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New Sonnel RP

Welcome! Here's a quick overview of the current plot summary and character concepts for our new Sonnel RP. Still deciding on a title for it.

The year on Sonnel is 5325. But we're not starting on Sonnel. Instead, we're starting on a moon of Talcent. Talcent is a gas giant further out in Sonnel's solar system, surrounding by many inhabited moons, such as Oteshknir. The moon is called Purgamentum, which you can read about in the dispatch below. It's the dumping ground for Oteshknir and other moons of Talcent, where they throw all their garbage and scrap. On this planet there's a few factions of lawless crime clans, where our characters will be brought together. At one point, several characters will be sent on a mercenary job to assassinate a Drawkian general, in order to start a war between Drawkland and Oteshknir. This would profit for the factions living on this scrap moon, as war will lead to bigger and better scrapped weapons and vehicles being dropped onto it, which they can use for their own benefit. Reeling, our characters are forced to pick a side - shall they go with the factions and profit off this war, or do their best to reverse their damage and prevent it?
The name on the spoiler is the name of the nation who will be RPing them.

Maddox Hadrian
Age: 35, Height: 7'1", Race: Drawkian
Appearance: short, slightly spiky blonde hair with dark roots. Dark black facial hair, light stubble all around and a small soul patch on his chin. Obviously tall and lanky like a Drawkian.
General Clothing: Black coat with pockets on the inside and outside. Grey, synthetic denim pants (think like futuristic jeans). Generally wears utility tee-shirt underneath (like a tee shirt with padding and stuff, what spacecraft crew generally wear).
Occupation: Man for hire

Maddox is the son of two poor Drawkians who've lived in a lot of places. They started out living in Akkor Beach, a large port in the west of Drawkland. His parents weren't the shadiest of characters, but they weren't good with money and would get wrapped up in various schemes. They slowly moved westward, ending up in New Drawkia, Ralyssia for awhile, and then in Zlevecky for most of Maddox's childhood. Eventually they were shot and killed in a "random" drive by shooting but Maddox swears there was bad blood involved. Growing up in the hyper advanced age, Maddox was very interested in technology, and learned from various tech support people from places he grew up. He wasn't the best kid. He grew to crime at a very young age due to his close proximity to it all, barely managing to survive on occasion. The city where he grew up had a prolific gambling scene, and he grew to be proficient in betting games and deception. Weapons also piqued his interest as well as technology, and he got his hands on as many guns and devices as he could, just to see how they work. He's a tinkerer at heart, whose upbringing sent him also in the path of a tight-lipped criminal.

Nowadays he generally skulks around bars, taverns, and seedy areas around the Trallena system, looking for quick jobs. He has his own small ship, enough for a crowd of about a dozen or so and to carry most cargo. He generally pilots by himself. He doesn't like travelling to Sonnel that much because he feels like too many people know him there. Or maybe he's in denial because it's still a sore spot because of his parents. He hasn't really figured out what he wants to do with his life yet, he just keeps smuggling and gunning and hoping something happens.

Elthen Altos
Age: unknown, young adult to young-middle aged
Race: Pronguaska
Appearance: about 6’1, muscular build, webbed feet and ands. Gills along the neck, second set of transparent eyelids similar to many reptiles, and almost fin shaped ears. Pronguaska are also notable for the bioluminescent geometric patters across their entire body, of which are blue for Elthen Altos

Altos was born on Rymeth, a life bearing but primitive moon of Talcent. The Pronguaskan people are a nomadic race who follow the quickly moving tide that engulfs half the planet every year, hunting from the land and fishing from the sea. After being kidnapped as a young child by slave traders, he was taken to Purgamentum, another one of Talcent’s moons which is used by Oteshknir, Lanthorian, and Vandectel as a junkyard. He was sold to the Opal Hawks, one of the salvager factions who live on purgamentum, and forced into hard labor. He became skilled at repairing many damaged and discarded electronics and won favor with his masters through this over the course of many years, until he made his escape using the trust he had built with them.

Altos sought refuge in the territory of the Spirit Eagles, a rival salvager faction that does not practice slavery, where he could be free. He used his skill with electronics to become a relatively successful technician, and was particularly skilled at creating weapons from various pieces of salvaged tech. This caught the attention of many notable figures in the spirit eagles faction, who offered him large quantities of money to take down leaders of the occupant faction in the dump zone currently being caught over, which were the Opal Hawks. Seeing the opportunity for revenge, he accepted and discovered he was a very skilled fighter. This began a long career as a mercenary.

He can often be found tinkering with broken electronics in his workshop, or hanging around many of Purgamentum’s bars and cantinas seeking work. He is known to be very stubborn when it comes to his pay rate, likely from his history of being a slave, and always takes revenge on those who refuse to pay him. He is known to be able to hotwire, splice, or hack into any computer or electrical system with ease, and is a dead-eye with his custom built guass gun.

Name: Lorias
Age: 366
Race: Brytil
Appearance: 7’3, very muscular build. He has a set of horns on his head similar to that of some kind of goat. The lower half of his body resembles that of a bull more than anything, with his legs being covered in a deep red fur as well as bending like a bull’s legs would, also possessing hooves at the end. He has facial chair, but only on his chin and end of his jaws, as Brytils are not capable of growing facial hair anywhere else than that.
In battle he possesses a sort of scaled armor in a traditional Brytil design. For more everyday encounters, Lorias sports a sort of padded vest.

Lorias, like most Brytils, was born on Lysis to a Brytil Queen, and was immediately sent for schooling. The Brytils were a large and fearsome race, possessing colonies on nearly countless worlds, they controlled over 1/4th of the galaxy single handedly. As he was growing up, Lorias proved his exceptional skills not only in combat, but in leading his own troops into battle. When the Brytils led an attack on Mushcap, Lorias almost met his fate at the hands of Paceman, yet for whatever reason, Paceman decided to spare him, leading to a silent pact between the two to never truly try to kill the other whenever they met on the battlefield. After the Brytils put in one last giant attack on Mushcap, Paceman decided he had had enough, and went to put an end to the Brytils once and for all, only sparing Lorias in the process. After the fall of Lysis and its colonies, Lorias set out to with something he never possessed before: true independence. With no queen or empire to tell him what to do, Lorias could become his own man.

