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Westphalia Overview (OUTDATED)




Motto: "Westphalia, where the grass is always
greener and the honey ever so sweeter. "

Population: 642 (Highest)
~ 125 (Highest WA)
~ 115 (Average)

Capital: Cologne (Seat of Government)

Official Languages: German & English

Demonym: Westphalian

Government: Parliamentary Monarchy

- Emperor: The house of petain
- Crown Prince: Nouvelle-Quebec
- Chancellor: Xiulens

- Founded: June 16th, 2011
- Nordrhein Agreement: July 25th, 2016
- Parliamentary Republic: February 20th, 2017
- Fall of Westphalia: January 26th, 2018
- Liberation of Westphalia: March 22nd, 2018

This project has been put on indefinite hiatus. It might be continued in the future, but as of now is outdated

History of Westphalia

2011, the First Year

The Kingdom of Westphalia was founded on June 16th, 2011 by the Westphalian Reich of Petain. The community started small, only amounting to a small group of close knit nations. The first WA Delegate, Dave Nation, had been inaugurated after applying through a Forum ad. In a speech by the House of Petain, he stated...

"After several candidates applied for our ad in the Gameplay forum, he was interviewed further and shown to be a capable, competent, and charming individual who was more than willing to take the position and represent us in the World Assembly for the months to come, intending to vote actively and aggressively defending his views and most importantly ours."

During this time period, Westphalia was still a fairly new region and was often a quiet and calm kept community. By July 22nd, 2016, the region had amassed a population of over 30 memers; this may seem a small feat but for the month old kingdom of Westphalia, it would be one to go into the history books. In no time, Westphalia ad begun to experience it's first major influx of nation. In a matter of weeks, the region's population had soared from 14 people to 99. This was the first of many great regional growth spurts. This influx of new members led to the spread of new ideas and a cultural revolution in Westphalia. A forum was created, political parties formed and elections held. On July 30th, 2011, the first elections in Westphalia were held. In a famous quote by the house of Petain, he stated "we let you, the People, decide whom you wish to be your leaders, your representatives, your government. Every vote matters, every vote counts, and will determine the future of the region." On July 31st, the first Constitution of Westphalia was written and the First Imperial Assembly, composed of Michael Johnathan, Fermangh, Loopkin VII, and Nichdel Somsuch, was formed. After this brief period of activity, the region begun to slip into a hibernation. Days passed without a single post on the rmb and by September 20th, the population had begun to decline and by the end of the month, several nations had begun looking to abandon the region. The first mention of an inactive Petain came from a nation known as Lineale, in which he said, "He will be incredibly sad. He may never return. And in that event, we must be prepared to continue our existence." This was only months after he founded the region. Weeks of inactivity saw several nation leave to found New Westphalia, a branch off region headed by Crown Prince Lineale. The House of Petain did return, and with that New Westphalia was abandoned as a mass of civilians migrated back to the original kingdom. Upon his returned, he appointed Dave Nations as Protector of Westphalia, stating that he would help transition powers in the event that the founder ceased to exist. In a speech to the public, Petain stated...

"Westphalia, we have had a loss -because of me. I accept full responsibility for everything that has happened in the last 6 weeks. It was my fault and my fault alone. But I won't let you down again."

