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WIP Scoring Political Quizzes

QUICK NOTE: The metric for how I graded them isn't consistent. And that's okay.


LinkPolitiScales: A
LinkMy Results: Slightly Constructionist, Moderately Rehabilitative, Fanatically Progressive, Fanatically International, Fanatically Capitalist, Moderately Laissez-Faire, Moderately Productivism, and Moderately Reformism. My slogan was "Equality Humanity Work."

Test Synopsis: Equally matched with the 9axes Quiz, it's different for having an axis for:

  • Laissez-faire VS Regulation

  • Ecology VS Productivity

  • Revolution VS Reformism

  • Human Nature

  • Justice

While not enough to give it an overall better grade than 9axes, it is worth mentioning it also gives you a 3 part slogan to summarize the key facets of your ideology. Neato.

Recommended for: people who are just beginning to discover their political identity and want results more philosophy focused rather than policy focused.


Link9Axes: A

LinkMy Results: Unitary/Federal, Moderately Democratic, Globalist, Moderately Pacifist, Moderately Freedom, Markets, Extremely Secular, Fanatically Progressive, and Fanatically Multicultural.

Test Synopsis: Equally matched with the PolitiScales quiz, it's different for having an axis for:

  • Federal VS Unitary

  • Democracy VS Autocracy

  • Militarist VS Peace

  • Security VS Freedom

  • Secular VS Religious

  • Assimilate VS multi Culture

While not enough to give it an overall better grade, it does have one more axis than PolitiScales. Neato.

Recommended for: people who are just beginning to discover their political identity and want results more policy focused rather than philosophy focused.

For the sake of completeness, it's worth mentioning both quizzes also bring up Equality VS Capitalism, Progressivism VS Conservatism, and Globalism VS Nationalism as major dichotomies.

LinkEconomical Dichotomytests: B+

LinkMy Results: Free Trade, Interdependence, Libertarianism, Globalism, Commercialism, Adhocracy, and (for some reason) Flat Tax. Chicago and Austrian influence.

Test Synopsis: Often the part about politics that is the most overwhelming is economics. If you're looking for a remedy, I strongly recommend this quiz. It breaks economics down to its key facets and based on your answers tells you where you stand. It's a great test, though there are a few things keeping it from being an A, or even an A-:

  • It'll often try to label you a certain economic school, despite the fact that such labels have long since stopped being useful. If you look at the school it "assigns" you as more of an influence than a dogma, it's not a big deal.

  • Somewhat frequently a sketchy ad will pop up if you try to get to the quiz through the site's main page. The link I provided should skip it, but I don't guarantee it.

  • This may just be me, but I don't like how it scores you on the flat tax/progressive tax scale. People with more clearly defined positions on this topic may not have any difficulty though.

Recommended for: people that seemed overwhelmed by economics. I also highly recommend this test for those who took other political tests and felt like they wanted the economics axis to be explained better.

LinkGoToQuiz Political Spectrum and B

My Gotoquiz Results: You are a right social libertarian. {Right: 4.87, Libertarian: 6.52, Non Interventionalist: -9.94, Cultural Liberal: -6.92} (No shareable link available)

My idrlabs Results: You are a right liberal. {Right 50, Liberal 91.7} (No shareable link available)

Tests Synopsis: Known for being the more colorful and less biased versions of the original Political Compass test, these tests are pretty much the poster children for 2 axis tests. The problems with 2 axis tests are bountiful. To learn the pros and cons of the 2 axis test format, go here. But tl;dr version: the pro is that it makes comparing results with others easier. The con is that it can be restrictive and easier for test makers to manipulate. Both Gotoquiz and idrlabs created a fair test, with little to no manipulation, that also is aesthetically pleasing as well.

While not enough to give one an advantage over the other, these both have an advantage the other doesn't that might make one more appealing than the other.

  • GoTo has separate graphs for Pacifism-vs-NeoConservatism and Cultural Liberal -vs- Cultural Conservative. If you're looking for a 2 axis quiz that gives you as much info as possible, this is the one for you. Though in all honesty, if you're looking for a test with more info, you might as well pick 9axes or Politiscales.

  • idrlabs does not give you the ability to give some answers more weight. If you're looking for a 2 axis quiz that is harder to manipulate (especially by your own biases), this is the one for you. Though in all honesty, this advantage is fairly small.

Recommended for: people that would like to take advantage of the 2 axis test format to utilize it's pros (mostly easy to compare scores) but don't want the questions to be loaded to fit a bias. Plus they're both pretty.

LinkPew Research Center Political Typology Quiz: B-

My Result: Opportunity Democrat (results aren't shareable)

Test Synopsis: The main bad thing about this quiz is that it appears to really only recognize Republicans and Democrats. However, it is a short quiz, by a reputable research organization, and does a good job of dismissing the idea that there's only one kind of Democrat and one kind of Republican. If this world was full of Republicans and Democrats ONLY, I'd give it an B+.

