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Madam Speaker and Majority Leader, Pacifica

Head of Congress and Speaker
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08 April 1997


Corona Island









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Nordic capitalism

"I serve the islands with my passion" - Pacifica

Pacifica is the current Speaker and Head of Congress of the United Island States of AHSCA and is also considered the ad idem head of Government as she's also oversees the various Offices of Government alongside the Duchess, Marcella Villa. Being from Corona Island, she has a mononymous name .Pacifica is a member of The National Islander Party though has previously subscribed to the National Liberal Party.

Early Life
Pacifica was born in the closing days of the war to her parents in a small hut on Corona Island where she lived out her early childhood working their small little substance farm. Despite not being native Nigren her family was always heavily involved in Corona culture and life. Her father a veteran of the unification war was a village council in her little village of Vento while she and her mother worked their fields daily.

Growing up around her father and many veterans of the war, Pacifica had a strong desire to serve in the nation's militia and she enlisted at age 13 in 2009. Her time in the militia was served taking care of minor violent conflicts, anti-piracy efforts and combating a growing human trafficking problem. She also served aboard passenger and merchant ships traveling abroad as security.

When the Militia was dissolved and reorganized as the Defense Forces and Police service, Pacifica was offered a chance to join but she declined instead wanting to pursue a family. Unable to find a special mate she still had a desire to raise a child. She returned to her birth village Pacifica began a small farm of her own to support her and her newborn child all while keeping up with the politics of her home village. Upon the resignation of Former Head of Congress, Mikela Olaff, whom is now serving as an ambassador abroad, Pacifica was urged by friends in the village to consider filling the vacancy. Pacifica wasn't going to at first, assuming Duchess Villa would fill the position with a handpicked person. Once it was announced a special national election would be held, Pacifica again was encouraged to run this time Pacifica accepted feeling she would be good for the job.

Upon submitting herself for candidacy, Pacifica was broached with support by the Merchant Guild of Leuda from The Selkie. The guild sent Ida Feic to help and support Pacifica in her bid for office. Pacifica described it as a fond experience working with Ida and considers her invaluable in helping her achieve her goals. Pacifica did offer to grant Feic honorary citizenship, a request she respectfully declined but was able to grant her a lifetime passport to the UIS for future visits.

Reign and Ideology
Having only been in power for a short time Pacifica has worked hard to get some significant legislation pushed through and has worked with the Duchess and Foreign Officer to expand AHSCA's diplomatic presence abroad including the opening of the Embassy Island to house multiple nations while preserving space on the islands.
Pacifica has also visited The Selkie and is planning a future trip to Kyrenaia be it for diplomatic or pleasure purposes.

Since taking power Pacifica has enacted a series of policies, they have resulted in:

  • Mutual Parental Assistance Program: Gives financial incentives for local adoption, double for LGBT and single parents.

  • Military Pay Increase: 5% pay increase to enlisted military personal

Political Opinions

Pacifica is a social liberal believing in equality of same-sex couples and minorities. She's in full support of alternative lifestyles and individual rights within limits of the law and ethics. She supports the limits of speech but still supports political dissent. She's a pro-monarchist and for broad powers of the Royal Government over the states. Though she does support small local councils within nations, she still affirms to the powers of the nation overall.

Economically Pacifica supports the LinkNordic model and opposes Laissez-faire capitalism.

Pro and Anti

  • Pro: Liberalism, Nordic Capitalism, Mixed-Market Economies, Monarchy, Military, LGBT Rights, Centralized Education, Public Nudity

  • Neutral: Socialism, Democratic Socialism, Communism, Christianity

  • Anti: Laissez-faire capitalism, Evangelical-based social conservatism

Five Dimensional Political Compass

8values Test

Personal Life
Pacifica is a single woman with a child of her own that she carried to term through a consensual non parental relationship with a militia comrade. In her time when she's not in the political sector she's with her little girl working their small garden, soaking in the nation's many hot springs, playing on the beach. She does have an interest in dating but doesn't know who or when.

She's also noted for her two stylish hear curls wearing a signature orange bandeau with a matching bottom and sarong. She's also known for a long tunic she wears during the wetter months in the islands. The combo has been dubbed the Pacifica look and it's become popular among women and girls. She's a religious person, practicing native Madokamisim and frequently supports the religion publicly and vocally.


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