Despite Petain's abrupt return to the region, Westphalia continued to decline over the course of weeks, as nations slowly began to cte. At this point, the kingdom held three protectorates, The Vatican City, Cologne, and Islandia; each of the regions had begun to distance themselves from the crumbling shell of Westphalia. On November 10th, 2016, Dave Nations CTE'd and the New Delegate, Marcus, rose to power. During this period of time, a low population and the vulnerability of the region attracted the attention of several different defender organizations; a feud began between natives and defenders as each fought for the appointment of their delegate of choice (Cabbit-Land and Marcus Respectively). Though never directly mentioned, it can be implied that this defender organization was in fact 1000 Islands. The natives of the region, despite being outnumbered, managed to come to power and drive the defenders out. This became one of the first highly controversial moments in Westphalia, as the government began to take a much more isolated approach to diplomacy. Upon ascending into office, Marcus was plagued with an ever decreasing population and Petain's ceasing to exist. On November 19th, 2011, Petain returned from said CTE and anounced the transfer of his account to Eternal Yerushalayim, a native and founding member of the region. With Petain abdicating the throne, Lineale (Formally William Lineale Petain or Liege Lord Lineale the First by the Grace of God, Emperor of Westphalia, King of the Augustinian Dominions, Defender of the Faith: To whom now all Faith and constant Obedience, with all hearty and humble Affection, are due). In the period following Petain's account transfer, Westphalia became an increasingly isolated region, with it's population shrinking and it's diplomatic ties being severed. One nation in particular—Emporia (-Emporia-) embraced the region's growing xenophobic attitude by attacking other regions and alliances, such as TITO, The Intergalactic Dominon, and several other regions on countless occasions. These early quarrels would prove to never truly leave the minds of outside regions and diplomatic partners of the region. Upon entrance into the winter of 2011, Westphalia's activity reached new lows as the once large population sunk to a mere 40 members. Petain was gone, and the government was left reeling.

2012, The Year of The First Renaissance

Westphalia in 2012 was a much different place. Inactivity had carried over from the previous year, and the condition of the region only worsened. between the start of the new year to the end of February, 2012, inactivity was so severe that only 15 new messages were reported on the rmb. In a speech by Emperor Lineale on March 6th, 2012, he stated...

"Dear Westphalia,

I stand before you, a failure to our cause. When we first grouped together, I asked of you, what is all that you would ask of a great government? You told me that all we needed was togetherness. We simply needed to stay together. And so we wandered, we drifted, and we lost our togetherness. Through bitterness or lazyness or simply schedule clashes, our group fell apart, largely due to me. I was able to lead our people when we had that group, and in fact, we grew. For a very short period, we were in an almost golden age. That was what I wanted for my entire reign. But our group, alas, fell apart.

Our family fell apart, and with it, so did Westphalia.

When I think of Westphalia, I think of its roots. I think of those who had been here, and worked their tails off, to create our wonderful region. I remember them, and I say to myself, "All that they worked for has been lost", and I feel I am entirely to blame. As my life fell apart, I didn't think to consider my beloved homeland. Our little family was neglected by its head. And that was entirely unfair.

Our region, once populated by over 100, is now staggering along at 20 nations. 20 nations who've stayed. And most of those are people who are too lazy to move, or puppets. The Westphalian Empire has collapsed, my friends. Its over.

Perhaps I tell you this now only to calm myself. As my last act as Emperor of Westphalia, I hereby dismantle the Empire. All laws upheld by its courts are rendered null and void. Our work is over.

Now, I retire. I've played this game for a long time and, fooling myself, believed I had the time to do it. Perhaps I was not the greatest Emperor, perhaps I was not even loved by my people, but I fought for us. I fought for our family. But its time, I believe, that I should finally call it quits.

Please feel free to contact me through Megaleiotha eirhno, who is a close personal friend of mine. If you have any questions, he should be able to answer them. This retirement means that I will never again see you as Lineale.

As my last words to my Empire, please remember that I truly do love you. Please, go with my father to Islandia, and remain what I was unable to keep together: A family. I love you, Westphalia, so sincerely much.

With tears in his eyes,

- Emperor William Lineale -"

