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Hot hot egg wrote:hey bois im back in town

Hot hot egg wrote:i like to consume bees instantly

Hot hot egg wrote:dont actually like that, it wont help you in your quest to eat bees. just go outside and eat those bees, i believe in u

Hot hot egg wrote:im back yet again

my account keeps dying and i have to revive it every time. but it does come back, you're never rid of me, good luck

Hot hot egg wrote:Like this post if you like to inhale cheddar cheese every wednesday

Hot hot egg wrote:hey kids, did you know, dabbing is the dance of satan?
What is dab spelt backwards? Bad! If that isn't enough proof, I promise you, we have more
Dab has three letters
Dabbing has two b's
3 x 2 = 6
b looks like a 6, so we have 2 b's, and a 6!
look familiar? It should!
666, the number of satan!
You may be wondering why the 6's are disguised as b's, and assume that makes my claim false. Well, here's why that is simply untrue!
Satan disguised himself as a snake, just like the 6's are disguised as a b! They don't want you to grow suspicious, while they feed you their lies, just like Satan in the book of Genesis!

(I made this, it took like... 5 full minutes. Please enjoy the time I spent on one of the dumbest things I have ever done.)

Hot hot egg wrote:crunch

Hot hot egg wrote:scratch is hot

Hot hot egg wrote:the egg is back and in buisness

Hot hot egg wrote:Does anyone have a spare toad I can borrow? I lost mine D:

Hot hot egg wrote:So today I just learned there aren't any olives in olive oil and?? Kinda disappointed to be truly honest. I thought I was getting genuine olives in my olive oil but nope.

Hot hot egg wrote:I am afraid of the MUSHY MAN

Hot hot egg wrote:I am afraid of the MUSHY MAN

Hot hot egg wrote:I didnt even mean to post "I am afraid of the MUSHY MAN" twice but I guess it was fate

Hot hot egg wrote:I don't like eye contact. It's scary and it reminds me of snails.

Hot hot egg wrote:them. . .

Hot hot egg wrote:The MUSHY MAN has been located. I repeat, this is a code red. The MUSHY MAN has been located!

Hot hot egg wrote:the DEVIL HIMSELF has ARRIVED

Hot hot egg wrote:Hot eggs are INVULNERABLE to the power of Despacito you FIEND

at least do your research if you're gonna attack my entire race, foolish fool. You'll have to try harder than that to vanquish me, Mushy Man


Hot hot egg wrote:he knows.

Hot hot egg wrote:they... have arrived.

Hot hot egg wrote:I fear mushy man. The mushy man only holds despacito and lies, but mushy man holds the power of true terror in his mushy hands.

Hot hot egg wrote:fear.

Hot hot egg wrote:the government won't let me say.

Hot hot egg wrote:Bees.

Hot hot egg wrote:what is the meaning of mitosis

Hot hot egg wrote:commit mitosis

Hot hot egg wrote:W O N D E R P E T S

Hot hot egg wrote:h.

Hot hot egg wrote:"hey guys my name is Arnlod with a W"

"thatgs fpretty cool"

Hot hot egg wrote:hhh

Hot hot egg wrote:aaa lasnhga

Hot hot egg wrote:American culture is weird, I like how we wear decorated nooses around our necks as furniture.

Hot hot egg wrote:Arnlod with a w is coming soon.

Hot hot egg wrote:Arnlod with a w is the protagonist in my new anime

The Femoral Republic of New Legland