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About Endorsements [REF]

Last updated on Tuesday February 6th, 2018. If you find this dispatch helpful, please upvote.

The following is a comprehensive guide to WA endorsements. Please direct any concerns or corrections to August.

What are endorsements?

Endorsements are a way for nations to show their support for one another, for any reason. You could endorse another nation because they are your friend, you agree with the way the nation is run, the delegate ordered you to, or for no reason at all. Many nations exchange endorsements solely because it increases their Regional Influence.

Who can I endorse/who can endorse me?

Endorsements may only be exchanged between two WA nations that reside in the same region.

How do I endorse other nations?

Go to the page of another WA nation in your region and scroll to the bottom. There will be a list of all the nations endorsing that nation, and a button that says "Endorse [nation]."

What happened to my endorsements?

Any endorsements you have will disappear if you leave your region or resign from the WA. If you leave your region, but return before the next update, your endorsements will return. If your nation is absent from its home region during an update, or you resign from the WA, you will lose your endorsements permanently. These rules apply to any nations you have endorsed as well, with one exception. If you resign from the WA and rejoin before the next update, you will still lose all your endorsements, but any nations you had previously endorsed will keep your endorsement.

What do endorsements do?

Endorsements have three important effects in the NS Gameplay world.

1. The nation with the most endorsements in each region becomes the delegate of that region at the next update.

2. The number of endorsements a delegate has is the number of extra votes a delegate can use on WA resolutions. For example, if a delegate has three endorsements, when they vote on a proposal, their vote counts as four individual votes instead of one.

3. Endorsements significantly increase a nation's rate of influence gain. See here for details.

In addition, possessing two endorsements is a requirement for submitting WA proposals.

How do I know who has the most endorsements?

There is a World Census listing for "World Assembly Endorsements," toward the bottom of the Census menu on any region's page. That will display all the nations in a region in order of the most endorsements. Additionally, opening a nation's chart for the Most Endorsements census and adding a region to the chart will display the average number of endorsements held by all nations in that region. Multiplying that number by the region's population will deliver the total number of endorsements in the region.

I have the most endorsements, so why am I not the delegate?

First, make sure that you are in the region and that you still have endorsements. It may seem obvious, but the nation(s) endorsing you may have left or resigned, or you could have accidentally left, yourself. If you are already your region's delegate, and you resign from the WA or you are absent from the region during an update, you will automatically lose your delegate status. Second, check if your region has updated. The update lasts for two hours and proceeds one region at a time, so your region may be later in the sequence. Finally, if you know your region has updated, make sure that you really did have the most endorsements, using the World Census. Another nation could have surpassed you at the last minute.

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