With the Second Emperor abdicating, Westphalia seemed to be dead set on a path to self destruction. Westphalia was a ruin of it's former self, and things only looked to get worse. Marcus was removed as WA delegate of Westphalia after resigning from his post just days after Lineale abdicated. By May, 2012, Westphalia numbered a mere 9 members, none of which were in the WA. Despite growing hardships and a changing atmosphere to nationstates diplomacy, The House of Petain declared the reestablishment of the Monarchy on May 21st, 2012. Greater Cornwall and Former Aurelia, two active and fresh faced members, helped stimulate activity in a vie for the WA Delegacy. This resulted in a month long power struggle which saw the two nations fight for the highly sought position. This marked the fist major activity of 2012, and to many, a new chapter in the history of Westphalia. With the dissolution of Greater Cornwall in June, Former Aurelia became the delegate of Westphalia. By July 6th, 2012, the region had once again reached the 30 nation mark and it seemed that Westphalia was on the rise again. On July 10th, 2012, The first general elections of 2012 were held. The region continued to prosper throughout the summer, despite the founders continued inactivity. During this time, Westphalia's Imperial Assembly became a hub of activity in the region. As Westphalia's legislative body, The IA was able to balance powers and remain uncorrupted in it's early months. By September, 2012, Westphalia appeared to be a completely different world from what it was a year ago. It's population had surpassed the 100 mark and the region had entered a gold age. Activity was rampant, with debates ensuing, games being played and a new community forming. Nouvelle-Quebec, the leader during this era of growth, is often credited for helping Westphalia maintain in culture while also allowing new members to spread their ideas and beliefs. Following Qubec was Andropoland; these two Delegates saw through Westphalia's largest growth at the time, seeing the population skyrocket to over 200 nations. Petain's activity was limited during this time,But New Catholic Prussia, Petain's appointed protector, ensured that the region remain safe from raiders. A notable feature of this period was the massive influx of Catholic and/or catholic themed nations and the branching out of diplomatic ties into other Catholic affiliated regions. Several nations, including New Catholic an the Founder Petain himself supported the initiatives of this movement. A major contributor to this Catholic movement in Westphalia, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI stated...

"It is imperative that the entire Catholic community in the Westphalia come to realize the grave threats to the Church’s public moral witness presented by a radical secularism which finds increasing expression in the political and cultural spheres. The seriousness of these threats needs to be clearly appreciated at every level of ecclesial life. Of particular concern are certain attempts being made to limit that most cherished of Westphalia’s freedoms, the freedom of religion. Many of you have pointed out that concerted efforts have been made to deny the right of conscientious objection on the part of Catholic individuals and institutions with regard to cooperation in intrinsically evil practices. Others have spoken to me of a worrying tendency to reduce religious freedom to mere freedom of worship without guarantees of respect for freedom of conscience."

This was one of the many movements that occurred during The Westphalian Renaissance, a period of rapid growth, expansion and the spread of culture. This was the first long lasting Golden Era in Westphalian History, stretching from September 2012 to January 2013. During this time, Westphalia once again became a power on the world stage, forming coalitions and alliances with other regions and governments. This era in Westphalian history was one the wouldn't be met or surpassed until the Cultural Revolution of 2016.

2013, the Year of Decay

Above: Map of Westphalia

Upon entrance into 2013, Westphalia begun to decline. By The end of January, Andropoland was was replaced as Delegate by Yummy Armadillos, and the regional population had sunk to 200 nations (Down from 236). The Renaissance had passed, and ceasing to exist became common among the populace. Petain entered another spell of inactivity and panic once again gripped the people of The Westphalian Kingdom. During this time, Goughistan, a native, said, " A prosperous Westphalia—It's a common dream that unites all Westphalians, yet never comes true." After several reoccurring issues with the inactive government and founder, Zdenka, Andropoland, Goughistan and several other nations abandoned the region in an effort to weaken the stability of the government and form their own community. During this period of time, several nations began advocating for raids on smaller regions. Though this became increasingly popular among Westphalian Citizens, no raid was ever carried out due to the lack of active WA nations. Petain's inactivity thrust New Catholic Prussia into the spotlight; he acted as an interim Emperor in Petain's absence. On March 4th, 2013, The House of Petain Ceased to Exist, effectively leaving the government dissolved. The founders disappearance, coupled with regional fears of a raids and destruction, resulted in the mass exodus of nations from the region. By March 5th, 2013, only 133 nations remained; any and all remnants of the Westphalian Renaissance had been forever lost among the ruins of a once great civilization. By April, the majority of Westphalia's active population had left the region. Just as it had once been, Wesphalia was once again a graveyard. Despite continued decline, The remaining active government managed to form the Westphalian Armed Forces. The region, despite a lack of patriotism, still functioned as a close knit community. Petain returned from his slumber on April 28th, 2013. His return was different than his many previous and often abrupt reappearances. In a speech he gave, he adressed the people saying...

