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Offices of AHSCA

In AHSCA, cabinets of government are known as Offices being staffed by officers. Each Office consists of the main office and several subdivisions to handle other matters.

United Island Defense Office (UNIDO)

Officer of Defense: Kuraĝo
Deputy: Shinya Li

In charge of the nation's national defense and military strategy. The Officer of Defense also acts as second in command under the royal family as well as immediate line of succession in war time.


  • United Island Intelligence (UNIIT)

  • United Island Security (UNIS)

United Island Foreign Relations Office (UNIFRO)

Officer: Noir VinoCacao
Deputy: Roshin Tendo

Handles diplomatic affairs between the UIS and foreign nations. Maintains the embassy program and also works in matters of immigration affairs.


  • Immigration and Customs (IAC)

  • Travel and Visas (TAV)

  • Embassy Isle Oversight (EIO)

United Island Treasury Office (UNITO)

Officer of the Treasury: Violeta Vera
Deputy: Ame Hanazawa

Oversees the nations economic activity, taxation, expenditures, interstate and international commerce.

United Island Office of the Interior (UNIOI)

Officer of the Interior: Alexandra Kenny
Deputy: Shino Hoire

Handles domestic matters regarding land, agriculture and law enforcement. It also oversees the electoral process for the Congress and sets the rules and regulations for candidates.


United Island Meteorological Office (UNIMO)

Officer of Meteorology: Youkika Elma
Deputy: Piripi Tita

The office is a reporter and scientific position within the Government. In charge to forecast, predict and monitor weather conditions on the island and in the greater regional waters.

United Island Office of Information and Culture (UNICIM)

Officer of Public Information and Culture - Shizuka Gozen
Deputy: Ibaraki Douji

Sometimes known as Office of Public Information and Culture or Media acts as a vassal for culture studies in regard to AHSCA history at home and abroad. Also handles state distribution of media and public access radio and information in regards to the news. Can also work with the Interior Office for election campainging materials if called upon.