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International Alliance for Global Peace

Give them the rod, not the fish

The IAGP was created to support nation in war for refugees and liberation of oppressed people. We need to create refugee camps for those who seek refuge, armies to protect innocents from terrorists and doctors to heal those who need healing because we are one world and itís our duty to protect the people. I would need to act now, before itís too late.

With your help we can make this happen

What we need is nationís that are willing to get between nations that want war, stop them from fighting and helping the innocents.

We need you!

We donít want war and we are not
a militaristic organisation. The only enemies we fight are terrorists and pirates. And that only if we absolutely need to. We are here for peace and stopping unnecessary wars, rebuilding nations and giving jobs to the people who need it.

Weíll ally with any organisation and/or nation thatís willing to do whatís right for the people.

The organisation also allows the members to have their secret services and homeland security agencies investigate their criminals and arrest the criminals of their country on their soil, as long as they abide the laws and the country doesnít prohibit them from doing so.

How To Join

To become a member, what you have to do is submit an application. One explaining why you want to join the organisation, what you can offer to the organisation and so on. Basically like a normal application for a job, because that's what it is, a job for the greater good.

How It Works

Lets say another government wants to take over your nation. If you are a friend, a member or someone with faith to our organisation, you contact me, or one of my co-workers. We will find out what we can do. First we will talk to the person, see the persons side of the story, next we will negociate with them, if that doesn't end it, we will look for dirt on the person and release it to get the person banned, if the person is clean, we will talk on the RMB chat to explain to as many people as possible what's happening, that's why it's so important to have people in as many regions as possible, then when that doesn't work, we will have to separate them by putting our military between them to stop the conflict and with that we hope to resolve as many problems as possible.

We also have a Discord: Linkthe Discord


No insulting between the members. It's okay to have different opinions and debate about them (we are not like the butthurt Hotel lala that expects everybody to be one entity with no opinions whatsoever) and debate about them.

No war. Being in the IAGP requires you to not be part of the problem, by declaring war and opressing. If you have any conflicts, talk to me Vivami i am here to listen to your concerns, no matter how small they are.

No exploitation. Do not use the term IAGP to make you seem more powerful or threaten somebody that the IAGP will ave your back without knowing for certain that we are, otherwise we are going to get in conflicts that we weren't ready for.

The headquarters will be in Soulpond

Picture of the IAGP HQ (Twisted Tower)

Greater france and switzerland
Greenland isles