"People of Westphalia,

I wanted to thank those who stayed active and in the region, as well as those who have returned.

As many of you know, we have been declining in the last few months, which I am to blame for. The inactivity of a founder is detrimental to the well being of a region, and I apologize. But I also believe we now have an opportunity to rebuild and it is my intent to do so. Some of the things I will be asking for will make many unhappy, as change always does. But I believe it is necessary as we start anew.

First, I have created a new forum. I feel a lot of baggage is on the old one and I'd like to move on. From this point, we should look ahead towards what we wish to achieve. I believe this to be absolutely necessary.

Second, the government will be the Emperor (myself) and a Senate, composed of members appointed and elected. Rather than having various branches of government compete for power, influence and prestige, I think it necessary to have them act as one, to move as one, to be one to increase efficiency, effectiveness and advancing Westphalia and our interests.

Third, I'd like to create a culture that values merit and rewards hard work. I'd like citizenship to be an honor we grant to those who join the WA and I'd like elected office to be a reward for those who serve in our military or help our region grow (via recruiting).

The task before us shall not be easy. People will undoubtedly mock, jeer, and hate the necessary changes we make, but we can and will move on. We shall overcome any obstacle and any barrier that stands in our way. With your help anything is possible.

Long Live Westphalia!

Emperor Michael Augustine I of the Imperial House of Petain"[/i]

Petain was right of course. His speech and his intentions to reformat the government and forums gained serious traction from the people (To see the full play of events, visit page 102 on the Westphalian Rmb). Petain used his position as emperor to further his goals for the region; whether or not the people wanted was trivial at the moment. Many of these opposers had been members of the Westphalian Imperial Circle, a group of elders who stood by and watched the region while Petain was gone. In a quote by Emporia (-Emporia-), he said this:

"Why are you making a new forum and making a new government? You realize you loose more people every time you "return" and decide to overhaul everything. I've seen this cycle long enough. I've been by your side since 2007 and try to bear through all the many forums you created. I'm afraid I can't do it anymore, I know what is going to happen next. I'm tired to constant changes like the forums and constant governments. The government we had with the Imperial Circles were fine, it didn't even get the chance to see its full potential. Instead you 'come back' and this happens and it has happened and it will continue to happen."

Nations upon nations objected to this controversial move by the Emperor. Nations such as Karmaimps, Rikkitikki, Yakitzland and several other active members fought to oppose this but, with Petain as the emperor, they were left virutally powerless. Those that agreed with the Emperor chose to remain, while those that opposed him fled to various other regions. With Petain's return, the regional population did rise once again, but only briefly. After reaching 100 nations, recruitment abruptly stopped and Westphalia once again saw itself in decline. By August, 2013, Westphalia's population numbered only 58 nations; activity had haulted, and Petain had again vanished into the darkness. This uninterupted inactivity continued for month, even into 2014. In one of the last post's of Delegate Sui Ming, he said...

"The last person to have executive authority over the region has an account that is about to expire, and after it does, I'm apparently next in line to have it, at which point I'll have a choice to refound the region, keep it open (which might get us invaded), or simply let the region vanish. I've already received one request to let the region die, which I might do considering it comes from a long-standing member who I respect."

The remainder of 2013 saw the region's population reach a mere 22 members. Rmb posts were so few and far between that at times, one could post and another nation wouldn't respond for a month or more. This period (August, 2013 - March 2014) is regarded as one of Westphalia's darkest times, and by far it's least active.

2014, the Year of The Second Renaissance

In between November, 2013 and March, 2014, only 7 rmb post were made (an all time low). These were Westphalia's darkest days; Petain was gone, the forums had died and the population had continued to shrink. Many begun to think westphalia was past saving, just as they had in the past. Despite all of this, In march, Petain once again returned, and once again, he gave a speech to the people. In it, he said...

"Greetings Westphalia,

As many of you know we are trying to rebuild the region. Such a task will be difficult, but certainly possible.

First, a budget of $10 per month has been set to purchase telegram stamps for recruiting. This equates to roughly 10,000 telegrams.

Second, the current government will be composed of myself, the CP and several appointed ministers. When we have more nations I'd like to add a legislature that is elected once a month. However I fear that might be premature at the moment.

