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European Union – Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the European Council

The current LinkSpeaker and Deputy Speaker of the LinkEuropean Council were elected on 16th August, 2017, for a term of eighteen months. You can find out more about the institution of the Speaker, and about the Council itself, in our LinkIntroduction and our LinkConstitution.

Speaker of the European Council – Cllr Edward Mountain, --the united kingdom

Sir Edward Mountain, 4th Baronet of Oare Manor and Brendon, entered politics through the Scottish Parliament in the 2011 election. As an MSP, he sat on the Scottish Parliament's Ethics Committee from 2014 onwards, and also served as a Deputy Presiding Officer. Sir Edward left Holyrood in early 2017, when he was appointed the UK's representative on the European Council.

Sir Edward has been Speaker of the European Council since August 2017, when he was elected to the post, defeating Os Corelia's Cllr Jens Nørreport. Elected following a vacuum of power that had arisen after the previous Speaker was impeached for failure to fulfil his duties, Cllr Mountain has sought to restore order to a Council that had descended into chaos and inertia.

Deputy Speaker of the European Council – Cllr Edward Firoux, Inquista

Cllr Edward Firoux rose quickly through the ranks of the Inquistan diplomatic service, serving as an ambassador for the country from 2011 to 2013, when he became Inquista's representative on the European Council. In the Council he made his mark as an active legislator, proposing almost a dozen bills and two dozen non-legislative motions.

Cllr Firoux, who by 2017 was the region's second-longest serving Councillor, proposed the impeachment of the previous Speaker and, along with Cllr Mountain, advocated for the creation of the role of Deputy Speaker. After the success of both proposals, in August 2017, he was unanimously elected the Council's first Deputy Speaker.

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