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Chancellor Sachi Temko's Beliefs and Views, Simplified.

This bulletin exists to clear up any confusion about Chancellor Sachi Temko's political views.

Sachi Temko has been characterized as a populist, a progressive, a democratic socialist, a social libertarian, and a civic nationalist. Her policies have rejected both the free market capitalist leanings of the Opposition, but also the more radical Marxists in the Workers' Party, instead favoring a more balanced approach, advocating for the combination of a well-funded social safety net alongside a regulated market economy.

Socially, Temko has been characterized as a progressive and a libertarian, advocating for LGBT rights as well as gender and racial equality, while also affirming a commitment to personal freedoms, especially freedom of expression. Temko is pro-choice, supporting both legal abortion and euthanasia, and also supports the decriminalization of illegal drugs within the Confederation.

In terms of foreign policy, Temko is a civic nationalist and a non-interventionist, advocating for a gradual reduction in military intervention abroad, and limits on immigration. Temko has also been strictly opposed to free trade agreements, and has taken a protectionist approach to international trade.

For and Against

For: Regulated market economy, welfare, LGBT rights, racial equality, individual rights, drug decriminalization, gender equality, education reform, universal health care, science funding, secularism, civic nationalism, protectionism, limited wealth redistribution, infrastructure spending, immigration limits, public funding for the arts, renewable energy.

Against: Marxism, free market capitalism, fully open borders, free trade, censorship, ethnic/religious nationalism, religion in government, political violence, deregulation, fossil fuel dependence.

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