Finally, I'll be creating a regional poll to let you decide who should be eligible to vote, whether it be all nations, WA nations, those over 1 billion, natives or influential nations.

Anyway hope everybody is doing alright. Make sure to check out the forum!

Respectfully Yours,

Emperor Michael Augustine I of The house of petain"

On March 6th, 2014, Petain begun recruiting again and almost like the flick of a light switch, Westphalia's slump was over. In a matter of days, the population numbered 44 citizens and in a matter of weeks, 180 people. citizens poored into the region in record numbers; the forums had become active again and the region seemed to be reborn from the ashes. Activity was seen in all forms, including the creation of a regional roleplay by The One White Flag (Map LinkHere). Petain, along with a redesign of the government, created a new legislative body known as the Imperial Estate. The first elections for this body were held March 25th, making them the first democratic elections in Westphalia in nearly a year. The one white flag, Salaguay, The bananian republic, and Romejamal won the first seats in the Imperial Estate by a vote of 6-6-6-6-4; to many, this was a basic win but to others, it was the beginning of a new golden era in Westphalian History. Liberorum, the delegate to Westphalia during this time, worked with the House of Petain to construct a way of 'Accountable voting' for the delegate. This meant that he and all future Westphalian Delegates would rely on the views of the people to make their decisions on votes in the Security Council and General Assembly; When a resolution was proposed, the delegate would be obligated to listen to the wishes of the people and vote how they wanted. The attitude of Patriotism and Nationalism first begun to sprout during this era; the Westphalian Armed forces were redeployed and faith in the government rose greatly. For the First time in Westphalia's history, an active and stable group of nations begun to take root. Like all good things though, Westphalia's newfound glory wouldn't last forever. By the start of May, Westphalia's population entered a decline and by June, the population numbered less then 60 people. Aeuria, after Jesuit Priests departure from the region, became the WA delegate. Despite an extreme loss of activity, Aeuria attempted to keep the region alive and acted as a beacon for nations during this reemergence of inactivity; he also went down as Westphalia's longest serving WA Delegate. In a speech to the public he said...

"Nations of Westphalia,

To address the elephant in the room, our inactivity is pretty poor. I'm here not to point fingers, especially considering my inactivity in Westphalia, but rather to encourage messaging and role playing!

In the complete absence of any regional leadership to dictate the agenda or parameters for life within Westphalia, I would like to recommend basically what we do now; a collection of autonomous nations on a continent. We choose if/when to communicate to other nations, whether it's peacefully or hostilely.

Finally, I would also encourage voting on WA legislation. That's about it, thanks for reading!"

Despite the encouragement of activity, Westphalia entered a period of on-again off-again inactivity (June 2014 - September 2015). September 21, 2014, The House of Petain returned to the region; this brought hope to many that the region's crippling decline was finally over. By the time Petain returned, the population numbered only 18 nations, but unlike similar past situations, Petain didn't do anything. Instead, he disappeared as fast as he appeared. People begun to question the stability of the region; several nations including Aeuria begun to look at refounding. Having an inactive region of over ten nations left it nearly impossible to accomplish this though. Throughout the theorizing of refounding Westphalia, New Catholic Prussia remained a starch opponent to the destruction of the old kingdom. Despite polarized views on the future of the three year old kingdom, New Catholic Prussia and Aeuria both worked to help the people of Westphalia. In a second speech by Aeuria, he said, "I've been granted executive access. The first order of business is to begin work on a new constitution and the founding of a new government. I will begin working on a basic constitution and I encourage everyone to speak their minds about what should be in it. As for the new government, Mike will be a figurehead monarch, I will serve as de facto head of state, but all other public offices will be elected." With increased authority, Aeuria became the first Executive WA Delegate of Westphalia. By December 13th, 2014, Aeuria had drafted the new Constitution of Westphalia. For the sake of reference, it is included below:

The member states of the Empire of Westphalia, in the interest of fostering a region of equality, justice, and unparalleled freedoms, do hereby establish and abide by this Constitution.

