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Alliance Law in Iveagh

  1. Any nation participating in the regional RP is free to create or join an alliance.

  2. There are three types of alliances: economic, political and militaristic.

  3. Economic and political alliances are able to have unlimited members, however militaristic alliances have a cap of 4 nations.

  4. Economic and political alliances will not engage in warfare under the name of their alliance.

  5. A militaristic alliance with more than 2 nations are not able to declare war on a singular nation.

  6. A militaristic alliance may not declare war on a smaller militaristic alliance if the difference in nations is greater than 2.

  7. An official treaty must be written and uploaded as a factbook on NationStates to be canon.

    1. The treaty should be updated to confirm all of the current members of the alliance.

    2. An RP post must also be made to declare the creation of an alliance.

  8. If a member wishes to join an alliance, they must wait 3 days before they are a full-fledged member of the alliance.

    1. This does not count for the founding members of an alliance

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