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The Braniast Manifesto

"Knowledge is worth it"
Chapter 1: The Beginning

I, Braniasm Spirit, have seen the heresy of the kekistanis, of the ignorance of memes and rascism. When it all started?, Let's see.
The US presidential elections of 2016 brought the foundation of the Nation of Kekistan. Memes, a form of making fun of and supporting a specific candidate. It was all good until offensive memes and support memes came and started the decline of the meaning of a meme.

But it surpassed the limit after the foundation of the cult of kek, worshiping a dead meme called Pepe the Frog, and other dead memes. The cult of kek has been also a good source to expand fascism, promoting stereotypes, and supporting destruction on left-wing ideologies.

The cult of kek now faces danger with this heresy listed on this dispatch. I, Braniasm Spirit, decided to visit the Kekistani Republic to rescue its true value, free thinking and promotion of knowledge. But the kekistanis were blind by the nonsense of memes. So I, Braniasm Spirit, decided to go to the region of Communist Cartel. Now waiting to spread the ideal of Braniasm, embracing knowledge and free thinking.

Chapter 2: The Braniast Ideology

Braniasm is based on the ideal is based on free thinking and knowledge. And currently supports the following ideals:

1- Spreading of free thinking and knowledge, in very serious way.

2- The spread of Communism, in the way Marx and Engels said.

3- The Abolition of the cult of Kek.

4- Expansion of the Esperanto Language.

Braniasm follows these Pillars, The Pillars of a Braniast:

Math - Most important, math is the most important pillar to be a braniast. For this is the main tool to understand the other Pillars.

Science and Technology - We braniast are scientist. We welcome everyone of all branches of science and technology. For this is the main reason to braniasm, research and development.

Communism - Braniasm sees communism as a key to equality and prosperity. Braniast should be communist, but not a Marxist-Leninist, nor trotskyist, nor Stalinist, nor Maoist, nor any other ideal except for Orthodox Marxism.

Philosophy - Braniast are free thinkers, we use it in order to develop more scientific research and more prosperity. As one of our Counselors, Einstein says: "Everyone is genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will be thinking its whole life that he is stupid.".

Anti-Racism - we Braniast welcome all people of all nationality, in fact we don't believe in nationalism. We Braniast condemn racism and stereotypes. We Braniast are commended to purge all those who are right wing and fascist.

And has shames, failures which can be forgiven These are the shames:

Shames are failures within Braniasm. These can be very awful since it avoids success, but it is okay to fail. You'll need the apology from the Braniast Counselor. These are the shames:






Otakuism (in terms on exaggerated love of anime)



Ignorance or Pretending to be Ignorant






Cult of Kek (in terms of its current base)



Ultra Orthodox Religiousness (discrimination based on religion and/or saying a religion is better than the rest.)

Chapter 3: The Future

The future of Braniasm is simply, when the Braniasts are fully awaken, they will fight against the kekistanis and abolish the cult of kek. Then establish Communism around the world and fight against the bourgeoisie and dirty capitalists. And unite the world under both, the equalitarian and democratic ideal of Communism ,and the free thinking and smartness ideal of Braniasm.
For this to happen, the following conditions must take place:

1- Firstly, establishment of Communism in a country, a democratic, centrally-planned, and equalitarian form of government. Protecting the rights of the people. With the display of the Braniast Symbol on the flag, the motto being any reference to knowledge in Esperanto, or anything related to Communism. The currency being the State Capital Note and forcing a policy of secular government.

2- Spreading of the Braniast ideal. By both telling other nations about the ideal, and the priority being something related to Braniasm, knowledge.

3- Invasion on all Capitalist, kekistani, Conservative, fascist, nazi, liberal, libertarian, and social democratic region, as part of the ideal of a world Communist revolution.

4- Once you have done these things, you'll recognize Braniastinepolis, as the official capital of the Braniast world, and the recognize the region in which Braniasm started, Communist Cartel.

Once these things have been completed, the people will realize that memes and kek need to be abolish.

It is time to fight for the ideal, there are no excuses to abolish memes, the Braniast have nothing to lose but there ignorance and memes, they have a world to win.
Braniast of the world, Unite!

Braniasm spirit