Fast forward years later and Lorias has managed to pilot his own spaceship: Queen, fit together with its own crew, weapons system, and cargo hold; Lorias and his crew have become mercenaries for hire.

Leaxe Heorot
Age 75, Height: 6'2", Race: Human (Old Cumberland)
Appearance: thinning, burr cut gray hair. No facial hair, but irregular stubble. Wrinkled face, gaunt frame.
Clothing. faded, gray, long coat with inside pockets. Gray wool pants. White cotton shirt, cord belt. Large leather backpack. Large wide brimmed slouch hat.
Occupation: Vagrant

Leaxe grew up on the plains of Old Cumberland. His father was a farmer and a minister. The second of fifteen siblings, Leaxe nevertheless chafed under his one older brother, who often gloated that he would be the one to inherit the family farm. After receiving a standard Old Cumberlandian education, Leaxe spent an obligatory three years in the military, where he joined the fledgling Old Cumberland space program. He learned to pilot spacecraft, and participated in the launch of Old Cumberland's only orbital station. He reenlisted after the three years were up, and went on to design and pilot many more spacecraft. He was content with his job and rose through the military space administration. He gained an in depth knowledge of spacecraft, and studied the achievements of more technologically advanced nations. After he'd served for a total of twenty-three years, an anti-tech and anti-spending party won the national elections and drastically cut back the space program. Leaxe was dismissed and was forced into a civilian life that had no need of his knowledge of spacecraft. He was now 45.

He tried to open a trading post, but it proved unsuccessful after a few years. He began to study law, but his funds ran dry before he could complete his studies. He wandered around Old Cumberland doing odd jobs, working as a hired gun, farmhand, and law consultant. In his travels, he picked up the skill of surveying, a profession in which he eventually found employment. He worked as a surveyor from the age of 63 until the age of 68. He retired to a small shack in the Eastern Old Cumberland Mountains, resigning himself to a death while poor and alone. But at age 75, he was offered a contract from a foreign industrial company to act as a pilot among the moons of Talcent. He jumped at the chance. Whilst he was in transit, the company fell apart, and upon arrival Leaxe was kicked out, without work. He was hopeful, however. He was near the end of his life, but he felt travel among the moons could be his last great adventure.

He has visited many of Talcent's moons, never staying long on any. He works when he needs food, but doesn't accrue any large expenses. He's there for the experience, and travels on foot through town and wilderness, befriending the people and wandering the landscapes.

Age: Approx. 150
Height: 2'10"
Race: Astromech (of Ghirapur manufacture)
Apperance: Two triangular tank treads on either side of a cylidrical "torso", with a flat-topped pyramid "head" at the top. Often dubbed a rolling trashcan. Mainly painted dark green with orange highlights. Covered in hatches that can pop out all sorts of extendible arms holding useful and/or nasty gadgets.

While Astromechs were originally planned to merely be helpers to the humanoid Ghirpurian spacefarers, a freak development accident caused the VQ line to be pushed over the AI threshold for non-citizen droids. This was a serious breach of regulation and production was hastily stopped, but not before a dozen or so A models were produced and necessarily given the rights appropriate to their software. They proved to be stellar pilots in their own right, able to remove the any delay between an astromech's advanced situational anaylses and the pilot's reaction to that information. Soon each of the VQs were raking in huge salaries flying freighters for the major corporations, and A6 became especially renowned for navigating exceedingly dangerous situations successfully under the less-than-reputable banner of Fallen Star Incorporated. Fallen Star would, predicatbly, suffer a great fall of their own when their shady practices were dragged into the daylight some sixty years ago, and A6 has smartly kept away from Sonnel since, instead setting up its own lucrative salvaging gig on the outer rim, eventually settling in Purgamentum's junkyard.

While A6 still has some Ghirapurian smuggling connections, most of its business is conducted through selling off its big scores through the various gangs when it's not something that can be productively welded to its own freighter. It took a while for it to be taken seriously, with its short non-humanoid appereance, but between its plethora of self-defense mechanisms (including, but not limited to, a high-powered taser, a pair of retractable minicannons, and a healthy supply of homemade shrapnel grenades) and its preternatural ability to find the one functioning piece of electronics in a flaming wreck, people started listening whenever A6 played a holoclip of an old pulp drama (its main form of communication with organics). It's also accompanied by a small repair droid, who is mostly around just in case A6 royally screws something up and needs extensive maintenance, but also occasionally uses its slim profile and quiet operation to help out during "deals". (Imagine a roomba with a knife duct taped to it.)

Apsuk Vayur
Age: 38, Height: 6'5", Race: Iksian
Appearance: Average height for an Iksian, slim, agile, but really strong. He has brown hair, hazel eyes and his skin is slightly lighter than that of an arab person's
Occupation: Man for hire

Apsuk Vayur was made in a lab at Milae dosi, Korjuven Ruggirico sattelite colony by Korean speaking Juven scientists that inhabit the moon of
Ruggirico. The goal of these scientists is to create the perfect human and they believe they'll be able to succeed that only if they speak a
languange not spoken by large Juven populations, somewhere remote. Apsuk Vayur is the 3rd generation of that experiment, an artificially created
human called an Iksian that stood out from the other Iksian people for his agility and strength, as well as his intelligence and ability to reply
quickly and efficiently on most given situations. In 5320, Milae dosi, Apsuk's hometown was engulfed in some sort of internal city conflict, on
which he fought until 5324, when he discovered his genes were coming from a planet called Sonnel and that a population there, called the Juven, was
his own tribe. Upon returning to Sonnel he quickly learned the Juven martial art of lotta veloce(meaning fast fight, which is his strongest point).
Despite the mutual unitelligibility at first, he quickly learned italian as well, to communicate with his Juven counterparts, gaining fame all over
Juvencus for uncovering the Korjuven experiments in Ruggirico, thus making the Juven Holy Interplanetary Empire collapse and break into smaller federations.
But before he could be arrested for such actions, he quickly escaped to Talcent, not knowing what is ahead of him. He's ready to do anything and everything
in order to fend off for himself.

Here's some additional information which may help you.

