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The Royal Princess, Gisella Villa

Princess of the United Island States of AHSCA
Marcella Villa

Gisella Villa, official State Portrait
Personal Info


3 April 2005


Aurora Island




George Villa


Shino Nanao-Villa



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Gisella Villa is the First Princess of the AHSCA; born on April 3 in 2005 to her mother, Shino and father George. the youngest daughter of George and Shino Villa and the younger sister of the Current Duchess, Marcella Villa. Her name is derived from the Germanic name, Gisela from the High German, gīsal meaning "pledge" but the name is inspired from the Spanish Catalan, Gicela, Gicelberta from her father's Mokastana heritage. The Germanic spelling was chosen to correlate with her elder sister, Marcella, hence the double consonant not present in either derivative.

As it stands currently, Gisella is second-in-line for the throne of AHSCA and Duchy of Aurora Island, until Marcella takes a spouse and has a child. She also retains the position should Marcella abdicate with no spouse or heir willing or able to succeed the throne. Much of her early childhood as been spent both learning and playing in equal parts Being young, Gisella has not openly declared any strong political beliefs or opened on any sexual preferences however she does study and train regularly and does on occasion attend with her elder sister in duties of the state. Gisella enjoys music and plays guitar. Though she doesn't identify strongly with politics she considers herself a religious person, prescribing to the Madokami faith (as does her sister and mother) and is a regular visitor to shrines.

Gisella also enjoys days on the beach, swimming and relaxing in the nation's hotsprings or public boathouses. She does casually swim and sometimes tries windsurfing with her sister or join her on short sailing trips between islands.

As a princess, Gisella's role isn't defined constitutionally but traditionally. Traditional Princesses and heirs to the Aurora Duchy (c. 18th-19th century) would on occasion act as vassals of a given village in the Duchy. In event of national crises (baring war), Gisella can potentially take the throne if the Duchess is unable along with no spouse or heir apparent.

Gisella also has the ability to propose and vote upon legislation upon coming of age though unlike her sister she doesn't have right of Royal Decree (ability to supersede the legislative process to make a law or policy, per Article II Section 3 of the Constitution).