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Her Excellency, Yukari Suzuki (WIP)

-------Yukari Suzuki-------

Yukari Suzuki
Heir to the Throne

(Yukari getting her corset tightened, age 17)
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Age: 19 (believed)
Years Of Rule: Has not ruled yet.

Species: Human (confirmed)
Race: Caucasian (claimed), Asian (confirmed)
Sex: Female (confirmed)

Location: The Royal Palace, New Yertzy
Fluent In: English, Japanese, and French
Uses: English

Role: Replacement to the Current Monarch

  • Biology

  • Meeting New People

  • Whatever Her Father Dislikes

  • University

  • Lack of Contact

  • Fashion

  • Uninteresting Places

  • Chemistry

  • Theoretical Physics

  • Music

  • Anime

  • Video Games

  • Foreigners

  • Anything Attention-Grabbing

Related To: Sekien Suzuki, The Current Monarch of Edwerlantin

Getting a Master's Degree
Impressing Her Father
Scientific Discovery

"You look at me weird again, and you'll end up dead. Want to know why? I'll give you a few seconds... the answer is that my dad runs the country, you numbnut!"

-Her Excellency, Yukari Suzuki

Ms. Suzuki, also known as Yukari Suzuki, is the daughter the Current Monarch of Edwerlantin, and the last president of the country until she dissolved parliament and gave her father absolute power. She is known for her love of entertainment, her short temper, her diverse abilities in the fields of theoretical physics, and her jumpy attitude. She is the next of a notable lineage of rulers. She kept the country stable, and helped to shape Edwerlantin to how it is today.


Yukari Suzuki (formerly Yukari Hadō) was born on May 15 of 2000. She was originally the daughter of a middle-aged couple in Gradlin, the economic capital.

At a young age, Yukari has achieved many awards and trophies for her science projects and compassion to others.

By age ten, her mother died of ovarian cancer. This led to a profound change in her once supportive and loving father. He came home in drunken rages, beating the child.

Around age fourteen, her father killed himself. She was orphaned and sent into foster care, slowly withdrawing from the rest of humanity.

She was eventually found and adopted by Sekien Suzuki and Emily Edinburgh. Her birth name, Yukari Hadō was changed to Yukari Andrea Suzuki by age seventeen.

School Life

Ever since her elementary years, Yukari has shown great promise.

Her grades were consistently within the A range, she has won many awards and trophies, including Most Outstanding Student five years in a row (from 7th grade to 12th) and valedictorian in 12th.

Her science projects occasionally landed her on a news article, as they were either extremely interesting and quirky, or useful.

"Yeah sure, I landed on page articles, but so what? I just care about my mommy and daddy." (This was said during an interview on national television at age 9)

When her mother died, she continued to do well in school, but not for love. Out of fear. She didn't want to be beaten by her father, so she pushed herself past points no human should go to just keep an A.

This was her attitude the next four years. She did not converse much during this time period, leading to her laughable social skills with strangers.

When found by Emily Edinburgh and Sekien Suzuki, she returned back to her pre-absuive state of mind. She finished school by age nineteen, as she failed a grade once the year her mother died.

She has not yet announced any plans to go to a university, but rumors say she is.

Running the Country

After her mother's three terms in office, she had to find a replacement. She had many options, with established ministers, and the lot. But she couldn't pick one, as they all had downsides. The only person who fit her bill was Yukari. So on December 16th, 2017, Yukari Suzuki became the youngest president in Edwerlantian history, at an age of 19. She ran the country to the best of her ability, leading to much needed stability after her mother's turbulent times in office. But, she had problems after visiting The Imperium of Steve for a chat with Steve himself. She was unstable, and threw the country back into turmoil. Then she was kidnapped, prompting a personal investigation by her father, Sekien, himself. She was rescued, but only Yukari and Sekien know who took her away. She then dissolved parliament, and gave her father absolute power, effectively ending her term.

The Princess is known to be very short-tempered. The slightest remark about anything about her will warrant an aggressive response. Either a stern talking to, or in worse situations, a pure slap to the face. She is also very jumpy. Even the slightest scare will be responded with over-reactively. Some mild "boo" can kick her into overdrive. She has no "insanity" like her father, but can be very spontaneous. No matter what the topic is, when she feels like it, she'd change the subject.

Her beliefs align very aggressively with her father's. He did guide her life mostly, while her mother only influenced her slightly, every now and then.

Her hobbies include many of the things that her father does. This means watching her favorite anime, or finding new ones, reading manga, novels, writing, playing games, developing technology, etc. However, she does have a few things that she does like to do, that align more with what her mother did with her. She often likes to walk out in nature, observe animals, physical exercise, and the likes of it.

On all times, her personally developed phone is with her. Capable of running calculations similar to a laptop, her phone is basically a way more portable version of a medium-end computer, thanks to quantum mechanics. Another thing she always carries is a concealed firearm. While she does not like to kill with it, she does often shoot would-be attackers in the knees, incapacitating them. This small handgun doesn't do considerable damage, compared to other firearms.