Purgamentum, Moon of Talcent:


  • As of year 5500, there are 6 large salvager factions who rule Purgamentum: the Steel Teeth, the Opal Hawks, Fate's Razor, Thor's Hammer, the Reaper's Scythe, and the Spirit Eagles.

  • Each of these factions is run by a warlord.

  • These factions are almost always at war with one another over territory and new scrap shipment claims.

  • While the main export from Purgamentum is reclaimed materials, the lack of an organized government has made it a hub for criminals for sale of illegal products such as weapons, drugs, slaves, and stolen goods.

  • Slave trade and labor is common within the Purgamentum factions, typically abducting the tribal peoples of Rymeth and forcing them to work in scrap foundries or to strip wiring from wrecks and discarded electronics.

  • The Spirit eagles is the only faction that does not engage in slave trade, and most people judge it to be the most civilized of the factions.


  • Purgamentum's has silica rich powdery soil, with many rocks and meteor impact craters.

  • The moon has little tectonic activity.

  • Junk litters the area nearest the equator of the moon, while the poles remain mostly untouched.

  • the land at the equator is known as "the Junkyard".

  • While some of the best salvage is in the Junkyard, leaking nuclear waste containers make the area extremely dangerous. However, this does not stop salvage factions from fighting over it.

  • The Steel Teeth, Opal Hawks, and Spirit Eagles control turf in the northern hemisphere of the moon, and Fate's Razor, Thor's Hammer, and the Reaper's Scythe control turf in the south. the land between salvager camps and colonies is known as No Man's Land.

Weather and environmental conditions

  • Purgamentum lacks an atmosphere, but after oxygen synthesis from soil was discovered and widely accessible, this was no issue for the moon's inhabitants.

  • Average temperature on Purgamentum is 42 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, and drops to -10 degrees in the "winter", when it moves behind talcent's shadow.

  • Each day is 6.72 hours.

Thor's Hammer

  • The warlord of Thor's Hammer calls himself "Thor". His appearance is strikingly similar to a wanted serial killer from Roxrun, Oteshknir. No one knows his real name, as anyone who asks him is brutally killed on the spot.

  • Thor's Hammer specializes in the salvaging and reclamation of thorium waste from Oteshknir's nuclear reactors. While Oteshknirian energy companies find it too costly and inefficient to reclaim and reuse the waste, the salvagers use it to supply nuclear materials to black market buyers, and to fuel their makeshift nuclear reactors.

  • The territory of Thor's Hammer borders the dump zone of Anethan Enterprises, the massive multiplanitary coorperation based in Oteshknir. On top of thorium waste, they often find shipments of old or broken foundry equipment, office supplies, and discarded experimental tech.

Steel Teeth

  • Steel Teeth's warlord is a Tallian named Sh'yrah. He has decorative and intricate etchings carved into his exoskeleton, with a long strings of tally marks across his shoulders, one for every man he has killed. Not much is known about him.

  • The Steel Teeth faction specializes in steel reclamation.

  • Steel Teeth's territory is within a dump zone used by many companies from Tallum. With Tallum being a moon with extremely high iron content, much of their wasted materials are metal.

Reaper's Scythe

  • The warlord of the Reaper's scythe is a man named John Smith. The son of a sonnelian man and Oteshknirian woman, he was given an average sonnelian name. A once powerful CEO of an Anethan Enterprises subsidiary, he was arrested on fraud charges and fled the moon to purgamentum after paying bail, where he used his business and negotiating knowhow to make his way to the top of one of the six factions.

  • The Reaper's Scythe faction specializes in engine salvaging from both ground and spacecraft.

  • Anyone on Purgamentum who needs vehicle repair or from offworld who are looking to buy illegal vehicle mods buy from the Reaper's scythe.

  • The near monopoly this faction has on transportation makes them extremely powerful in the criminal underworld.

Opal Hawks

  • The Opal Hawks specialize in robotics and electronics repair.

  • The Opal Hawk's warlord is thought to be Vandectelian, although he never removes his helmet which masks his face. On top of that, no one has ever seen a vandectelian, making it possible he could be an entirely unknown species not even from trallena. He goes by the name Yloth

  • Yloth kills anyone who asks about his species or origin on the spot.

  • While most factions use slave labor, the Opal Hawks are notorious for their excessive use of slaves, and slave abductions from less developed Talcent worlds, notably Rymeth.

  • Most Pronguaska on Purgamentum are either slaves of the Opal Hawks, or escaped slaves.

Fate's Razor

  • Fate's Razor specializes in the salvaging of basic materials and constructing airtight buildings and facilities on Purgamentum.

  • Fate's Razor's warlord is an Oteshknirian named Rythen Ithnel. The only warlord with no criminal past before purgamentum, Ithnel was the sole survivor of an Oteshknirian freight ship whose engines lost power near Purgamentum and crashed on the surface, and built a faction over the decades he was stranded here.

Spirit Eagles

  • The Spirit Eagles is a faction consisting of mostly white-collar criminals evading the police from whatever world they are from.

  • The Spirit Eagles warlord is a number of hijacked Lanthorian Manager robots that call themselves "CEO". How many there are is not known.

  • CEO keeps robots of itself spread across Spirit Eagles territory to keep order with members, and connect with them. it is always fairly easy to find a CEO when help is needed from faction leadership.

  • The Spirit Eagles rarely scavenge for themselves, instead using their wealth to contract mercenaries or freelance scavengers to do their work for them. Due to this, the Spirit Eagles have somewhat flourished and have formed some semblance of a society on the junk planet.

  • Spirit Eagles settlements typically have a few multi-story buildings where trading posts are established, which bolsters their economy. These trading posts commonly sell smuggled goods, illegal substances, stolen or scrapped weaponry, among other things.

  • The Spirit Eagles capital, "Fortitude" is located in a large crater in the northern hemisphere of the moon. It is well-developed and closely resembles a city on other planets. The capitol Building is a fortress containing the factions most valuable possessions, and is well guarded to prevent intrusion.

