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Life in the Armada

A Tight Knit Community
With every centimeter of space on a ship being used, it is impossible to go anywhere without meeting several people along the way. Members of the Armada know most of their shipmates and trust them. Partially because they have to work together every day, and partially because it is impossible to keep a secret on a cramped ship.

Ancient Archives
One of the most famous things about the Armada is its archives, which are almost as old as the Armada itself. Each ship of the Armada can access this ancient database. Everyday hundreds of new pieces of art and literature are added to for either historical or cultural significance, or because someone thought it was interesting. Everything in the archives has at least three versions saved on the database; a exact copy of the original work, a translated version in the Zravisk language, and a copy translated to whatever the lingua franca of the galaxy was when it was added to the Archives.

Dragon's Hoard
It is a well-known fact that zravvisk love collecting things. Ancient relics, art, trophies taken from enemy warriors, gizmos, and anything shiny, zravvisk collect it all. They are very proud of their collections and will show it off to anyone that asks. Zravvisk also show off the pieces of their collection that they're most proud of their ships' common areas. You can find something from just about any culture in the Armada, you just have to ask.

Dueling Dragons
Zravvisk love dueling for the rush, working off any excess energy, and keeping their skills sharp for when the Armada is attacked. Causal friendly duels are very popular, though duels are also an accepted way to settle almost any dispute in the Armada. There is always one rule though, you cannot kill your opponent, or it will be treated as murder.

The Armada offers all members three square meals of soylent each day in the ships’ mess halls for free. While bland, you won’t go hungry on it, though extra servings are considered a luxury and will be charged for. To counter the blandness of soylent, many are willing to pay for the fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains grown in most ships’ hydroponics to either add flavor to it or make their own meal. Meat is also a favored option, though costly as there is little space on a ship to raise livestock and supplies are limited to what is traded and hunted.

Shrines and Memorials
Every Ship in the Armada has a shrine dedicated to those who have lived on the ships before. Many come to the shrines to pay their respects and ask for guidance. Those of other religions also use them for mass and prayer since everyone already uses them for worship. Being a shrine keeper is a very respected profession.

Take Part in a Hunt
Zravvisk love hunting. Not only does it offer training against other creatures, an excuse to leave a ship after a long voyage, but fresh meat that the zravvisk find so delicious. It can only be done near a habitable planet or when meeting another species that can survive in the void of space, so most zravvisk jump at the chance when they can.

What's in a Name
At first glance the zravvisk's last names are seemly random. How else would a group end up with last names like Dragua, Empress, Definance, and Morgan. This is because the zravvisk do not use family names as their last name but the name of the ship they live on and their habit of keeping a ship's name after capturing it. Someone named Dragua lives on the [/i]Dragua II[/i], Empress on the Empress of the Stars, and Morgan on the Henry Morgan

The Armada of The Zravvisk