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Roosevetania's NSG Senate Characters

[url=]Senator Ahmad Aktar[/url]
Social Liberal Party

[url=]Senator Ritesh Bell[/url], Elected by party list but elected once in Sarkar's Second District
Red-Green Alliance
[url=]Murdered by fascists[/url]

Flanderson Pooper, [url=]FNN[/url] reporter (FNN not created by me)
Emigrated to Galatea

[url=]Senator Ana Ernst[/url], Leader of the Ma'abaran National Party
Senator from Korbat
Ma'abaran National Party

[url=]Senator Niccolo Fallaci[/url], Prime Minister of Galatea
Leader of the Free Democratic Party 
Senator from Coros Northwest
Free Democratic Party

[url=][i]The Coros Report[/i][/url], Newspaper

[url=]Flanderson Pooper[/url], [i]Report[/i] Journalist
Immigrant from Fernão