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About me

[list][*]Started playing in early 2010
[*]Founded first region, Ridgefield, in late 2010
[*]Inactive between 2012 and 2016
[*]Major projects: [url=]AugustinAndroid v2[/url], the [url=]Augustin Alliance[/url], [url=]NS Leaders[/url]
[*]Retired from active gameplay in early 2019[/list]

[list][*]Male, US East Coast (moving semi-frequently)
[*]Catholic, capitalist, individualist
[*]Electrical engineer, computer programmer, ex-US military[/list]

I am a doer, not a talker. I always avoid bandwagons. I think carefully about everything I do and say, I do what I believe to be right, and I never factor popularity or fear of reprisal into my decisions. I am happy to change my mind in the face of a well-constructed and -supported argument, but not an emotional one. I keep a strict separation between my online life and my real one. I will not respond to online messages unless they get straight to the point.

[i]Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.[/i]