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Non ship forces

Every member of the Fleet is trained to protect it. But most of the fighting lays to the members of the zravvisk species.

Commonly Known as space dragons, they are a fierce species to face. In the air they have the grace of a starfighter, and their hides are as armored as one too. Their scales are impenetrable to infantry weapons and need anti-vehicle weapons to bring down. Their plasma breath is deadly even against vehicles and their claws are hard enough to sheer through metal. If one is not killed outright, they will eventually heal to full strength as long as they can eat something.
Armor: Zravvisk hide
Weapons: -Claws
-Tail Spike
-Plasma breath
-Any cybernetic weapons added
Length: 7-8 meters
Wingspan: 7-8 meters

Various other species other than the zravvisk live in the Fleet and are expected to join in the defense of the fleet. Considering the power of the zravvisk, they tend to stay on ships to repel boarders, in theory. In practice, most are too afraid to board a zravvisk ship, so most marines see little point in putting effort in training. As a result, most are very lackluster, and marine has started becoming slang for slacker. There are some good marines like the Xenibar marines and those that come without a zravvisk on the ship, but they are the minority.
Armor: At least environment suit.
Weapon: a smg or shotgun of some kind usually
Height: depends on species.

Environment Suit
A suit that protects the wearer from the hostile vacuum of space. Pressurized, flexible, and light enough to be worn daily. Provides very little protection but mandatory for all auxiliaries to have in case a ship needs to vent atmosphere. Like all auxiliary armor provides CBRN defense.
Weight: Light

    Ballistics: Poor
    Energy: Poor
    Melee: Poor

Zravvisk Scale Weave
Environment suits with actual armor. Shed zravvisk scales are woven into a light mesh and attached to an environmental suit. While zravvisk scales are unbreakable for most threats auxiliary forces face, the Armada is also terrible at making armor for auxiliaries. Quality varies a lot; poor quality sets tend to have not enough padding to protect the wearer from being killed by left over energy from strikes or have too much to be practical. Good scale weave, however, provides good protection against ballistic and energy weapons while being light and flexible. However, blades tend to slip past the scales and the lack of rigidity hurts against blunt weapons. Gives the wearer a dragoic appearance and the scales jingle with every step.
Weight: Light

    Ballistics: Ranges from Poor to Good
    Energy: Ranges from Average to Good
    Melee: Bad

Marine Armors
A board category of armor that contains the various number of armors the zravvisk have looted or stole the design from empires that do know how to design infantry armor. Free of the quality issues scale weave has, though much bulkier and worse than good scale weave. There are many designs here but all are competent in what they were designed to protect against. Some specialize in protection against one weapon type and struggle against others. Other armors are decent against all weapon types. Many include hardened plates that help with melee weapons.
Weight: Medium

    Ballistics: Ranges from Bad to Good
    Energy: Ranges from Bad to Good
    Melee: Good

Zravvisk Carapace Armor
A marine armor with a layer of zravvisk scales layered on top. Unlike with scale weave, the base is already a good armor, so it has great protection across the board. However, the zravvisk's trouble with armor design comes in how the armor lacks durability. Scales tend to fly off with every strike, greatly reducing its protection. Better quality ones lose scales much slower than poor quality ones which can lose chucks at a time.
Weight: Medium

    Ballistics: Great
    Energy: Great
    Melee: Great

As with most Armada equipment, there are countless models in service due to the Armada’s lack of standards for auxiliary weapons. Unless a category is rare, details will be generalized.
Plasma Cutter

(credit: [url][/url]
A plasma cutter meant for cutting though the hulls of spaceships for maintenance repurposed as a melee weapon. While heavy and unwieldly, it will eventually melt any armor or weapon it comes into contact with. It also makes a great breaching tool. Usually used by auxiliaries with an engineering background.

Blades sharpened to a few molecules They’re all razor sharp, the finer the edge the sharper it is, but also dulls faster. Comes as both knives and swords. Knives are carried by most marines since they’re useful or, if it’s the only weapon the marine has, very light to slack off with. Swords are used by marines that think they will get to melee with the enemy or that it makes them look cool.

Most auxiliaries keep a pistol on their person as they go about their day to day activities. A nice emergency weapons.

