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Online Quiz Results

Link8values Results: Libertarianism

LinkThe Political Compass: Economic Right=7.25/Social Libertarian=-6.15

LinkPolitiScales: Work Humanity Liberty Pragmatism

Link9 Axes: Extremely Federal, Democratic, Moderately Globalist (pro-economic globalization+ pro-social globalization+hesitantly pro-political globalization), Extremely Pacifist, Between Security and Freedom, Market Driven, Extremely Secular, Fanatically Progressive, and Fanatically Multiculturalist.

LinkPolitical Test: Vovodoco is a liberal. 6 percent of the test participators are in the same category and 1 percent are more extremist.

LinkSpekr: Libertarian Capitalist (Economic 82, Cultural -81)

LinkPolitical Sextant: Classical Liberal and moderate environmentalist

LinkPolitical Affiliation Quiz: Liberal Libertarian

LinkISideWith (Presidential Pick as of 1/28/19): Cory Booker (52%)
LinkISideWith (Party Alignment): Libertarian (63%), Socialist (49%), and Green (45%)

I lean slightly towards Globalization, moderately towards Decentralization, slightly towards the Left Wing, moderately towards Libertarianism, moderately towards Isolationism, slightly towards Unilateralism, slightly towards Globalism, moderately towards Capitalism, moderately towards Privacy, strongly towards Laissez-Faire, strongly towards Smaller Government, moderately towards Secular, moderately towards Multiculturalism, slightly towards Tender, slightly towards Pacifism, moderately towards Individualism, slightly toward Deregulation, and slightly towards Anthropocentrism (though I'm more eco friendly than that.)

LinkPew Research Center Political Typology Quiz: Oppurtunity Democrat

Democratic-leaning and financially comfortable, Opportunity Democrats have liberal attitudes on most issues including the environment, immigration and homosexuality. They stand out from other Democratic groups in their strong belief that hard work is enough for most people to get ahead and for being somewhat less likely to see structural barriers facing blacks and women. They are supportive of U.S. engagement abroad and involvement in global markets.


LinkD&D Allignment: Chaotic Neutral- "An individual 1st and a citizen 2nd."

Link16 Personalities: ENTP- "The Debater"

LinkPew Research Center Religious Typology Quiz: Solidly Secular.

The Solidly Secular are the least religious among the seven groups. These relatively affluent, highly educated U.S. adults mostly white and male tend to describe themselves as neither religious nor spiritual and to reject all New Age beliefs as well as belief in the God of the Bible. In fact, many do not believe in a higher power at all. The Solidly Secular are generally liberal and Democratic in their political views.