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The Commonwealth Times - Birthday Edition 2018

Today, February 6, 2018, marks the first anniversary of our Commonwealth. We have grown together. We have worked together. We have laughed together. We have fought together. We have triumphed together. There are those who have been a part of our union since its conception, and they know these truths better than us all. There are also those who have only recently come into the fold and already they are experiencing what we stand for and who we are. In the beginning, we were small. We, the minnow, faced the biggest fish in the pond. When that fish was out of our way, we went to another pond. The cycle continued. Each time, we grew in numbers and influence.

We’ve made our share of enemies along the way. There are those who have a binary view of the nature of things. When they tried to classify us, we refused to be labeled. We have been called raiders by defenders and defenders by raiders. We have been called communists by fascists and fascists by communists. Our enemies oppose us because we do not conform to their view of the world. Know this: We are not here to fit in. We are here to bring about a new methodology, a new system, for our people and for all of those who wish to partake.

Our refusal to back down has made us friends along the way, as well. Our opposition to oppressive factions such as The Red Fleet and The Iron Order have led to our friendships with the Germanic peoples of Bunicken, Kaiserreich, and the FGGR. Our solidarity for liberty as garnered us the support from The Union of Confederate Regions, Dawn, and Eurasia. Even our simple business transactions have led to partnerships - most notably, that with The Bus Stop, which has become a major contributor to the Commonwealth. To our allies, I say thank you for your support.

My greatest praise, however, as well as my admiration, goes to the citizens. Our people. It is the citizens who are truly responsible for all of the good that has come out of The Commonwealth in this past year. I can sit and direct as much as I want, but without the willpower, dedication, and sense of community that we have forged together, there would be no Commonwealth as we know it today. We have made many great strides in both wartime and peacetime. We started out as a confederated union of loosely bound allies and grew together over time. No longer are we a group. We are one. We have striven for a common good amongst our community. We have worked together and won together. Never forget that we are a union, a singular design made up of many different moving pieces. We have transcended dividing lines that some would deem insurmountable. We do not divide amongst ourselves. We come together and work for our common good as one. To you, the People of The Commonwealth, I say this: It has truly been an honor to lead you this past year and I look forward to what is to come.

Everyone, regardless of their affiliation with us, should take time to look back on this year. Be proud of the part you played in it, no matter how impactful. … Now, we must look forward. We have much more to gain and do. We have laid our foundation and now must start building. We will continue to work together, grow together, laugh together, fight together, and triumph together.

As we move into the future, The Government of the Commonwealth is actively working on a package of reforms that will enhance our strength and bring more prosperity to our citizens. With a restructuring of the whole government, we can expect a streamlined process that will stand strong into the future and lead us on to great things.

We’ll be re-upping the activity of the CDF as well as creating opportunities for more people to advance in other areas of the government - the Congress, Judiciary, WA Committee, etc. We expect these changes to be fully implemented by the end of the month at the absolute latest.

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