Section 1: Freedom of Expressior
All member states of the Empire are entitled to the right to free speech and liberty in matters of religion and conscience
I: Any violent expression of religion may be deemed as religious zealotry; therefore classified as religious terrorism, subject to criminal investigation

Section 2: Freedom of Participation
All member states of the Empire are entitled to the right to vote in public elections in accordance with such reasonable rules and regulations as the Imperial Government may establish. Member states are also entitled to freedom of association; the freedom to join or found political parties, trade alliances, religious institutions, or any similar group

Section 3: Freedom of Travel
All member states of the Empire that are compliant with regional law are guaranteed the right to reside within the Empire as well as the right to enter and leave the Empire as they please.

Section 4: Legal Rights
All member states of the Empire are entitled to legal equality and protection from unjust discrimination. All member states of the Empire that are charged with misconduct shall have the right to due process, including a presumption of innocence and adequate legal counsel.

Section 5: Peace, Order, and Good Government
The Imperial Government shall not burden any of the rights recognized by this article except by law, and any burden must be justified by a rationale that is closely related to the preservation of peace or order in the Empire.

Section 1: Establishment of the Imperial Government
The Imperial Government shall consist of the Emperor, the Chancellor, the Imperial Cabinet, and the Aulic Council.

Section 2: Imperial Throne
The Emperor shall be Michael Augustine I of the House of Petain. In the absence of His Majesty, a regent appointed by him may serve on his behalf, exercising all of his royal powers.

Section 3: Imperial Chancellery
The Chancellor is hereby charged with leading the Imperial Government as well as acting as World Assembly Delegate.
I: The position of Chancellor shall be subject to a general election once every three months or earlier if the incumbent is dismissed by the Throne.
II: The Chancellor is hereby granted unilateral legislative power
a. Any questionable use of this power is subject to investigation by the Aulic Council
III: The Chancellor is hereby granted veto power on legislation put forth by the Imperial Cabinet

Section 4: Imperial Cabinet
The Imperial Cabinet is hereby granted legislative power and exercise such authority by simple majority vote.
I: The Imperial Cabinet shall consist of Imperial Ministers appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Chancellor.
II: All power invested in Imperial Ministers shall be distributed by the Chancellor.
III: No legislation passed by the Imperial Cabinet and approved by the Chancellor shall contradict this Constitution.

Section 5: Aulic Council
The Aulic Council shall consist of one or more judges appointed by the Throne with the advice and consent of the Chancellor. It shall be the sole judicial authority of the Empire, trying all criminal and civil cases in accordance with this supreme law and all legislation constitutionally enacted under the authority of the Imperial Cabinet. A judge seated on the Aulic Council may be dismissed by the Throne at any time and for any reason.

In the interest of regional security and order, the Westphalian Guard is hereby established and charged with the defense of the region.
. . .
. . .

Sadly, the accomplishments of Aeuria's rule were shadowed by inactivity and Petain's fourth CTE. Resentment with the Monarchy had grown to new heights by this point, with elders such as New Catholic Prussia even agreeing that Petain's power upon return would need to be limited to protect the government. As 2014, came to an end, it seemed that Westphalia was merely repeating history. The founder would return eventually, and Westphalia's never ending cycle of Death and Rebirth would continue.

2015, The Year of Rebirth

With the start of the new year, change rung through the air. On January 25, The House of Petain made his reappearance in Nationstates. With his return, he gave his familiar, and at times encouraging, speech...


I apologize for my absence, just been very busy with RL stuff. In any case, I want to make it clear that I thank everybody who has stuck around for doing so. I have no intention of modifying or amending whatever laws you've put in place. I accept my role as ceremonial, and I shall be focusing all my efforts on recruitment.

Again, Westphalia, I apologize to you. I've done so several times and I'm ashamed that I have. As founder, I'll try to do better.


Emperor Michael Augustine I"

By this point Westphalia's population had been on a slow yet steady rise. By the start of the year, Westphalia had grown to 30 members. Aeuria and several others continued to work on the constitution and government of Westphalia. With the founder back, many begun to see a bright future for the region. On January 23rd, Aeuria formally announced the founding of the revived Westphalia Empire. In hi speech to the people, Aeuria said...

