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No place for anger

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The Mzeusian Department of Review

The Mzeusian government feels that it is necessary to remind the international community of the need for calm resolution of problems. It sees nothing wrong in following a peaceful option and wishes to remind the international community that whatever happens, anger should not be allowed to rule us for long. While you may not understand the other persons position, this government hopes that you can take away the message that anger has no place among the wise.

We are inhabiting a world of division, hatred and mistrust. This is not a sustainable system and many people will fall victim to others. The Mzeusian government recognises the need for a sensible, peaceful resolution to any grievances you many have and we implore you, Mzeusia implores you, to never stray from your peaceful mission.

This government has had some modest success in doing just this and has seen the benefits of peace. Fighting for harmony across the world is a noble, worthwhile goal and Mzeusia will make sure that wherever we encounter conflict, Mzeusian negotiators will work to find common ground on which two warring nations may find their humanity once more.

The Mzeusian government thanks you.
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