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Office of the President

"There shall be a President, who shall be responsible for leading the region through both normal operations and extraordinary crises, delegating tasks to executive officers, supervising the conduct and activity of executive officers, ensuring the continued well-being of the region, providing necessary services and actions, managing embassies and other foreign policy matters, and enforcing the laws of the region."

- from the Constitution of The Western isles.

The Office of the President serves as a portal to government affairs and a hub for presidential updates and reports. It includes summarized information on the government itself and regional foreign policy, as well as the President's Corner, activity schedule, and an archive of announcements.

The President of The Western Isles is currently Ostehaar.

The Government

Outlined below is the government of The Western Isles, including all secretaries and office assistants and their roles. For additional details such as a graphical overview of how the government operates or the NS gameplay authorities of the officers - See the SoI's government page and the gameplay administration page.


Title holder


Secretary of Information


Corindia - Creates surveys for the Bi-Weekly Report
Nights Edge - Monitors Member Activity

Secretary of Role-Play


Townside - Maintains ADTWI and creates resources
Samudera - Maintains the TWI Weather station
Ostehaar - Maintains the Active RPs and Alliances lists

Secretary of Recruitment


Ipland - Advertises the region on various formats
Athara Magarat - Maintains contact with new players and members
Belle Ilse en Terre - Ensures sufficiency of guides and aides for members

OsteBlog - President's Corner

To be finalized soon!

Regional Newsletter | 2-3 weeks
Factbook Spotlight | 1-2 weeks
Stance on Realism Guidelines | 1-2 weeks
OsteBlog archive | next month

Foreign Relations and Ambassadors


The Western Isles is a democratic region, with a constitution and elected executive officers. While the Secretary of Recruitment is responsible for recruiting and attracting new members to the region, the President is the one in-charge of managing embassies and foreign policy matters.


This administration shall continue TWI's longtime policy of accepting almost all embassy requests. We see embassies as a first step on the path to good relations, rather than a declaration that those relations already exist. For more information on this policy, read Vancouvia's dispatch on foreign affairs.

We reserve the right to withdraw or not accept embassies with any region, but this is rare and will likely only happen in instances where mutual respect is not provided or the region goes against the central tenets established in our constitution. TWI is an RP region - we do not perform, nor condone, raids against other regions.

Ambassadors will be appointed by the President to regions which will suggest or accept an exchange of ambassadors. Four ambassadors currently serve:




Dormill and Stiura

Union of Confederate Regions
10000 islands



New Western Atlantic


Polar Svalbard

To be determined



To be determined


Foreign delegates - please note that our RMB and embassy systems are both conducted in an OOC form.
TWI members - interested in representing the region? Telegram me.

Movement Between Regions

TWI strives to be the best option for players who are interested in role-play, nation-building, regional government, and a vibrant community. Any player, no matter their nation's NS stats or their own personal characteristics, may join. Everyone in TWI is offered equal status and treatment, access to all regional role-plays, and the ability to challenge officers for their office.

For a few exceptions, see Presidential Executive Orders 3 and 7.

Contact Details and Activity Schedule

If you have any questions, comments, tips, or concerns - feel free to telegram me or any of the officers. Alternatively, you can tag me in an RMB post or mention me on the regional Discord.

I tend to be online around 22:00-01:00 on my local time (which corresponds to 20:00-23:00 UTC or 15:00-18:00 EST) on most weekdays. During the weekend I'll probably be around more. I never ignore TGs, tags, and mentions, so if I haven't responded for over 2-3 days, it means I've probably missed it and it would be fair to remind me.

In the spirit of Presidential Executive Order 8, I plan to publish at least a monthly report on government activity. It would be published around the end of each month.

The Western Isles Office of the President

The State of Ostehaar