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Discord server for region founders and delegates! (updated daily)

Please upvote this dispatch so more founders and delegates see it!
This is a community effort, but people can only join in if they are aware.


The NationStates Leaders Discord server, commonly known as NSL, is a place for regional founders and delegates to exchange advice, best practices, and stories about their time at the top. We have been around since February 2018, and our 389 members represent 397 regions with a total population of 101960 nations!

There is always something to do in NSL. New founders and delegates can learn from our weekly discussion topics, while older ones can chat about macro-scale international affairs in the Senior Lounge. Regions large and small can establish new connections with each other that are stronger than mere embassies.

We are judgment-free, spam-free, and recruitment-free. If you are a founder or delegate, no matter how new, we invite you to be a part of this meta-community! Otherwise, pass this along to a founder or delegate you know!


Anyone who meets one of the following criteria can join the server:

  • They are the founder of an existing region that is not solely a puppet storage, auxiliary RMB, vanity region, etc. In other words, it must have a community of its own.

  • They are a delegate who is not in power solely as a result of a military occupation.

  • (Senior) At some point in history, they have been the founder of a region that contained at least fifty WA nations during their foundership. Foreign military WA nations do not count for this purpose.

  • (Senior) At some point in history, they have spent at least three months as the delegate of a single region, with at least 75 endorsements for a minimum of one day in that duration. Foreign military endorsements do not count for this purpose. Feeder and sinker delegates qualify automatically.

  • (Senior) At some point in history, they have spent at least three years as the delegate of a single region, regardless of their endorsements or other factors during that time.


The Watchlist is a centralized database of Discord accounts belonging to advertisers/server raiders/spammers and people who are proven threats to the safety of online communities. The system is powered by the AugustinAndroid v3 Discord bot and is available on any server where the bot is present and the Watchlist feature is enabled. The Watchlist has two functions:

  • When a Watchlisted server raider or spambot enters a server, the bot automatically bans it.

  • When a Watchlisted account that is not a server raider or spambot enters a server, or any of that individual's known nations enter a region associated with a Watchlist-enabled server, the bot sends a warning to the server's staff. That warning includes a description and evidence of the person's activities.

Accounts can only be added to the Watchlist in NSL, by NSL staff, in public view. With the exception of server raiders and spambots, accounts can only be added after a formal process that includes the following:

  1. A member of the server makes a specific accusation of wrongdoing against a specific individual and presents evidence

  2. NSL staff review the accusation for compliance with Watchlist standards, and the evidence for validity and objectivity

  3. If the proposal meets all Watchlist standards, NSL staff initiate a one-week public poll, in which active founders and delegates may vote

  4. If the proposal achieves an 85% majority in favor, the account is added to the Watchlist

If you have questions about the Watchlist and are not eligible to join NSL, contact a staff member (listed below) or post in the Watchlist thread.




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