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Regional Assembly Digest, 21-02-2018 - 07-03-2018

Regional Assembly Digest

Produced by the LinkSpeaker's Office of The North Pacific

Period covered: 21-02-2018 - 07-03-2018

Speaker of the Regional Assembly: Darcania
Deputy Speaker: General COE
Deputy Speaker: ABC
Deputy Speaker: Republican pacific islands

Old Business
A list of proposals that have passed and failed this past week.

No proposals have passed or failed this week.

New Business
A list of proposals currently before the assembly.

No proposals are currently before the assembly.

Other Business
Other matters that may concern you as a member of the assembly.

1. We extend a warm welcome to our newest Assembly members: AboveOutrageous, RPI, TheGreatHofmeister, Yusuf Narendra, Cogoria, Yuno, Swindenland, Baker Park, Sallanas, Atomicapple, North East Somerset, Ebay, Syrixia, Artmeis, Empotian, Studeland, The Nation of Erschlagen, Mazemba, Sasten, mecojoni, and Telok Ayer

2. We bid a fond farewell to those who have left us: Ullac, Abhijit, Ben_Perry, Plodonia, Seagoat, Klein aber Ash, Drasnia, Mamagagalala9952, Mirnlonh, Otto IV, Sanctaria, Tiny Walking Whale, Ultima Atlantea, SillyString, Xyre, Merconitonitopia, Mystery Player, Westfacto, Varia, German Glory!, Ironias, Bonodia, Bridgett, DorianGreen, Fascist Confederation of Europe, Hudali, Krone, Kialga, Braussland, gmaeboipowee, The Dictatorship Of Coldiea, APRSC, AnUnnamedCell, Tigydavid134, Altmoras, Devon, Confederate Slavia, The Anderes Islands, LosNobles, New Atos, secen, and Socialist Cooperative Republics

And Now This

Darcania's Grammar Trivia of the Week
"It's Deputy Attorneys General, not Deputies Attorney General."

General COE's Cautionary Words
Vote or die.

ABC's Discord Quote of the Week
Courelli - Yesterday at 10:54 PM
every day, i get closer to calling dibs
i'm so close i can taste it
one day, i shall prevail.