 2018. While native - perhaps a somewhat controversial term for a long-term nation within a warzone - North Campbell Nation originally objected to the invasion, he eventually came to terms with the new government and challenged them, "to try" to "do better" than the PRWA. "After all, the PRWA is democratic, and though this certainly isn't a by the book election, if the PRWA doesn't have a mandate from the masses, it's not much of a People's Republic," explained North Campbell Nation, "But [make sure you] don't badmouth those who came before you". Additionally, Warzone Europe was transferred to Marilyn Manson's possession by New Pacific Order Officer Karenus. Warzone Europe, under its new government, has now proclaimed a new theme as The Beatle Warzone. Furthermore, both Warzone Asia and Warzone Europe have been named sister regions under their respective new governments and have been looking to expand their networks to ensure regional security, or as much security as is considered even remotely possible in a warzone.

NOTE: The Rejected Times does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Rejected Realms.

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