"Member states of Westphalia, it is my distinct honor to announce the formal founding of the revived Westphalian Empire! As incumbent WA Delegate, I will now officially assume the position of Chancellor. Over the next few days, I will be appointing member states, who are interested, to the Imperial Cabinet and the Westphalian High Command. In addition, His Majesty will be appointing at least 1 judge to sit on the Aulic Council, depending on the number of member states interested. Should you desire to serve in the ranks of the government or military, don't hesitate to telegram me or, in the case that you wish to be a member of the Aulic Council, the Emperor.

Despite an early growth to 44 nations, Westphalia became susceptible to tag raids in which raiders would come through and deface the WFE and spam the region. On March 12, 2015, Aeuria announced his resignation as WA Delegate and Chancellor of Westphalia. In his speech he credited his reasons for leaving with Westphalia's inactivity and lack of security. Following Aeuria's departure, Westphalia entered an unforeseen period of extreme instability and security threats. The Delegacy was used as a jumping point for raiders on several occasions, inciting fear and distress among a founderless people. Around this time, Wikiplay, one of Westphalia's oldest surviving members, joined Westphalia. As a defender, he helped take the region back from raiders and worked to secure the freedoms of the remaining civilians. by March 2015, Westphalia had begun to recover from the ruins it had been driven to. Inactivity still remain constant among the region, but security and safety had been returned to those that remained. With Wikiplay's help, Westphalia was once again able to host a Roleplay (An inactive one but an rp none the less). By August 19th, 2015, several past nations began to return to the region. Eternal Hebron, Yoopooland, New Catholic Prussia and The House of Petain all returned to the region with the hopes of building it to what it once was. During this period, Westphalians alike united behind then delegate Iescech to rebuild the government. Recruitment was to begin, the third constitution was to be written and the forums were to be expanded. Raid attempts continued to happen, but to no avail. Following in Wikiplay's footsteps, Iescech continued to greet new nation and run the forums; his position as Chancellor made him a powerful yet popular leader. Eternal Hebron became WA Delegate and Westphalia saw it's population rise to 80 members by October. By November, Westphalia had surpassed the hundred nation mark, a feat that was last met over a year prior. The activity of the region skyrocketed. New nations like Pandoor Lichtenstein0o made their way into the region, and it seemed that Westphalia was experiencing it's largest growth spurt yet. During this time, Rmb post became much more frequent and common due to a roleplay which predominantly took place on the rp. With new methods for maintaining activity, it seemed that Westphalia could only go up. Many well known Westphalia entered the region during this period, including Gettenfield, Rushi, Fleshia and several others. The region had been to rock bottom and back, and to many, the future held promise.

2016, The Year of The Climb

2016 was arguably one of the most defining years in Westphalia's vast history. During this period, some of the region's most prominent and outspoken members all joined together to form one of Nation state's largest communities. In a statement by Prominent Agora member Iescech, he stated "We created an active community of people who really clicked and got along... It was a defining moment, I believe, as there was extreme, positive, creative activity by our members (at one point, it reached over 500 nations and became one of the largest regions in Nationstates). Everyone worked to help improve Westphalia, and it brought many of us very close together. Those friendships defined our NationStates careers." During this time, a strong regional roleplay formed, with members ranging from Lichtenstein0o, the regional delegate, to longtime members such as Eternal Hebron and several others. With revitalized forums and determination, a powerful community arose in Westphalia. During this period of time, the regions role play became the center point for life; this means that most rmb space during this time was taken up by lengthy RP posts. By the end of 2015, most of the region's citizens realized that recruitment need to be amped up to fit the needs of an ever expanding roleplay and forum. Nations such as Iescech and Orasan Paul Dumitru lead the charge for a powerful recruitment force in Wetphalia. Below is a welcoming message fro Dumitru, he stated:

With the start of 2016, two things seemed to be different about the region; the population had begun to grow and the ambitions of the people had changed. In Westphalia's past-

Currently on Page 217

2017, The Year of Revolution

2018, The Year of Reconstruction

Listed from Longest to Shortest Reign



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