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Sunday Morning Update


Contact Information (TG): Vaculatestar

(Europeia, March 4, 2018) - It was another active week for Europeia with developments ranging from mid-term addresses to the opening of an election. Once again all of these developments and events are collected here for your Sunday morning reading pleasure.

On February 25, the Ministry of the Interior released an Linkaddress to the region. In this speech Minister Punchwood detailed the work of the ministry over the course of the term, which included an improvement to efforts integrating newcomers, and his disappointment in recruitment efforts. He also thanked contributors to the Ministry over the course of the term.

On February 26, the Ministry of Culture released its week 6 weekend games Linkwinners. On Friday two games of Cards Against Humanity were played, with Olde Delaware winning game one and Sopo winning game two. On Saturday four games of Secret Hitler were played, with the Fascists and Liberals winning two games each. On Sunday two games of were played, with Prim winning game one and Olde Delaware winning game two. Congratulations to the winners!

On February 27, Vice President Writinglegend released a Linkstatement concerning the ERN Reserve Squadron. This statement essentially served as a recruitment drive to grow the Reserve Squadron which is key in helping secure operations after an initial strike is made. You may sign up for the ERN Reserve Squadron Linkhere.

On February 28, The Ministry of World Assembly Affairs released a midterm Linkstatement. This statement served to recap the events of the term including the revamp of the IFV drafting process, the Delegate Ducky Awards, and the Ministries efforts to engage with the citizenry. Ervald was appointed as a Deputy Minister in charge of spotting proposals that are going to vote and liaising between the Ministry and the regions partners in WALL.

On March 1, standing for the Citizens' Assembly Chair election began. As of the time of this writing, Punchwood, Alan Lee, and Locustofchan have stood for Chair. You may sign up for this election Linkhere. Voting will be held on March 9.

On March 2, the Senate passed the LinkPresidential Option Removal Amendment (2018). This Amendment allows for a President, but not the entirety of the Executive Branch, to be dismissed from office via referendum. Senator GraVandius proposed the LinkPre-Reading Discussion Amendment. Which essentially requires a full Senate vote for legislation in the pre-reading stage to be tabled. In addition, discussion on Link"The Assembly Plan" continued and several proposals were tabled.

Also on March 2, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation released a Linkpoll on Executive approval, the upcoming Citizens' Assembly Chair election, and Presidential election speculation. The poll is open to all citizens and will close on March 5.


More news from the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation available here: Link