Read dispatch

Other Moons of Talcent:

*Rocky, barren moon with no atmosphere and no valuable reasources
•Moon has water
•Moon can sustain life on its own
•Moon has indiginous peoples
•Moon has toxic atmosphere
•Moon has breathable atmosphere
•Moon has no atmosphere
ΔMoon is colonized by Oteshknir
ΔMoon is colonized by Lanthorian
ΔMoon is colonized by Tallum
ΔMoon is colonized by Vandectel
Blank: WIP and not yet categorized

Talcent has a total of 86 moons. Oteshknir is the first one to be colonized, but the Oteshknirians have spread to the other moons for various purposes. These moons include:

The life-bearing moon of Oteshknir, home to the Pronguaska, a nomadic tribal race similar in appearance to Oteshknirians.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.

Moon used for Oteshknir's junkyard. It is a lawless wasteland with mountains of garbage, nuclear waste, and scavenger factions constantly fighting over resources. While each faction bears some semblance of a society, it is widely known as one of the most crime-ridden locations in the Trallena system.

TM-04 •

extremely volcanic small moon. No resources worth the trouble of mining.

TM-05 (Rentharn):

Habitable moon with breathable atmosphere, plant life (although no animals) and a moderate amount of resources. It was colonized in 4453.

TM-06 (Link Lanthorian ) ••••

Moon suitable for life, and had it far before civilization had started on sonnel. They were a very advanced race who built artifically intellegent servant robots, who are still present long after the Lanthorians extinction.


Extremely active volcanoes with a high titanium and cobalt content. Toxic atmosphere. First Oteshknirian mining expedition in 4489. First colony is 4571.

TM-08 Δ•••

Mountains covered in forests and jungles. Toxic atmosphere, although plant life has managed to evolve and thrive despite the conditions. Surprisingly, many of the plants bear edible fruit. First expedition in 4502. First colony in 4545.

TM-09 *

Rocky, barren moon with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.

TM-10 Δ••

Meteor-riddled flat plains of lanthanide-rich sediment and still lakes. Thin, briefly breathable atmosphere, though not enough to sustain life. First expedition in 4461, first colony in 4500.


unknown landscape due to the high levels of sulfuric acid in the atmosphere. First probe sent in 4401, and was destroyed shortly after.


Orbits in an elliptical pattern around talcent, going inside the planets atmosphere twice a year. This causes extremely high wind and makes the moon not viable for colonization. Rich in Iron. First expedition in 4499.


Lightly volcanic moon with lakes of lava, but eruptions rare. Slightly toxic atmosphere, but breathable for short periods of time. Rich in copper, tin, and zinc, causing natural veins of brass and bronze. First expedition in 4511, first colony in 4568.

TM-14 Δ••

Snowy landscape, due to the moon orbiting Talcent in such a way that the sun is in constant eclipse, getting low heat. Breathable atmosphere. Sustains plant life. Contains moderate levels of osmium. First expedition in 4551, first colony in 4599.

TM-15 *

Rocky, barren landscape with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.

TM-16/17 •

Two moons that collided in 3804, causing fragments to fall on the rest of the lunar system. High tectonic activity, causing the moons to have constant earthquakes. First expedition in 4574, in which the explorers were killed. No further attempts made.

TM-18 Δ•

Rocky terrain, no atmosphere. Rich in Uranium and thorium. First expedition in 4588, first colony in 4619.

TM-19 Δ••••

Life containing planet inhabbited by various "intelligent" life forms, who are found to be extremely hostile. Mountainous landscape with large bodies of water. Breathable atmosphere. Rich in uranium and thorium. First expedition in 4600, first colony in 4627.

TM-20 (LinkVandectel)

Vandectel is a moon complete with intelligent beings (closely resembling species of sonnel), who have their own government, culture, and rulers.


Rocky, barren landscape with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Irradiated remains of what was once a great lunar nation. Most evidence points to global nuclear warfare. Radiation levels too high to be of any use. First expedition in 4606.

TM-23 •

Almost unnaturally flat surfaced with breathable atmosphere. No notable features. First expedition in 4614.

TM-24 Δ

Moon orbiting talcent directly in its rings, pulling in many of the unique minerals and elements from them. Landscape riddled with meteors and fragments of glowing luxite. First expedition in 4626, first colony in 4640.


Life sustaining moon with breathable atmosphere, although all life is flora. The unique feature of this moon is that, while roughly 50% of its surface is water, it is actually deuterium oxide (heavy water). Plants from TM-25 require D2O to live, and oteshknirians must bring their own water supply in order to survive. First expedition in 4632, first colony in 4649.

TM-26 ••

Unknown geography due to incredibly violent storms occurring in the atmosphere. While the atmosphere is breathable, the weather makes it near impossible to do so.


Supports life, both flora and fauna. Sandy soil with thick forested trees and many lakes and rivers. Breathable atmosphere. Colonized by Tallum.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Consisting mostly of sulfur, TM-30 is extremely volcanic. Almost an exact twin of Io.

TM-31: •Δ

Has the highest amount of dark matter ever recorded. An estimated 28 different base "elements" have been discovered here, and sent understanding of physics thousands of years into the future due to its research.

TM-32: (Tallum) ••••

Tallum is a relatively small but high gravity moon due to its high levels of heavy metals. It is home to an intelligent species notable for their metal exoskeletons.


A moon with dull, flat terrain and no atmosphere. However, evidence of an ancient alien species was first found here, along with what looks to be Transportation to their home planet, although all in major disrepair.

TM-34: (Anethan)

A moon colonized and claimed as independent from the Oteshknirian Government by the megacompany Anethan Enterprises.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.

TM-37: (Apocalyptia)

Named due to it's severely inhospitable environment. Highly volcanic, highly radioactive, and highly poisonous atmosphere.

TM-38 Δ•

Very strange landscape due to the combination of High volcanic activity and the moon's core consisting of almost pure bismuth. Giant formations of crystal bismuth are found nearly everywhere, some as large as small houses. Puddles of liquid metal are constantly shifting color as the bismuth oxidizes. Breathable atmosphere. First expedition in 4534, first colony in 4579.


Small, rocky, non-spherical body. No useful resources.


Ice-covered world with liquid water underneath the nearly mile-thick layer of ice. contains simple organisms, never more than a few cells.


A dusty, silica-rich world with a carbon dioxide atmosphere. High iron content, but not notable enough to be worth drilling.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources that is used as a listening post for stellar life outside of the Trallena system.


Heavily cratered silica rich moon with high levels of lead.


Small, rocky, non-spherical body. No useful resources.


