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Originally dug up by The Dizzy Flying Saucers of Doom of Frisbeeteria
Poseted in the forums by The Ate carole's husband of Hobbesistan in The Almighty NationStates FAQ
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We recently dug through the back office at NationStates, and found some forgotten and under-documented pages that might be of interest.

Player accessible pages that aren't on the main menu:
About NationStates: page=about
Terms and conditions: pages/legal.html
Email Privacy Policy: pages/why_email.html
Forgotten passwords: page=forgot_password
Getting Help: page=help
NS for Educators: page=educators
NationStates Store: page=store
The Boneyard: page=boneyard
Change regions: page=change_region
Create a region: page=create_region
List regions and Region Tags: page=list_regions
Dispatches: page=dispatches
Factbooks of dead nations: page=exfactbooks
Past General Assembly Resolutions: page=WA_past_resolutions/council=1
Past Security Council Resolutions: page=WA_past_resolutions/council=2
Historical Resolutions: page=UN_past_resolutions
Advanced Dossier Manager: page=dossier_advanced
10th Anniversary Minigame: page=challenge
All About Influence: page=influence
Mobile Site:
Compare your nation to another(Without a challenge): page=compare

Information for script authors
API (Application Programming Interface) script guidance: pages/api.html
Verify Login for API use: page=verify_login
Non-template nation page: page=panel/template-overall=none
Non-template region page: region=the_rejected_realms/template-overall=none
Menu-only template: page=panel/template-overall=minimal

Purely of historical interest
Change Log: HISTORY
2003 Nation Analysis: page=nationstats
2003 message from Max Barry to NationStates players: pages/message.html
MaxChat1 transcript: pages/MaxChat.html
MaxChat2 transcript: pages/MaxChat2.html
MaxChat3 transcript: ~salusasecondus/MaxChat3.html
MaxChat4 transcript: ~salusasecondus/MaxChat4.html
MaxChat5 transcript: pages/MaxChat5.html
Interview with SalusaSecondus: ~salusasecondus/interview.html
2009 earlier version of Remove ads: page=co1
2011 Max invites previews of [i]Machine Man
: page=maxappeal
NS Without the left hand frame:
2014 Data Leak information: page=leak
Partial Jolt Archive: archive/
Another Jolt Archive:

Old April Fools Day pages
2004: Everyone's population set to 5 million for the day. (No link)
2005: Site interdicted by Homeworld Security. (link expired)
2006: Site merged with dating service, NationDates. (link expired)
2007: Regional Moderators added. (No link)
2008: United Nations no-prank:
UN Cease & Desist letter: unlegal.pdf
2009: NS for Nintendo DS:
2010: Liberal & Conservative themes and forums (see Archives)
Liberal theme:
Conservative theme:
2011: Nations hacked prank (no link)
2012: Initial Public Offering for NS shares: page=ipo
2013: Zombie infection hits nations and regions
Zombie Control: page=zombie_control
2014: ByteCoin exchange: page=bytecoin_marketplace
2015: Cards against NationStates: page=cards

Unofficial semi-offsite pages of interest
Embedded #nationstates IRC chatroom: page=chat
LinkNS Twitter
LinkNS Facebook

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