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Overview of The Vladivostok Confederacy

The Republic of the Vladivostok Confederacy


Motto: "Будущее принадлежит тем, кто не повторяет прошлое."
Translation: "The future belongs to those who do not repeat the past."
Anthem: "Из Пепла приходят Слава"
Translation: "From the Ashes comes Glory"


Capital City: Vladivostok

Official Language: Russian
National Languages: Russian, Korean, Chinese

Demonym: Vladivostok

General Secretary: Vasiliy Daletski
Vladivostok Assembly Members: 40

Establishment: From Russian independence: December 5, 2017

Land Area: 64,054 miČ

Currency: Vladivostok Ruble

Time Zone: UTC +10

Drives on the: Right

The Vladivostok Confederacy

The People's Republic of the Vladivostok Confederacy, also known as The Vladivostok Confederacy or simply Vladivostok, is a democratic socialist state that governs the Primorsky Krai region of former Russia. It is separated into four quadrants, each having their own governing body for smaller disputes that don't concern the larger body of government. The nation borders the pacific ocean to the east, China to the west, and North Korea to the south.

While Vladivostok was part of Manchuria for the majority of it's history, in 1860 it seceded to the Russian Empire. It was part of the Far Eastern Republic before joining the Soviet Union. It remained part of the Soviet Union until it's collapse in 1991, which then it became part of the Russian Federation. Russia then collapsed as a result of economic instability, and for a short period of time Vladivostok was run by the remaining Vladivostok Assembly individuals. Then a former Russian Assembly member named Vasiliy Daletski arrived in Vladivostok, threw out the remaining Vladivostok Assembly individuals, and proclaimed themselves General Secretary of the new Vladivostok Confederacy.

Vladivostok's economy is primarily made up of the information technology industry, scoring in the top five percent for largest information technology industry within the world. The government or the state owns the entirety of the economy.


For history prior to Russia's collapse, please visit
Russia's economy was crumbling as a result of Russia's over reliance on imports and their currency, the ruble, being financially useless. It didn't help that the other countries were imposing sanctions against Russia, which turned a bad situation worse. Nevertheless, the government did little to stop the inevitable and the economy completely collapsed, and as a result the government shut down. Little by little, regions began forming their own nations, one of them being the Primorsky Krai region.

At first, Vladivostok was being run by a few of Vladivostok Assembly members who couldn't govern correctly and were susceptible to bribery. In fact, it wasn't until Daletski's rise to power that Vladivostok formally announced it's secession from Russia. Daletski was able to gain enough power to throw out the remaining Vladivostok Assembly individuals and began the process of an economic reboot. Gradually, Vladivostok started forming into a nation that would be able to sustain itself, which is where it is to this day.


The Vladivostok Confederacy is located in the Primorsky Krai region of former Russia. It is bordered by the Chinese to the west, North Korea to the south, East Lebatuck to the northeast and the Pacific Ocean to the east. It spans just over 165,900 squared kilometers (64,000 square miles) in land area. There are four regions in Vladivostok, each of them being filled mountainous and forests. There are ancient volcanoes in the area, which are some popular tourist attractions.

Vladivostok has a large diversity in flora and fauna, although forests are typically dominated by conifers and coniferous-deciduous trees. The fauna in Vladivostok is also very diverse, having numerous species of animals. Most of the world's population of Siberian Tigers are located in Vladivostok, and the tigers have become the national animal. The government of Vladivostok has been very eco-friendly, not only going through great lengths to protect the forests, but Vladivostok (the city) itself is filled with so many trees that at certain points almost no light is able to get through.


The Vladivostok Confederacy has an estimated population of three million, which would rank it at 139th in the recognized world according to population. The population increase is around 0.8%, primarily as a result of immigration. The primary ethnic group in Vladivostok is Russian, at 76%. There ware also other ethnic groups present such as Chinese, which is at 18%.

Russian is the primary language of Vladivostok, with 81% of the population speaking Russian. The rest speaks mostly Chinese or Korean at 17%. Most of the population lives in the cities or suburban areas surrounding them. The major cities include Vladivostok, Daletskigrad, and Novaya Zvezda.

According to a government-run survey of Vladivostok, 65% of people say they are Christian. 31% of the population is non-religious or have no religious preference, and the remaining 4% are primarily Taoist or Buddhist.

Largest Cities



Metro Area Population











Novaya Zvezda












The Vladivostok Confederacy is a democratic socialist state with a combination of both direct and representative democracy. The Vladivostok Constitution is loosely based around other constitutions internationally, although the main concept that was developed was original. The government is structured into four levels, federal, regional, local, and supervision. Direct Democracy is granted to all citizens who are more then 18 years old concerning issues that do not require someone to study law, economics, etc and is common knowledge throughout the population.

Supervision Government: This is an interesting section of the government. Due to having a direct democracy, the government believes that it must over watch the people in case they make a radical move. Although this does make the country prone to corruption, the current leader, Daletski, has not bused his power at the current time.
Federal Government: The federal government is headquartered in Vladivostok and deals with matters that requires the entire country's attention.
Regional: The federal government operates over four regions, which each have their own regional government for matters that concern the region.
Local: The local government is a city or town-wide government that meet for concerns over the town or city. While regional governments have direct control over their headquartered city's government, the federal government does not have control over Vladivostok city's government.

Vladivostok is attempting to get more involved on an international scale. It is a member of the World Assembly and a member of the region The Western Bloc. The military is composed of three branches, the Vladivostok Ground Detachment (Commonly known as "The Detachment"), the Vladivostok Air Corps ("The Corps"), and the Vladivostok Navy Forces ("The Navy"). They each serve professionally as their main occupation. This is headed by the Vladivostok Armed Forces, which is commanded by a chairman.


The economy is run by state owned companies, using the socialist economic system. Private enterprise is illegal under all circumstances, which therefore leads to a very high tax income. The country is generally rich, the GDP being around 359.67 USD, most of which comes from the state-run economy. The poor are known to have high incomes and there are high employment rates throughout the country. The nation's economy is currently being run by the trout fishing industry, although there are talks that the government in power is attempting to change that.


The culture of Vladivostok is not very varied, most of it relating to how Russia's culture was prior to it's collapse. The culture can be considered eastern with some western elements, derived from older Russian culture. There is also a good amount of Chinese and some Korean culture in more western and southern areas, especially alongside the borders between China and North Korea.

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