Cometary nucleus captured by Talcent's gravity, large enough to be considered a moon.

TM-46, TM-47, TM-48, and TM-49

Four rocky misshapen metallic bodies thought to at one time have been the same object, ripped apart by its close proximity to talcent millions of years ago. Many smaller chunks orbit talcent along with these four bodies. Mining outposts drill the moons of their iron.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


small moon with rocks with a distinct green hue due to high copper content. Mining outposts drill the moon of its resources.


Water bearing silica rich moon notable for its crystal-rich caves.


first thought to be a rocky, barren moon with no atmosphere and no valuable resources, but later discovered to contain minuscule amounts of stable metallic hydrogen. Mining posts established by the Oteshknirian government and Anethan Enterprises in the 55th century.

TM-57 (Arxia)

Home to the technologically advanced, yet non space-faring Arxen people. Much like the Pronguaska of Oteshknir's moon Rymeth, the Arxen bear a striking similarity in appearance to the Oteshknirian people.


Rocky, mountainous terrain made of entirely of a mineral similar to obsidian, that absorbs roughly 99% of light that hits it, making it incredibly difficult to discern anything on its surface.


A moon consisting of mostly ice, while theorized that it may have liquid water beneath the surface, the Oteshknirian space program has not yet sent probes.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


A volcanic moon with high concentrations of uvilite. The molten uvilite causes the moon to brightly emit ultraviolet light, so much so that it can be distinctly seen from nearby moons with the orbits cross.


High iron content with a surface littered in crystalline magnetite



Moon has a breathable oxygen atmosphere, yet no life. Sustainable colonization is not planned due to lack of renewable air.


Small, cold moon far from Talcent's orbit. Despite the cold climate, it has astronomically massive, pale, serpent-like beasts that reach so high into the air that they tower above the mountains. It is unknown how they stay alive due to the disproportionately small amount of diverse life on the planet. Thought to be a distant relative of the horn-swooped bungo pony.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


A rocky moon with an atmosphere of methane gas.


Moon has a nearly featureless surface, save for the occasional crater. However, it has an inordinate mass compared to its size. Astro geologists theorize that this moon may contain neutronium, and excavation plans are currently underway.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.The only notable thing being a large, phallic-shaped drawing carved into the side of a crater, accompanied by a very messy "Acathar waz here" and several empty bottles of Oteshknirian Fruit Liqueurs strewn about. The Grandmaster denies involvement.


Silicon rich moon discovered to have large, common deposits of gold. The mining of this moon led to a minor economic crash due to the lost rarity of this once valuable resource. Now guarded by Oteshknirian destroyers at all times to artificially preserve gold's value.


Cold, sandy moon resembling a desert. Light carbon dioxide atmosphere, and no valuable resources.


Highly volcanic moon dotted with massive, miles high active volcanoes. Within a basin of these volcanoes where lava pools, there is a community of highly skilled wizards training their magical abilities, in a fortress of connected towers, holding off the lava through magical barriers held by the wizards in alternating shifts.


Dead moon with ruins of a long-dead society. The beings who inhabited this moon appear to have lived underground. However, exploration plans were cancelled after the first three expeditions, when explorers who entered these ruins never came back.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources


Moon that consists largely of gas. While typically a celestial body of this size would not exist, satellite scans reveal that the core is made of almost pure neutronium, giving the moon a high enough gravity to hold the gasses.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources. However a large unexploded device appearing as some sort of exotic nuclear warhead was found on the surface during routine scans. The design does not match anything in the trallena system, and it is theorized that it originated from a race outside of the trallena system, and was stray fire from a space conflict. After this discovery, precautionary nuclear defense systems were placed on all of Talcent's moons, a coordinated effort by the Oteshknirains, Lanthorians, Tallians, Arxen, and surprisingly, Vandectel.


Life bearing moon consisting of nothing but miles-deep ocean, with an iron-nickel core.


Moon containing large quantities of Rubundum, a stable yet volatile element of antimatter. The moon is highly guarded by Oteshknir and Tallum, with strict allowances of approved researchers and energy companies such as Anethan enterprises.


highly volcanic moon with toxic atmosphere and no valuable resources


Small, misshapen moon that can be described as a large asteroid, though fits the criteria of a moon.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.


High iron content, bearing small outposts by Oteshknirian astromining startup companies


Moon's surface is covered with a fine dust, littered in deep chasms that have yet to be explored.


Rocky, barren moon containing lifeless oceans. Uncolonized.


Rocky, barren moon, with no atmosphere and no valuable resources.

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Pronguaska Race:

——————Notable Talcentian Races——————
[[Oteshknirians excluded, see "Information" factbook for details of the Oteshknirian race]]


Pronguaska are the dominant race on Oteshknir’s moon Rymeth. They are a technologically primitive nomadic race that follow the moon’s ever-moving tide, hunting and gathering on land, and fishing in the sea.

Appearance: The pronguaska are very humanoid and are quite similar to the Oteshknirian. They have fully webbed hands and feet and transparent second eyelids. A very distinguishing physical feature of the pronguaska are the bioluminescent patterns that form on their bodies that glow in a range of colors from person to person. They also have both gills and lungs, allowing them to live in water or air. While pronguaska are somewhat rare on Oteshknir, many choose to live in communities in the deeper areas of Oteshknirs waters beneath the surface.

Abilities: Pronguaska have a range of abilities found in many sea creatures on sonnel. They can generate an electric shock, similar to the electric catfish and electric eel, only on a much stronger scale. Pronguaska can create an electric arc reaching a few feet. They also have the sixth sense of electroreception, like sharks and rays, that detect electrical impulses in other creatures muscle contractions, sensing an animals movement before it happens. This, along with infrared sight, make them extremely adept hunters.

Diet: Omnivores, typically raw fish or cooked mammals, along with most types of Rymeth flora.


Appearance: Lanthorians are advanced robotic AIs who outlived their ancient creators. they were built to look similar to their creators, who were humanoid. Lanthorians have a titanium endoskeleton structure, with their components located within their torsos and heads. Most Lanthorians are built with translucent white silicone plates around their bodies as well as face that mimic skin.

