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Abchazsko | Abchaz Republic

Of and for the people.
Capital: Arkalyde
Largest City: Naimanknomya
Population: 17,667,523
Anthem: LinkOh, advance our beloved motherland!
Demonym: Abchaz
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970

Allevarres | State of Allevarres

Unité dans la diversité.
Capital: Laport
Largest City: Nouveau Leyonne
Population: 13,027,043
Anthem*: LinkState of Allevarres
Demonym: Allevarrien(ne)
Indendence from Ambelviersia: 20th May 1991
*Not to be confused with the anthem of Ambelviersia which has the same tune, which retained with Allevarres' independence.

Ambelviser | Democratic Republic of Ambelviser

When all else fails, God shall prevail.
Capital: Flovérie-Warschau
Largest City: Flovérie-Warschau
Population: 173,000,000
Anthem: LinkNational Hymn of Ambelviser
Demonym: Ambelviseran
Independence from Ambelviersia: 20th May 1991

Ambulena | Federal Republic of Ambulena

Born in freedom, live in freedom, die in freedom.
Capital: Nau Ersve
Largest City: Ausolm-Haertig
Population: 132,456,643
Anthem: LinkPeace, fraternity to all!
Demonym: Ambulena
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970

Blarnerohr | Democratic Republic of Blarnerohr

For Blarnerohr I shall obey.
Capital: Eire
Largest City: Eire
Population: 3,567,423
Anthem: LinkBless Blarnerohr
Demonym: Blarn-Ambulena
Independence from Ernanuaiy: 5th October 1992

Chidurrekia | Kingdom of Chidurrekia

Risen from ashes.
Capital: Alledonija
Largest City: Belvernneladridia
Population: 277,531,123
Anthem: LinkAlmighty Chidurrekia!
Demonym: Chidurrek, Chidurian
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 22nd June 1871

Devarmacia | Devarmacian Republic

Move on forward! We're proud of you!
Capital: Almatia
Largest City: Bintilmurg
Population: 120,908,409
Anthem: LinkFor the Fatherland!
Demonym: Devarmacian, Armacian
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970

Ensorevakia | Ensore Republic

One of a kind.
Capital: Bern
Largest City: Ilktensthein
Population: 74,212,877
Anthem: LinkWe the people, united!
Demonym: Ensorevakian
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970

Ernanuaiy | Kingdom of Ernanuaiy

Lead by our history, leading our future.
Capital: Dewmaniya
Largest City: Arkarra-Eu-Morthsmuth
Population: 21,245,432
Anthem: LinkStrengthen the Ernanuaians!
Demonym: Ernan-Ambulena
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 9th November 1958


Pride and effort shall lead to peace.
Capital: Averzo
Largest City: Decompan
Population: 67,124,680
Anthem: LinkThe Helissiman Way
Demonym: Helessiman
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970
*Helessima has no legal official pretitle.

Kaveiros | People's Republic of Kaveiros

Work and Justice.
Capital: Otaha
Largest City: Otaha
Population: 3,321,792
Anthem: LinkKaveiros
Demonym: Kaveiron, Kaveiran
Independence from Helessima: 6th August 1973

Knamdorouvia | Republic of Knamdorouvia

Hope, Peace, and Unity.
Capital: Athens
Largest City: Fwaenboisia
Population: 149,521,745
Anthem: LinkFor Knamdoroughland, Forever Proud!
Demonym: Knamdorou
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970

Lazaria | Republic of Lazaria

One country, one goal, one destiny!
Capital: Lazaria City (Or Lazarium)
Largest City: Lazaria City
Population: 31,578,321
Anthem: LinkThe Lazari People
Demonym: Lazarian, Lazari, Lazar
Independence from Knamdorouvia: 12th November 1976

Liechtenarmacia | State of Liechtenarmacia

Knowledge and Strength and Power.
Capital: Kindilburg
Largest City: Sofia
Population: 90,127,329
Anthem: LinkThe Song of the Armacian Republic
Demonym: Liechter, Armacian
Independence from Devarmacia: 31st January 2010

Neuerlowereich | Republic of Neuerlowereich (Puppet of Daunlaund)

Pro naše větší dobro.
Capital: Löwenburg
Largest City: Löwenburg
Population: 100,000
Anthem: Our island
Demonym: Löwenese, Löwesian
Independence: 4th August 1992

Neviersia | Federal Republic of Neviersia

United forever.
Capital: Djurma
Largest City: Bolfayem
Population: 480,000,000
Anthem: LinkWe are the soldiers of Neviersia
Demonym: Neviersian
Independence from Ambelviersia: 20th May 1991

Payantamonia | United Kingdom of Payantamonia

Forever proud of the past, to look into the future.
Capital: Paouisse
Largest City: Vaveriom
Population: 178,642,112
Anthem: LinkUnited forever in peace and harmony!
Demonym: Payantamonian, Payanta
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970

Shaisovi | State of Shaisovi

Without the people, we're nothing.
Capital: Elsdo
Largest City: New Tehran
Population: 185,532,112
Anthem: LinkBe glorious, our free country!
Demonym: Shaisovine, Shaisovian
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970

Sheplania | United People's Republic of Sheplania

Guided and united.
Capital: Edborough
Largest City: Zarborough
Population: 1,347,211,698
Anthem: LinkOh, Sheplania! Oh, Protect us in the Dawn!
Demonym: Sheplanian
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970

Skippia* | Republic of Skippia

Peace, progress, prosperity.
Capital: Vailand
Largest City: Solsbei
Population: 10,215,987
Anthem: LinkSkippia, our dear homeland!
Demonym: Skippian
Independence from Greater Sheplania: 30th May 1970
*Also commonly referred to as Auskippia; renamed in 2017.

Vashendica | State of Vashendica

Liberty, oh beloved liberty!
Capital: Aia
Largest City: Nerman Normandamia
Population: 13,578,665
Anthem: LinkEternal Germanian loyalty
Demonym: Vashendican
Independence from Ensorevakia: 18th September 2004

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