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The Rejected Times: Special Release - "Winter 2018 NSWAF"

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Winter 2018's NationStates World Arts Fair Coverage
SPECIAL RELEASE | WRITTEN BY Glacikaldr | EDITED BY Marilyn Manson Freaks

The Rejected Times comes to you, our dear reader, after being honoured with VIP access into Winter 2018ís NationStates World Arts Fair, running from the 26th to the 29th of January, 2018. We were guided around the showgrounds hosted in The South Pacific by Security Officer Dixadoing, an officer of the Renegade Islands Alliance whose Cultural Branch organises and supervises these fairs.

Dixadoing was happy to report to us that Winter 2018 has seen an increase in the festivalís participation, saying that "It's been a fun journeyÖ [and] I believe that this fair has had a bit more publication and advertising than the last." The World Arts Fair, or WAF for short, due to still being a relatively new endeavour, credits hosting the event elsewhere and receiving external support as being a huge contributing factor to the festivalís current success. "We have several people dedicated to dispatching notices to many, many regions across NS, and I personally have spammed many of your regions, nations and RMBsÖ Lesson: getting the word out there actually works. Learned." Dixadoing told us, as she went on to agree that the event has now been set up with longevity in mind. The Fair, ever open to additional Linkvolunteers and Linkjudges prior to its conclusion, prides itself on rating the quality of art in the three major categories of visual, performance and writing, now also including a separate category for fan-fiction writing. These categories are broken down into three well-organised days as well as an additional day for the judges to convene while a celebration of all forms of art takes place. Nevertheless, the Linksubmission form will remain open for all visual arts, writing, performance and song submissions until the very end of the festival, with Dixadoing noting that, "the fair is always changing and evolving."

The first day of the event, on the 26th, titled, "All the World's a Stage", saw the bulk of performance based entries being submitted. A karaoke contest was also hosted over on the LinkWorld Arts Fairís Discord Server. On the 27th, "Worth a Thousand Words" saw the majority of visual art submissions, including but not limited to drawings, photographs, flags and abstract art. Additionally, games of LinkDrawThis were also facilitated on that day. New participants have todayís "The Mighty Pen" to look forward to, with writing submissions accepting a wide range of genres such as prose, poetry and non-fiction, as well as a new separate fan-fiction category. Bots have also been added to the discord server, leading to speculation that "Trivia#0005" will be used to run a trivia competition throughout the day alongside a funny haiku challenge. Finally, the festival will conclude with an "Awards Ceremony" day, but do not fret as celebratory games will continue while the judges "convene and decide which winners will reign until the next fair". These games will include LinkCards Against Humanity, most likely the NationStates version, to keep the blood boiling as the results start to roll out.

Dixadoing also expressed her support for the positive influence the fairs have been having on other events hosting all around NationStates, firmly believing that, "they set a wonderful example of a successful cultural celebration that includes everyone. Iím thrilled that something like the WAF, being as small and new as it is, would be influential enough to integrate cross-festival activities. Those involved in [increasing activity across all events in NationStates] are innovative, creative, and constantly thinking about how to make... events better and Iím delighted to be involved with [this endeavour]." The 'Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends: Year One' event, hosted by The South Pacific and 10000 Islands, is an example of communities working together to produce something for the entirety of the NationStates community. This event is currently in the process of coming to a natural conclusion with its final Yule Ball RP and WereWolf threads over on XKiís forum, while discord participants grow bitter with the most recent news that Slytherin won the House cup this year. Alongside the event notably seeing large involvement across the NationStates community, it has even advertised the start of Winter 2018ís World Arts Fair as well as increasing its fan-fiction submissions through the Golden Snitch Writing Game. Together, these two events have contributed much to a cosmopolitan framework and sense of interregional community in NationStates. "[These events are] another example of the creativeness and inventiveness of our NS players." Yet, for now, we look forward to see who the WAF judges, including the prominent NationStates players Flow, CoS, Siege, Seraph, Omega, MM, Mattie and Glacikaldr, decide are the winners of each of the four categories.

Dixadoing, in conclusion, reinforced that, "the RIAs goal is to host, or facilitate, in the case of another region hosting, the WAF biannually to open up a cultural window to players in NS, particularly those in the r/d game. Ideally, this provides more people more opportunities to submit their work and share with the NS world. As many people have pointed out in the last few days, this can also be a way to create some [artistic] guilds that would use the WAF as a goal for competition." TRT Staff were also told to redirect all our readers who were interested in Winter 2018ís NationStates World Arts Fair to the welcoming dispatch made by our friend Dixadoing, alongside the LinkWorld Arts Fairís Discord Server. We hope you can all make it to the finale of the festival and even make some last minute submissions!

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