Abilities: Lanthorians are able to connect their "minds" to multiple bodies, although their government limits this. Each Lanthorian body part is modular, and can be removed, replaced, or modified as one wishes. Generally, Lanthorians keep backups of their "minds", and essentially cannot die unless their data is corrupted. Although Lanthorians are mechanical, they are completely waterproof and can withstand high heat.

Diet: None, although they require power to function. Standard Lanthorians operate on lithium-ion batteries, but more wealthy lanthorians tend to upgrade themselves to solar panels attached to themselves, or even fusion cells.


Appearance: Tallians are native to the Talcent moon Tallum, which is extremely rich in heavy metals, and their biology reflects this. Tallians skeletons are comprised of metal, as well as bearing an exoskeleton of thick metal plates. To those of a different race, their faces are difficult to tell apart from the nearly identical pattern of metal plates that form protecting their face, so many Tallians who live off-world carve patterns into their exoskeletons to help others differentiate one Tallian from another.

Abilities: Being made of a large amount of metal, Tallians are extremely heavy and extremely strong. Average weight for an adult Tallian is nearly half a ton, and can lift nearly four times their weight.

Diet: Most life on Tallum contains high amounts of heavy metals, which are an important part of Tallian diet. Any off-world food needs to essentially be seasoned with shavings of these metals to make up for their deficiency.


Not much is known about the Vandectelian race. They have always been incredibly secretive, and no leaked information slipped past their controlling government indicates anything about their appearance.

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Drawkian Race:

The Species and the Citizens

Information Panel*

"Dapaticus altus"

    Physical Traits
    Listed: Average/Most Common
  • Lifespan: ♂ 150, ♀ 148

  • Height: ♂ 7'2", ♀ 7'0"

  • Weight: ♂ 280 lbs, ♀ 250 lbs

  • Skin Color: ♂ Tanned, ♀ Peach

  • Eye Color: ♂ Grey, ♀ Beige

  • Hair Color: ♂ Black, ♀ Auburn

*Calculations performed via 5500 Census

The Drawkian species, known scientifically as "Dapaticus altus" or "Neiksie," is the species of creature which comprises most of Drawkland's population, and a significant portion of Sonnel's population as well. The species is sentient, sapient, bipedal, and is known for its physical stature and advanced minds that constitute most sapient creature's existence. The species is credited as the first to become sapient in Sonnel as well as being the major factor for the development of other sapient species across Sonnel via evolution and inter-species procreation.

History and Development


The first drawkians were thought to have evolved around the Sonnelian year -12000, likely in Southeast Dra in what is now known as the Ellzidanian wilderness. The Ellzidanian wilderness is, of course, an extremely difficult place to survive in, especially back in the prehistoric times such as that, when thousands of now-extinct deadly creatures still lived and hunted. Most scientists theorize that the use of tools and small mutations caused the brain of some ancient primate to expand and trigger the creation of a new species. However, the fossil record suggests that once that species what created, no further macro-evolutionary changes occurred in the indigenous peoples, and the species known as drawkians today is a result of small and gradual micro-evolutionary changes which don't exactly constitute classification of a new species. This means that the pureblood drawkians mainly populating Drawkland are genetically the same as their prehistoric ancestors. Some macro-evolutionary changes did occur in some prehistoric drawkian populations, but they're credited as being the beginning of species which founded other nations.


Around the year -11000, several groups of drawkians apparently began expanding away from the Ellzidanian wilderness, due to remains found in the Malicollan and Kanyon lands. By -10000, the "diaspora" of the drawkian species had mostly concluded, as drawkians had mostly populated the entire continent. It's worth noting that at this point Sonnel was a few Units colder than it is in present day, and the poles were expansive and thus the oceans were at a lower level than they are today. Because of this, the continent of Dra was in fact much larger than it is today, and a landbridge connected Dra, the various islands part of Dra, Suntae, Dre, and Dree. By the -9500s, drawkian populations had settled in Northern Dre, Northern Suntae, Eastern Dree, and several isles in the Navis Ocean.

The Great Catastrophe

In -9001, The Great Catastrophe, as it's now known, occurred. It was the impact of a small asteroid which both carved a massive crater in between Dra mainland and Suntae (which is now totally submerged), and caused a small extinction nearby. This impact also created a small moon now known as Maliganthe (its creation after the event is what caused the ancient-rooted belief that the moon is cursed). The hellstorms that ensued scorched a lot of Ellzidanian wilderness and killed most of the wildlife there, including native Drawkian populations. This is assumed to be a large factor why drawkians were not as prominent in that area of Dra rather than others. Some storms also caused the northern Malicollan lands to become desertified.
In addition, the firey atmosphere triggered a small greenhouse effect which melted a lot of the poles (to what is now considered normal levels. This caused a massive flood and raising of sea levels, which destroyed most landbridges and isolated most drawkian populations from each other.
By this point, the first inklings of spoken and written language were estimated to have been in use, and basic clothing had begun to be in use as well. The first evidence of permanent settlements had been found in this approximate area, but creation of permanent settlements ceased briefly after The Catastrophe and didn't resume until the -8800s.

New Species

After The Great Catastrophe, drawkian populations were largely cut off from each other, and left to their own devices. This is where the beginning of evolutionary and physical occurred. Several new dispersions of drawkian populations occurred, and most continents began to be populated. By -8000, all of Dre, all of Dree, Northern Droo, Northwest Suntae, and the isle now known as YOLOvilla had all been populated by drawkian species.
The physical differences of each are fairly numerous, but the common trend among all the dispersed drawkian species was a regression in height, some seeming to drop a foot or more in average height. The exception to this is a small group of Dre residents which actually drew taller, but after several generations of breeding this trait also came out of common appearance.
Nowadays, these subspecies of Neiksie are known by the nationality these species came to eventually create, thus the usage of "Drawkian," "Dreaglelani," "MadManian," and "Veckian," are common when referring to the species itself. The difference between the species and the nationality is generally denoted which capital letters, i.e. "Drawkian" refers to a citizen of Drawkland whereas "drawkian" refers to the common Sonnelian creature.

