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Duke Trucks Mnfg. Ltd.

Traded as, LinkHX: DUK

Founded: 1989

- James H. Duke Auto Pve Ltd

Entity Type: Automotive manufacturer

Industry: Auto/ Vehicles

Major Products

Duke Auto HQ, Spearlodge Creek,

CHAIRMAN : General (ret.) Louise Forestguard, Army
Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Alex Spearweather
Chief Finance Officer: Ms. Juana V. de Fosston
Chief Marketing Officer: Ms. Mona T. Bathworth
Chief Engineering Officer: Mr. Eric G. Lawnbooth
Chief Counsel Officer: Ms. Ronda C. Ravenstorm

Number of Employees: 3,217

Parent Company: Hundredstar International Defense Corporation

- Plant Div.
- R&D Div.
- Plug-in hybrid electric Div.
- International Div.
- Marketing Div.



Duke Trucks Mnfg. Ltd.

The Duke Trucks Mnfg. Ltd. (HX: DUK)was a Hundredstar commercial vehicle manufactured in Spearlodge Creek, 120km east of Sweatham, Eastern Valley and founded in 1989 by Mr. James H. Duke. Commitment to excellence and team spirit in everything that we do is our operational philosophy at Duke. As the leader in the industry, we continually strive to attain the highest levels of achievements by encouraging harmonious working relationships both within the company as well as with our customers to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Duke Trucks Mnfg. Ltd. current CEO was Dr. Alex Spearweather.

Duke Trucks Mnfg. Ltd was a subsidiary of Hundredstar International Defense Corp (HIDEC).

Ordering Form

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[b]Contact Name[/b]:
[b]Customer, Business, or Government Agency Name[/b]:
[b]Manufacturer Name[/b]:
[]Duke Trucks
[]Kingdom Strata Automotive
[]COE Shipyards

All Ordering form must be posted to


- Hundredstar International Defense Corp (HIDEC) 100%

- Duke Auto HQ, Spearlodge Creek
- Fuel Cell Plant

Corporate Governance
  1. Non-Independance Non-Executive Chairman: General (ret.) Louise Forestguard, Army, CEO of Hundredstar International Defense Corp.

  2. Non-Independance Non-Executive Director: General (ret.) Amanda B Carlingbridge, Army, CEO of GACO Land System

  3. Non-Independance Non-Executive Director: Dr. Justin Griggs, Chief Technology Officer, Hundredstar International

  4. Independance Non-executive Director: Allen C Crownstein, President, Crownstein Group

  5. Independance Non-executive Director: Dr. Halen Maryfirth, CEO, R&D Promotion Agency

  6. Independance Non-executive Director: Wang Zhuangfu, CEO, Biyadi Energy & Transport Co. Ltd [Brightlake]

  7. Non-Independence Executive Director: Dr. Alex Spearweather, CEO, Duke Trucks Mnfg. Ltd

Major Products




Duke Astra


Duke 1200 Workhorse


Duke 6500 Dockyard


Duke Tours


Duke Dispatch


Duke 900 RCV


Duke 1613 RCV


Duke 1000 RCV

The 26-tonne Duke-1000 refuse vehicles are powered via a combination of hydrogen and diesel mixed in the engine manifold, with hydrogen stored in supplementary fuel tanks installed underneath the vehicle.

According to the vehicle supplier, the collection vehicles have also been fitted with technology that significantly reduces noise as well as improving fuel efficiency during loading and packing. And, the vehicles are expected to deliver reduced carbon emissions’ and improve air quality along collection routes.


Duke Tipper. License copyright from TGA Tippers H458


Duke Tipper Military Spec.


Duke Cleo. License copyright from JP S-Truck of Steelbaron


Duke Robust


Duke Robust Military Spec.


Duke Pegasus/ MRAP-1643

Pegasus MRAP 4x4 was developed in order to meet the requirements of special operation forces, military units and security forces to intervene illegal demonstrations, restoring public order and for rapid response in residential and rural areas.

Into the design phase of Pegasus MRAP 4x4, Duke Trucks paid particular attention to the crew's protection while ensuring that the crew can carry out their tasks safely and effectively.

Pegasus MRAP 4X4; offers special solutions for the different requirements of users with Ambulance, Anti-Tank Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Command & Control Vehicle, Recce & Surveillance Vehicle, Counter-Terrorism Vehicle, Internal Security Vehicle, Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle.


Duke Dagger Light Truck