Also, as of now (9/8/19) it's impossible to directly share your results without using Twitter and Facebook.

Recommended for: Republicans and Democrats who want to see how they compare to their own and to their opposite. If your politics lie somewhere between them, this test can also be an interesting way to see which party you align with more.


LinkISideWith: B-

LinkISideWith (Presidential Pick as of 9/19/19): Gary Johnson (81%) and Beto O'Rourke (74%), and Andrew Yang (70%).
LinkISideWith (Party Alignment as of 9/19/19):Libertarian (82%), Socialist (67%), and Green (66%).

Test Synopsis: This quiz gets consistently good reviews. And for good reason: it takes the positions of politicians all over your country (not just the US), puts them into their program, and then allows you to see how much you match up with them. The only complaint that I have is that it can be a touch buggy. You may match up 77% with somebody, but then when you go over to another page it'll say that you only match up with them 67%. But it doesn't happen enough to worry about and the rankings are what matters anyway.

On top of that, it automatically adjusts your compatibility if you save your answers. That way, if a candidate changes their position (LinkKamala Harris voters take note) your compatibility with them will change accordingly. That is AWESOME.

Recommended for: people that want to see which candidates and parties they match up with the best (obviously).

LinkC4SS Philosophy Quiz C+
LinkMy Results: Economic "Leftist", Social Liberal, Civil Libertarian, Moderately "Statist" (f-n anarchist lol), and Anti-Militant.

Test Synopsis: The Center For a Stateless Society (C4SS) takes an interesting look at economics. They believe that free markets are actually necessary to achieve equality. This unorthodox (but backed by evidence that is highly regarded by Linkfact checkers) belief reflects in their quiz which also dives deep into how you view the marketplace and the political sphere around you. Some of the questions are loaded to fit a bias, but if you're mindful of that you can get a accurate result that is unique compared to any other quiz I've ever taken.

Recommended for: those that want to explore anarchist thought. Also, if the more right winged Speker/Freeblr test doesn't sit well with you, this is a great source for more moderate market anarchist thought. This source is great for aspiring mutualist and agorist.

LinkSpekr: C+

LinkMy Results: Libertarian Capitalist [Economic 56/Cultural-73] (Picture of my axis not shareable by link)

Test Synopsis: This quiz has some glaring biases in it. It arbitrarily moves to to the more Libertarian part of the chart for agreeing with things like "hitting children is bad." A few of the questions are also double jointed; you can agree with the first have but not the second. Overall, it's more fun than the original 2 axis political compass, has a very sleek and professional look to it, and (to be fair) has less bias than the original as well.

It's biggest strength though isn't even the test itself. Spekr is only step one. LinkSpekr introduces you to certain themes with the test. Then it provides links to:

  • LinkFreeblr- provides fairly in depth explanations for all the possible results you can get. And believe it or not, while the Spekr test itself may be fairly biased, the Freeblr Linksummaries for all the possible test results are actually very level headed, accurate, and fair. The amount of options are also impressive, going as far as including oddball (but influential) ideologies like Georgism. They also know the differences between Classical Liberalism (which they rebelliously just call Liberalism), Libertarianism, and Progressivism. As far as online tests go, this is a rare feat.

  • LinkAnaarkei- provides AMAZING visual virtual cards that you can share, download, or print. They're witty, visually appealing, and free.

Recommended for: those that want to explore anarchist thought. Also, if the more left winged C4SS test doesn't sit well with you, this is a great source for more radical market anarchist thought. This source is great for aspiring Anarcho-Capitalists.

LinkWho2020: C-

LinkMy Result: Beto O'Rourke (72%), Joe Biden (66%), Cory Booker (62%)...

Test Synopsis: Similar to the ISideWith quiz, and made by the same guy (people?) that made 9Axes, it tries to match you up with 2020 presidential candidates. The test isn't as long or thorough, in ways that lead me to believe it's less accurate, but it managed to get my top democrat picks in order, barring a few major outliers.

Recommended for: people who want a match, but don't watch the long ISideWith quiz. It's also oriented for Republicans and Democrats, leaving the rest of us out of all the fun.


LinkPolitical Test: -C
LinkMy Results: NeoLiberal Democrat. Cosmopolitan (49%), Capitalistic (53%), Anarchistic (59%), Visionary (24%), Secular (30%), Pacifist (49%), and Anthropocentric (33%).

Test Synopsis: This test is a mess, and appears to be made by an amateur.

  • Both the "previous" and "next" buttons are labelled previous.

  • A few of the questions are double jointed; you can agree with the first have but not the second.

  • It gives you the ability to put up to 5 emphasis, allowing you to make an answer worth even more than it usually does, even though this ability is possible by using the "very much agree" and "very much disagree" choices more sparingly. Otherwise, this can be used by takers to manipulate their results.