    Range: low
    Firing speed: Average
    Power: Low

A more powerful alternate to the pistol. Also, louder and cooler according to their wielders.

    Range: Low
    Firing speed: Low
    Power: Medium

Another very popular weapon for auxiliaries. Their small barrels and high rates of fire make them very good in cqb on a ship. One handed and two handed models exist.

    Range: Low to medium
    Firing Speed: High
    Power: Low

Plasma Beam
A rare anti-vehicle heavy weapon. Fires a concentrated beam of pure plasma at a target able to penetrate thick armor or several infantrymen in row. Has a long charge time in between shots, taking 15 seconds to recharge. One of the few weapons an infantryman can wield that can penetrate a zravvisk's hide.

    Range: High
    Firing Speed: Extremely slow.
    Power: High

Auxiliary members that bought their own armored vehicles to drive on the battlefield. Considered an unofficial corps since the Armada doesn't give them support, but they’re motivated and willing to learn. Self-thought. As with other parts of the Armada there is little standardization, most vehicles come from completely different nations, so it is unless going into specifics of a model, only categories.

Hover vs Tracked
Almost every vehicle in the Armored Corps is either a hover or tracked vehicle, each with their own disadvantages and advantages. Hover is faster and allows the vehicle to cross water without slowing down but has a lower weight limit for armor and weaponry. Tracked can take more weight for armor and weaponry but is slower.

Armored vehicle meant to transport infantry and support them. These things strictly work with Xenibar Marine forces because they're most of the only marines worth transporting.
Armament: Machine gun or Autocannon

Has a pretty good survival rate since most anti-tank weapons tend to be pointed at the zravvisk.

    Plasma cannon/Mass driver
    Remote machine guns

Disruptor Tank
A tank with a phase disruptor as the main weapon. A phase disruptor has a shorter range, lower firing speed, and yield than other tank main weapons, but has the advantage of penetrating any and all armor up to its maximum range every short. The low area of effect of shots makes it great for hunting armor where the all the crew will still be in the area of effect or highly armored critical points. Due to the nature of this weapon, it also causes great collateral damage in urban environments or anywhere where you're not sure what's behind your target.
Suspension: Tracked

    Phase Disruptor
    Remote machine guns

A native of Dionov. While they are still very primitive, lacking even bronze age technology, they are very big. An average Dionovain stands at 50 meters tall, making them by far the largest and strongest sapient species in the galaxy. While they are a big target, their hide is thick and strong enough that only ship class weapons or disruptors have a chance to defeat it. They tend to be armed with only spears, but a spear is much more terrifying when it's 50 meters long and weighs enough to crush a super heavy tank under it. Since Dionov is a protectorate of the zravvisk and the two species are quite friendly with each other, the Dionovian tribesmen are very loyal to the Armada. Anything the size of a skyscraper like them moving though a combat zone, especially an urban one, would cause unbelievable collateral damage, but not even the Armada can figure out how to get them off their planet. For now they're remain on Dionov and assist the Armada in defending their home planet.

Chozo battle suits are very rare to the point were there are only two in the entire Armada; Sliver Feather’s own personal suit and the prototype the chozo made for the zravvisk during their civil war. Even though each power suit is centuries old at this point, they are still the most powerful and technologically advanced infantry protection there is. Just by wearing the underlayer of the suit the rest of it can be summoned or dismissed at will by its wearer. The suit is biomachinal and interfaces with the wearer’s nervous system for faster responses, though it requires years of training to gain the mental fortitude needed to use it. All suits are also DNA locked so only a chozo can use it. They also seem to be able to recharge their shield energy and ammo when near a recently defeated enemy to the bafflement of the rest of the galaxy. Some have suggested that the suits use the recently defeated enemy’s life energy to do it, though none in the scientific community believes anything that far fetched.
Sliver Feather’s suit Wear and tear of Sliver and the components of the suit don't always work at 100%.

