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Association of Luso-Hispanic Nations

Association of Luso-Hispanic Nations

Associação de Nações Luso-Hispânicas ● ALHN ● Associación de Naciones Lusas-Hispánicas

The Association of Luso-Hispanic Nations is an international organization composed of lusophone- and hispanic- heritage countries in the Western Isles.

Its main objectives pertain to political and cultural cooperation and development among countries with Iberian ancestry.

Congress (IC)

Flag by Corindia

Motto: Pacem Inter Aequalis
Peace Between Equals

Headquarters: Gran Teran, San Jimenez

Largest Cities:

Congressional Building

The Congress

The primary body of the Association is the Congress, a permanent council formed by one representative of each member country. The Congress is engaged in:

● Defining and orienting political strategies of the Association.

● Suggesting implementations to the legislation of member countries.

● Formalizing the entrance of other countries in the Association.

The decisions of the Congress are ratified by mutual consent and are valid to all the member countries.


Full membership requirements:

● Have a Iberian language as official language, or, have more than 50% of Iberian descendance of the population.

Associate membership requirements:

● Have a Iberian language used in its territory, or, have Iberian descendance of the population.

To officially become a full or partial member state of the Association:

● Send a representative to the Congressional Building to present qualifications.

Current Members


Current Delegate

Iberian Population




Adán Zavala




Creek islands

Mariana Dias




Dragao do Mar

Carlos de Andrade




Illa Isle

Francisca Montevideo




Catalina DeBruin

2 million



New Totzka

Tirto César Coelho




San Jimenez

Thomas Kine




The ALHN Charter

Article 1: Objectives

The Association is based on an identity of common heritage; members share the languages, historic, and cultural roots of the Lusophone and Hispanic peoples of the Iberian peninsula.

As a community, the Association will strive to facilitate cooperation, dialogue, and amity among its members in the affairs of politics, diplomacy, economy, and culture.

Any action, program, or policy undertaken by the Association does not subordinate the governmental authority of any nation.

Article 2: Organization

The Association shall have the following organized bodies:

Section 1: The Congress of the ALHN

- The Congress shall consist of delegates appointed by member nations
- Each member shall send one delegate
- Each delegate shall have one vote
- The delegates shall elect a Secretary-General to preside over the Congress

Section 2: The Summit

Congress shall organize an annual summit in a member city, where heads of state will gather to discuss goals, programs, and projects of the Association.

Article 3: Secretary-General

The Secretary-General, elected by the Congress, shall serve a term of one year, after which a new Secretary-General must be elected.

They shall preside over the Congress and prepare its agenda, but they do not have a vote.

The Secretary-General is responsible for facilitating intergovernmental cooperation among member nations at the ministerial and head of state levels. They shall be the formal representative of the Association in meetings of State.

The Secretary-General shall oversee the programs and projects mandated by the Congress, and shall report to the Summit regarding the implementation thereof. They shall administer the budget, staff, and management accordingly, as approved by the Congress.

Article 4: Membership

Members shall be admitted by a majority vote of the Congress.

“Full” members must have either Portuguese or Spanish as an official language, or an Iberian-descendant population of at least half. If neither requirement is met, the Congress may elevate a nation’s membership by a majority vote.

“Associate” members must have a population of Iberian language speakers or Iberian-descendant population. Associate members have equal vote in the Congress, but may not be nominated for Secretary-General.

Article 5: Amending the Charter

The Congress may amend the Charter by a two-thirds vote.

LUHISEP- Luso-Hispanic Student Exchange Program


  • The Carmo American Academy

  • The School of Gunnery and Engineering

  • Carmo University of the Arts and Sciences

  • Greenwall University

  • The Puerto Verde Latin School

Creek Islands

  • Cabo Azul Fine Arts Academy (C.A.F.A)

  • Federal University of Cidade do Equador (F.U.C.E)

  • Institute of Creeker-Northern Lusophony (I.C.N)

  • Technological Federal University of Nova Ceuta (T.F.U.N)

Illa Isle

  • Westilla University


  • Alland College

  • Calionte State University

  • Ramón y Cajal Research College

  • Santacilia University

  • Universidad de Cortés

  • University of Calionte

  • University of Calionte- Gaudí School of Architecture

San Jimenez

  • Catholic University of Our Holy Lady

  • Gran Teran University of Academic Excellence

  • De Valle University

  • Catholic University of The Holy Spirit

  • Grayson Technical College

  • Saint John's University of Laurez

  • Seminary College of Saint Maria Goretti

  • Western Xulun University

  • Joernu University of The Arts


Summits are annual gatherings of heads of state of member nations, and they are chaired by the Head of State of the hosting nation.


Host Country





San Jimenez

Gran Teran

8-10 August 2017

Established coordinating systems between member nations' museums

The Confederacy of Michigonia