Physical Attributes and Other Species

Basic Structure

The drawkian is similar to the human of Earth, as they are both bipedal, have relatively large brains, and share similar body arrangements. However, neither of these species are related or have seen the existence of each other, so this is just a comparison for the benefit of simplicity.
Drawkian gender is a simple XX-XY basis, male-female. Drawkians have 24 pairs of chromosomes and a pair of sex chromosomes, for a grand total of 50 chromosomes.
Perhaps the most noticeable feature of a Drawkian is their height. The average Drawkian male is 7'6" while the Drawkian female is 7'4". Thus, the average weight is 280 lbs for males and 250 for females. The Drawkian metabolism is quite fast, leading to a leaner body shape, and the skeleton is generally not very broad. The body is naturally built more for endurance rather than for brute muscular strength. This originated from early Drawkian history when the drawkians found that fighting against predators was less fruitful than simply outrunning and outdistancing them. This is also a major factor as to why running is one of the most common athletic activities in Drawkland and marathons are held in high regard.

Eye color, skin color, and hair color vary widely, but the most common is black hair, grey eyes, and tan skin in males, and auburn hair, beige eyes, and peach/light pink colored skin in females. These charts outline the most common instances in both males and females of the common drawkian. Other variant drawkian species' common colorings can be found elsewhere. Slight variants of color (ex. light blue, dark blue) are included under a single name (ex. Blue).


Body Part

Most Common




Less Common


Eye Color







Eye Color







Hair Color







Hair Color







Skin Color







Skin Color






Curiously, Grey hair is common in drawkian males from birth. Hair color changes from old age generally result in white hair, with Grey hair being a normal hair color from any ages. Baldness is uncommon and is a result of a rare genetic disorder. Baldness due to age is extremely unlikely. "Bald spots" do not occur, but hair may become less thick as time progresses.

Age / Life Cycle


Phase of Life


Early Development, Dependent on Parents


Primitive Learning, Parental Guidance


"Primary" Schooling, Outside Influences


"Intermediate" Schooling, Beginning Interests


Some Mature Activity allowed if parent permitted


"Advanced" Schooling, More Freedom and Niche-Learning
Approximate "Driving/Piloting" Age


Age of Adulthood, Total Consent, and Drinking/etc.


"Secondary" Schooling, Career Preparation


Optional "Tertiary" Schooling, Early Career


"Prime Years," physical prowess & energy, Career Building


Physical "Peak"


"Settle Down" period, marriage, serious dating, children


Advanced Career phases, later phase child raising


Post-children, Senior Career Phase


Official Minimum "Retirement Age"


Age of Official "Seniority"


Retirement, Grandchildren


Average Age of Death


Dependent Living/Very little responsibilities

As can be seen above, the average age of a drawkian is 150 for males and 148 for females. To the right is a graph detailing the average "phases" of a drawkian life. This development cycle is common across all drawkian species, so most Sonnelian residents follow this pattern loosely (some may differ by several years based on cultural institutions. This chart is most accurate to residents of Drawkland).

Early life is spent at the expense of the parents, as usual. Most drawkian babies spend about 1 year Nursing, and start alternating breastmilk with food about the 8 month mark (Sonnelian years have 16 months). Most babies learn to walk before they turn 2 and begin to speak in small sentences or at least say some words by age 2. Basic calculations and cognitive development begins around the 1.5 year mark and by age 3, most drawkian children can at least understand or be understandable to older drawkians. Advanced motor skills like running, swimming, or cycling are generally introduced by age 5.

Ages 3-5 is mostly spent with the mother (or father) of the family for the child, and this is usually when parents begin self-teaching their child to perform basic arithmetic or reading tasks, and other basic knowledge. By age 5, most children can at least read or speak legibly. If they have learning troubles or their parents were somewhat neglectful, the reading and arithmetic skills become universally taught by their first year of Primary school, generally starting age 5. The next 5 years are spent on advancing their intellectual and social skills, learning up to basic algebra, and reading small novels. By this time, most drawkian children have begun to widen their knowledge of the world, by being allowed access to television, internet, and long-distance trips (before age 5, most children's access to TV/internet is limited).

10-15 mark the "Intermediate" phase, in which advanced skills and knowledge are shaped. Most students learn more advanced algebra and mathematics, and know most if not all grammar rules and have obtained a wide vocabulary, as well as being versed in preferred literary works. Sciences and social studies are also common at this point. By now, many young drawkians have taken a liking to certain sports, clubs, or activities, and participate in "junior" or "intermediate" versions of these activities.

Next comes ages 15-20. This is when students switch to "Advanced" school. By now, students take advanced courses in core subjects. Many students have also found a few career paths to follow, and so education for them is aimed at becoming prepped for these paths. If not, students receive a general "advanced" education which will hopefully give them a base for whatever path they wish to pursue in Secondary phase. The "junior" versions of the activities from Intermediate Phase have been promoted and advanced to better counterparts, and many drawkians become very skilled at what they do. This part of life is, for most, their first taste at truly excelling in something.
Age 15 is also the age in which drawkians are legally allowed to begin learning to drive or pilot common vehicles. Piloting ships, planes, or airships is less common but still taught by most. Also, exposure to more mature content or materials is allowed to drawkians over 15, if their parents or guardians permit it as such. Small jobs are usually filled by those in this age group. Some drawkians commit to relationships, usually short and casual, but not many.

Age 20 is the official Age of Adulthood in Drawkland and most other Sonnelian nations. This entails freedom in driving/piloting, consent of lewd activities, and consumption of alcohols and similar substances. This is when most drawkian adolescents move away from their family, and travel away from home to attend "Secondary" Phase schools. This is where the knowledge from early schooling phases pays off, and for the next five years, 20-25, drawkians learn information essential to their desired career or activity path. This is when most if not all drawkians feel true freedom, and thus, activities are more wild and unmoderated. The more insignificant types of jobs are held in this phase of life. Casual and short-term dating relationships are most common in this phase of life.

By age 25, the average drawkian has finished their secondary schooling phase and begin the early stages of a career. This is when many begin to become fully independent from their parents, and begin to live fully on their own. Some, however, decide to stay on the advanced track and spend the next 5 years in "Tertiary" phase schooling, where they learn skills for advanced or high-class careers or positions. More mid-to-low level jobs are held by this age group, and more advanced/longer relationships begin to occur. Military membership and the mandatory government positions in Drawkland are commonly started here or during the Secondary schooling phase.