    Base Power suit
    The base armor and arm cannon all the modules are attached to. Uses armor and shielding to protect the user until its energy runs out. Extremely modular to allow adding and swapping any parts needed including any interesting enemy technology. Is vacuumed sealed and includes a scanner to provide tactical data on enemies and the surroundings. Also includes a translator and several decryption protocols.
    Varia suit mod
    Improves temperature regulars of the suit to protect extreme environments like a volcano or temperatures well below zero.
    Gravity suit mod
    Adds a gravity moderator to normalize local gravity when in a gravity anomaly. Also negates a fluid’s resistance, allowing for normal movement in water or even lava. Lava protection and mobility may have been reduced to age.
    Plasma beam
    High powered semi-automatic plasma weapon that can quickly dispatch heavily armored opponents. Can be either fired quickly or charged for a few moments to increase its destructive power. Focus has dropped with age decreasing power slightly.
    Ice beam
    Beam that rapidly cools opponents, possibly even snap freezing them. Most organics can survive at least one snap freeze making it a non-lethal way of dispatching enemies, though they’re also much more fragile in this state.
    Homing missiles. Their targeting is advanced enough to lock onto infantry targets and track them. Also comes in the super missile variant which trades the homing for a war head filled with several times the ordnance.
    Speed Booster
    Allows user to build up momentum until they reach supersonic speeds. Also allows for a sudden stop to store that kinetic energy for launching in any direction at the cost of stressing out the suit. Limited to well below supersonic speeds due to the stress it would put on Sliver’s body.
    Space jump module
    The suit’s jump assist jets allow it to jump twice its height, but standard recharging is slow enough that the wearer is already back on the ground before they can fire again. This module increases recharge to finish at the apex of a jump instead allowing for another one, and another at the apex of that. It’s not flight but close enough to it for most purposes. Due to damage it can only do two quick charges before needing an unusually long one.
    Morph ball
    Allows the suit to roll into a very compact ball to fit into tight spaces. The arm cannon is obviously unavailable in this mode so bombs can be dropped instead for defense.
    Cannon overcharge
    A prototype module made to divert more power to the arm cannon to turn it from semi-auto to fully automatic and up the fire rate to unleash a never-ending barrage of shots. However, like the time dilation device, it was shown that the only way to get that much power would it to take it out of the energy maintaining the structural integrity of the suit. The additional firepower was deemed useful enough for some scenarios and added a quick toggle to it and an emergency shutdown to keep it from collapsing the suit.
    Chrono dilution device
    A prototype module made to change the time dilution he user experiences. In effect, time acts as if it was slowed down by a large factor while the user, and their shots, still moves at they consider normal time speed. Very useful to dodge shots, aim them, pull off physics defying feats, but the energy needed for it was again so great it had to draw from the energy needed to maintain structural integrity of the suit. Has a strict time limit of ten seconds of operation on a fully charged suit before it has to shut down before it dematerializes the suit.

Zravvisk suit
A prototype power suit made for the zravvisk by the chozo during the Chozo Civil War. Since warriors from the two species were about equal even considering the zravvisk’s lack of armor it seemed like it would create an unstoppable warrior. However, in practice, scaling up the suit to zravvisk and taking their physiology into account was more difficult than expected. The suit’s bulk was too great for the zravvisk to fly and the space jump didn’t scale well, grounding the zravvisk instead of allowing them to use their agility. While the scaled-up arm cannon was powerful enough no other weapon modules were required, the zravvisk already had an anti-tank weapon they found easier to aim and use in their plasma breath, which was blocked to the helmet there to block head shots and protect the zravvisk’s natural weak points. The tail parts couldn’t be made flexible enough for the zravvisk’s fearsome close combat style or to be a counter-balance while having enough equipment needed to make suit modules like the gravity suit and speed booster useful. Along with the time needed to train a zravvisk to use, development on the prototype was stopped in favor of more useful projects.

The chozo were going to finish it after the civil war as a gift, but due to the huge losses the Armada took, the zravvisk were questioning if they really needed any allies which put a stop to that. It can now be seen on full display in the Dragua II’s exhibits. Even though it is an unfinished prototype, it is the most desired chozo power suit in the galaxy because of one simple reason; the chozo never put a DNA lock on it. Rescraching it could potentially reveal many of the chozo secrets like how they built the power suits or how to bypass the DNA locks on the other suits. As a result, if anyone manages to smuggle it out of the Armada, they would quickly become very, very rich.

The Armada of The Zravvisk