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The Conventian Report - Revival - Fifth Edition

Conventian Report


Our Commander-in-Chief, Emperor Langor, after the reinforcement of the WA legacy to currently one-hundred and fifteen endorsements strong, has revealed his plans for the Conventian to once again place the Union back on the map. He announced that upon encroaching upon this landmark goal, that the constructions and deliberations of a new military wing, the Ministry of Retribution has advanced far enough for our Emperor to bring unto its public stage. This shift towards militarism is both to increase our presence against barbaric manifestations and to unite the Union around this common enemy, according to the Emperor. This marks a new beginning, not just for the Union, but for the multiverse at large as we bring the fight for virtue to the barbarism of the outside and to the faithful that have earned our alliance. Though the specific details of this operation have obviously delegated to the new administration, we can ascertain the very basic blueprint of the Ministry of Retribution by the newest broadcast to the citizenry by the Emperor. He has appointed the experienced and tested Sandman, known for his Roleplay as the Austrian Empire, to accomplish the goals set within the Conventist military doctrine, aimed at combating toxic and cancerous radicals and vandals to fully initiate the war on Barbarism.

However, the newly dubbed Metropole Defense Corps are more committed to the Union's safety as they are stationed to affirm our current territory and successes. The Conventian Administration has defined our current objective as developing a clear and ever-present stronghold, a foothold of virtue so that we may extend the reach of Conventism, a fortress of a larger, centralized strategy in this struggle for liberation. Similarly, the Metropole is engaging in engaging in a campaign of targeted endorsements of key members of the Union, ideally spreading out the WA pool in order to minimize any flaws that may manifest over a period of time. The Ministry of Retribution is not the only point on the agenda of the Administration; the Emperor is pushing for the recruitment of new members to join the Ministry of Virtue and the Ministry of the Metropole to pull together what can be described as a social industrialization, building up the ministries, developing the military; for all intensive purposes, the Union aims to reach a region that runs like a well-oiled machine, in a state of autonomous automation as Conventism has stipulated in our praxis.


During the commotion of this January after the end of a turbulent 2017, a raid had taken place, a raid unlike any other, as a coalition of raiders from The Black Hawks to The West Pacific acted on reported two month long plans to invade and capitulate a defender region; Westphalia. The story of the incursion is making the rounds again as a liberation vote has reached the floor of the World Assembly Security Council, and the Conventium, much like the WA, are largely polarized on this issue according to the voting records, with a slim majority AGAINST. While the complete WA's FOR bloc remained firmly around 9,000 to 10,000 votes, the AGAINST bloc had a rough patch with roughly less than a third of the vote, but then skyrocketed to around 8,000 votes, and then 9,000, before finally closing in and surpassing the gap. With the with defeat of the bill, even in cancellation, there will be consequences not just for the native Westphalians and the victors, but all of the multiverse, including us. This is why we must learn of this seismic event, for knowledge without power is power lost.

Westphalia had been somewhat of a large region, and for good reason; it was part of the multi-regional Defender Organization known as SWORD with purpose of 'spreading unity, equality, liberty and tranquility', among other things . It functions on a basis of republicanism, with laws being passed and actions being decided through the vote of representatives and the results of referendums. The constitution of SWORD guarantees the protection of each signatory to each other constituent region in the case of an invasion. This protection is actualized in 'The Sentinels', the alias of SWORD's united military, which is comprised of the volunteer armies of the nine other constituent regions, including the prominent members of LCRUA, The Peaceful Coffee Shop in Chicago, RHINIA, ISTEM, Council of Islamic States, and the now Former Westphailia. While these regions do have the experience and manpower to fill the gap left by Westphalia, its likely a long operation of recovery awaits, perhaps affecting any chance for a renewal for an organization as aged as SWORD. The argument for Liberation, however, was less based in the esteem of Westphalia, but the danger it may fall in if it is relinquished to the raiding parties, especially centering around the condemnations of thereof.

The raiders themselves consisted of a coalition of regions from far and wide, such as the aforementioned leading region of The Black Hawks, as well as TWP, Lone Wolves United, H Y D R A, The Imperium of Agia Germania, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Lone Wolves United, The Roman Empire, Unknown, The Ragerian Imperium, Armed Forces of the Enclave, and The Sekhmet Legion of Osiris. It is an understatement to say that this was a large operation, and, according to one TBH defector in a forum post listing all of TBH's sleeper agents and a target list, it was apparently one months in planning. This confirms that there were at least some validity to the leak, and perhaps other allegations within it as well. Those more well-versed in Conventian foreign diplomacy may be aware that one region of the raiding party, The Roman Empire, is classified as Nergi. Recently, it has become clear that they, like us, have also turned up the dial on their militarist ambitions, ranking among some of the largest raiding regions in the multiverse, which may prove to open up a path to further virtue in future talks about cooperation with the UCR.

Andzhalswoodosia, Metropolitan Minister


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