Most, if not all, drawkians have a career or a non-menial job by the time they turn 30. This is around the time most drawkians decide to upgrade their standard of living, by purchasing better vehicles, housing, or other accomodations, depending on their career choice and geopolitical location. Thus, ages 30-50 become "the golden years" for most drawkians, especially in Drawkland, as at this point, most are free from past ties and have a significant/constant form of income, as well as their bodies being in prime working condition. Most professional sportsmen and athletes compete in this age range. Also, this is the time many Drawkians join corps, which are common institutions in Drawkland. They're similar to a conglomerate of companies, universities, and groups generally under one name. They're essentially nationwide clubs, with bonuses for members at their national branches. It's common for groups of Drawkian friends to join together in one. Again, the upgrade in living, the high relative income-responsibility levels, and much freedom, makes this the best years of most Drawkians' lives. Long term and serious relationships occur here and early marriages are common past 40. Drawkian marriages are often entire day-long affairs which are very fun and exciting. Generally the festivities begin with a collective meet-and-greet where relatives and friends of both bride and groom can become acquainted. Then comes the actual ceremony, generally performed and officiated by a priest or other major figure. Iarocav, Drawkland's leader, has been known to occasionally marry couples. Then, there is a banquet immediately afterwards. Most of the guests mill about while the bride and groom spend time alone together, waiting for the banquet to be set. After the banquet, a large and lavish party spanning into the night is held, with dancing, food, games, and lots of social activity.

Anybody still in the military leaves past age 50, unless they're a high commanding officer or requested to stay by command due to high skills. Most drawkians are promoted in whatever career they hold, and most of those lagging behind in the career track have found a decent base at least by this point. This is most prominently the time where drawkians settle down, get married, upgrade their living accommodations further, and start a family. The average age of first-time birth in Drawkland is 57. Most couples who plan to have children have them by age 75, and the "prime time" of fertility generally ends by age 100. However, by 100, most drawkians who've had children are now back on their own, as their children have gone off to their own lives.

Past age 100 is when drawkians obtain senior career promotions, or even switch to a more lucrative/high-class position. Most are expected to work for the next 25-30 years of their life, as the average age of retirement is 130. This is, for most, the "second peak" of life, since the high responsibility of having children is behind most, and there is little stress in working since most to all of the ropes are known career-wise. A lot of couples experience a new romance, or falling in love again. By age 130, most drawkians retire, and have lavish and emotional retirement parties, which aren't usually limited to coworkers - most of a drawkian's beloved friends and family attend. These parties are colloquially referred to as "living funerals," since it's a celebration of a person's life while they're still around to celebrate it themselves.

Past 130, many drawkians become grandparents, and help out their children with raising their children. A final "upgrade" to better accommodate old age living conditions is made, and very few drawkians move away from whatever town or area they settled in. "Senior neighborhoods" or "Crusty Colonies" are where many retired drawkians live, either in small gated communities or in secluded suburban developments, where most residents are retirees or people close to it (younger-generation friends of retirees, or family, for example). Many couples or individuals do lots of traveling with their saved money, but otherwise they stay in the same place.

150 is the average age of death for males, and 148 for females. When a drawkian dies, their property is usually distributed as their will dictates, and if none is present, it's given to the spouse or closest family member to divide up. It's considered bad manners if you're given the property to divide and you keep it all for yourself. Drawkians' funerals are both upbeat and downbeat. The first phase is when the body is viewed and the final goodbyes are said, this generally is proceeded by the burial. Afterwards, a polite but happy party in the person's memory is held. The funeral is meant to honor somebody's life with fun and humor, rather than turning the day dark and depressing.

When a drawkian surpasses the average age of death, they generally continue with their prior retirement behavior, but most must move to more intensive facilities at age 160, as this is when most physical and mental faculties of a drawkian begin to noticeably fade. Many different organizations generally can provide shelter and care for the very elderly. Military or longtime government workers have specific facilities for their old age, while most Corps provide facilities for their longtime members. Those who don't fit into either of these groups are cared for by families, friends, or private facilities.

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Development of Drawkian Species
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Brytil Race:

Brytils are a space faring species from Planet Lysis. They are extremely technologically advanced, and could easily be considered the dominant species of the galaxy. At some point in time, a large civil war broke out between the Brytil empire, resulting in nearly two decades of war, however, the uprise proved unsuccessful, and the remaining rebel Brytils supposedly fled the galaxy to create New Lysis in an unknown location. The Brytil empire no longer exists today, as all traces of their colonies and even their own homeworld have ceased to exist. The Brytils appear to have only had a major presence in Mushcap’s timeline, suggesting that some event occurred in Sonnel’s timeline to prevent their rise to power.

Brytils possess humanoid, ram, and bovine features. They most closely resemble satyrs in appearance, with the differences being that their skin and fur are often a shade of red, their lower half resembles that of a bovine rather than a goat. Brytils also lack a tail and they are much larger in stature than that of humans.

It is actually common for Brytils to be born with a head of a goat, however, a small percentage are born with a more human like head, despite this difference, all Brytils are able to grow horns and facial hair, regardless of gender. Brytils with human heads have managed to gain a strong stranglehold on Brytil society, and are considered to be noble, while Brytils with goat heads are considered laborers, and have absolutely no say in how things are ran. The entirety of the Brytil empire is run by a single Brytil Queen, who often rules until her death. Every female Brytil that is not the queen is often considered of great importance, and regularly trusted with land and power. Upon the death of the Brytil Queen, eligible female Brytils would fight eachother to the death in order to claim the title of queen for themselves.

Brytils are extremely strong when compared to the average human, and are able to lift anywhere from 500 to 800 pounds naturally. Almost every Brytil is trained to fight from birth, and have extreme knowledge in combat. Brytils can withstand extreme heat and cold, but can only maintain themselves in these environments if provided with large amounts of nutrients. Brytils are slightly bulletproof, as low to mid tier caliber bullets do not manage to penetrate their skin, however, they are not undamaged from this, as bullets can still heavily bruise and possibly even break a bone. Finally, Brytils possess long lifespans, and have a life expectancy of about 1000 years, though Brytils with goat heads are much shorter, only managing a little longer than the average of a human.

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The Interstellar Empire of Drawkland