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European Union Commission XXIII

The twenty-third LinkEuropean Commission was elected on 5th February 2018. Following reforms in 2017, the Premier Commissioner and Internal Affairs Commissioner will each serve four-month terms, while the Foreign Affairs Commissioner will serve an eight-month term. Each Commissioner was elected separately. You can find out more about the institution of the Commission in our LinkIntroduction and our LinkConstitution. Its current composition is thus:

Premier Commissioner Gisela Stuart, Angleter

Gisela Stuart worked as a bookseller and, after studying the subject, as a law lecturer before entering politics. In 1997, she was elected to the Angleteric Parliament as a Socialist, and over the following 15 years was instrumental in bringing the party towards the centre and rebranding it as the Social Democratic Party. She also served as Shadow Foreign Minister between 2005 and 2009.

Stuart was appointed Angleter's representative in the European Council by the Prime Minister, her fellow Social Democrat and long-time political ally Sam Courtenay, in 2015. In the Council she advocated an EU that 'does less, more effectively', and in 2018 was elected Premier Commissioner on a platform of reforming the EU's Constitution and improving the EU's recruitment and accessibility.

Internal Affairs Commissioner Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky, The australian states-

The daughter of current Australian Prime Minister Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky holds five degrees from three different universities, which she gained between 2001 and 2011. In 2003, she also became co-chair of the Clinton Foundation, her family's charitable fund. She then worked as a broadcast journalist from 2011 onwards.

Clinton-Mezvinsky worked as a campaign adviser for the Progressive Alliance, her mother's party, in the 2016 federal election. In 2018, she was elected Internal Affairs Commissioner on a platform of increasing dialogue between EU member states, and looking over the Constitution 'with a fine tooth comb' to see how it could work better for the member states.

Foreign Affairs Commissioner Vincent Drake, Duxburian Union

Vincent Drake am Weisshaupt holds degrees in international relations and cyber defence, and served as a regional ambassador under Charley Baakre, a previous holder of this office and fellow Duxburian. In that role he worked to establish relations with a range of different regions. He also has a record of military service outside the region.

Drake was elected Foreign Affairs Commissioner in 2018, defeating Emma Granger of Montenbourg. He ran on a platform of ending the region's historic isolationism by restoring its ambassador programme, boosting its publicity on a global scale in order to attract new member states, and increasing co-operation with friendly regions.