Overall, this test is terrible. Recommended for nobody. The only reason this test is better than the sextant or the Unpopular Academy is because it's results are actually pretty accurate. As far as bad tests go, this is the best.

Recommended for: people who enjoy taking political tests, regardless of their quality.

LinkUnpopular Academy: D+
My Results: Free Market (83%), Social Egalitarian (53%), Biological Blank Slate (73%), Causal Materialist (51%), Historical Linearism (96%), Moral Libertine (61%), and Cultural Modernist (91%). (Results not shareable)

Test Synopsis: I was very disappointed. There was a lot of hype for this test and it came out short. Here's the original video explaining the concept of the test. It seemed really intriguing. Few Problems though:

  • The questions are poorly worded.

  • The results are poorly calculated.

  • It's not shareable.

  • You need to watch the video again to remember what all the different axis meant.

I think they're still working out the kinks. If they simplified the questions and asked more of them, I'm sure the answers will be more accurate.

Recommended for: people who enjoy taking political tests, regardless of their quality. Also those that want to see if those frickin fricks improved their test yet <.<

LinkThe Political Compass: D
LinkMy Results: Libertarian Right (Economic 6.63/Social -5.23

Test Synopsis: Personally, I feel like a political Compass quiz is overrated. Nonetheless, you can't deny it's the one that started this whole political quiz trend, and that's for good reason. It asks good questions and far more often than not you end up in the ideological quadrant you belong in. However, there's been a few concerns raised that are worth taking seriously. I'd only take this quiz if you've already taken it and want to see how much you've changed.

Recommended for: people who enjoy taking political tests, regardless of their quality. Also nostalgia.

LinkPolitical Sextant: D-
LinkMy Results: My top ideologies are Classical Liberalism, Bernsteinism, Free Market Environmentalism, and Liberal Democracy.

Test Synopsis: The problems with this quiz are plain and simple. A lot of people said that this quiz is way off. The quiz claimed I 100% agreed with Bernstein, a racist reformist socialist. Many show results claiming the test taker 100% agreed with Marxism and Conservatism. The one saving grace is the fact that it lists all the ideologies to the side. This is good because the list of possible ideologies is extensive, and each one has both a link with more information (like a well written Wikipedia article or well researched article) as well as a recommended book to go with it.

I went easy on it as first because it appeared to be in Beta (evidenced by the RICKROLL'D link given as a placeholder for ideologies they haven't linked a recommended book to) but it's remained virtually unchanged for a while now. Time to face the music.

Recommended for: people who enjoy getting 100% compatibility with multiple contradictory ideologies.

LinkPolitical Affiliation Quiz: F+
LinkMy Results: Liberal Libertarian

Test Synopsis: This quiz is awful:

  • The questions are poorly worded, irrelevant, or dumb.

  • It compares taxation to theft to such a on-the-nose way.

  • 50% of the quadrants are dedication to the Libertarian party, while the Democrats and Republicans split the remaining 50%.

  • The shareability of your test result is suspect.

  • Etc...

I could go on and on. The only thing keeping it from tieing with the WoRlD's SmAlLeSt PoLiTiCaL qUiZ is the fact that is has more questions, and at least attempts to put a spin on the whole political test thing. The traditional two axis test is kind of creatively tipped on its side. The social/economic axis is replaced with the left/right axis. The authoritarian/libertarian axis is replaced with the coercive/persuasive axis. This idea is pretty insightful. However, the test is ridiculous. Plain and simple.

Recommended for: people who enjoy getting guilt-tripped into being a Libertarian.

LinkWorld's Smallest Political Quiz: F
LinkMy Results: Libertarian [Personal 100/Economic 70]

Test Synopsis: The questions are cherry picked to give you as Libertarian an answer as possible and manipulate your politics. Even worse, this is a widespread test. More than 21 million have taken it. There's not a single group of people whom this test is actually useful to.

Recommended for: people looking for great lubricant for Libertarian circle jerks.


LinkPhilosophical Dichotomytests: Materialism (83.3%), Altruism (56.1%), Idealism (56.3%), Hedonism (59.6%), Nihilism (66.7%), Romanticism (63.8%), and Skepticism (75%) with a Nietzschean slant.

LinkD&D Allignment: Chaotic Neutral- "An individual 1st and a citizen 2nd."

Link16 Personalities: ENTP- "The Debater"

LinkPew Research Center Religious Typology Quiz: Solidly Secular.

The Solidly Secular are the least religious among the seven groups. These relatively affluent, highly educated U.S. adults mostly white and male tend to describe themselves as neither religious nor spiritual and to reject all New Age beliefs as well as belief in the God of the Bible. In fact, many do not believe in a higher power at all. The Solidly Secular are generally liberal and Democratic in their political views.