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The ASP Foundation (CLASSIFIED)

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Mission Statement

Our mission as the Anomaly Protection Service is to protect human civilization from anomalous beings. The unnatural, the disturbing, the dangerous, and the unknown. For the good of human civilization, we capture, experiment on, and decide it or it's species fate. Under the leadership of our genius leaders James S. Quinn and [REDACTED] we proudly serve humankind against threats against humanity and life in general. Est. 1946

Organisations of Interest are organizations that prove to be of special interest to the Foundation whether they be enemies to our end goal, allies, or a neutral party who collect anomalous objects. Any known anomalous entities they have managed to come into possession will be mentioned in a separate database from this one to avoid confusion. These logs will be displayed in the format given to them by their organizations[/url]. The Organizations here will be ranked by activity, danger level and relation to the foundation.

The ASP Liberation Front
Activity: High
Danger level: C.A.A.C +
Relation to the Foundation: Enemy

Description of activity: The ASP Liberation Front is an organization that has the main goal of destroying the Foundation and liberating the contained anomalies. Its leader is the brother of [REDACTED] However, he cannot be reached as he and his organization have and themselves and many have augmented themselves with powerful anomalous objects if not already possessing anomalous powers. As such any encounter with them is to be considered a high-level threat worthy of a full deployment of an Anomalous Protection Division. Any attempt to join their ranks by ASP personnel will be responded to with the immediate execution of the member trying to defect.

The Reptilians
Activity: High
Danger level: C.A.A.C
Relation to the Foundation: Enemy

Description: The Reptilians or ASP 010 are a group of subterranean Reptile like creatures headed by a Monarchy lead by an exceptionally tall member of their species. It is believed that they are kept in line in a caste system separated by the type of species the reptile is (e.g from observation more crocodile-like members of this society are help in higher regard than those closer to snakes). They harbor extreme hate for humans seemingly spurred on by their leadership, but it is unknown why they are inclined to feel this way. They currently have a Mid-Cold War level of technology, but they cannot craft nuclear weapons or any similar WMD. Their settlements are impervious to scans and must be rooted out without the use of technology making ASP location efforts exceedingly dangerous. If encountered in the field, it should be reported immediately to ASP high command so an APD (Anomalous Protection Division) may be deployed and counter their activity in the region.

Christian Mothers against Degeneracy
Activity: Medium
Danger level: Killer
Relation to the Foundation: Hostile

Description: The CMAD is an organization based in a gated community on the East Coast. They are best described as an anomalous PTA branch, they are highly religious parents and pastors dedicated to keeping the moral fiber of the United States in check. They collect anomalous artifacts to ensure that the nation remains Christian, wholesome, and powerful usually resulting in the casualties of those nearby. Due to their general incompetence in dealing with anomalous objects, they are especially dangerous even more so if they manage to come across a particularly dangerous anomaly. The first outlined step in destroying the organization is to find their suppliers of anomalous objects and contain their sources. Then The Foundation will storm the neighborhood and apprehend the ringleaders and members of the organization. Finally, the neighborhood is to have their memories removed and replaced with memories of ASP personnel that will replace the missing.

Armes Impairs
Activity: Low
Danger Level: C.A.A.C
Relationship to the Foundation: Hostile

Description: Armes Impairs is a French-based PMC organization which heavily utilizes anomalous items in their operations. They operate secretively as the Foundation does, but seem to have no qualms about revealing anomalous objects to the public. These objects are usually of the Killer class and very rarely are anomalies of higher classes used suggesting that their containment abilities are below the Foundations. The organization's leader is unknown as of now, but we have identified multiple of their agents and are [REDACTED]. Multiple of these agents are armed with anomalous objects and some have augmented themselves with anomalous objects similarly to the ASP Liberation Front suggesting a relationship. Until such a thing is verified Foundation agents are suggested to treat Armes Impairs agents with suspicion if met on the field.

Excellent Solutions Inc
Activity: High
Danger Level: Killer
Relationship to the Foundation: Negative

Description: Excellent Solutions Inc is a corporation based in the United States which sells and creates anomalous artifacts and beings to the public often taking modifying organisms themselves with anomalous materials. Most of the Anomalies created by the organization are not supernatural and are genetically modified organisms, however, the frequency of supernatural artifacts coming into Foundation possession from this organization possibly showing a diversification of company resources towards "para-tech". Technological anomalies are also produced by this organization, but it is currently believed that they have stopped production and many of the known tech-based anomalies produced by Excellent Solutions Inc are currently contained by the Foundation

The Council of Byzantium
Activity: Very Low
Danger Level: Apocalypse
Relationship to the Foundation: Neutral

Description: The Council of Byzantium is a group of reality warpers located in Greece performing acts of mischief around the world whenever they congregate at the city of Thebes at random intervals. It is unknown why the organization is named after the Byzantine Empire or if any of the members have managed to use their reality-warping abilities to prolong their lives, but such information cannot be obtained from the members of the organization as they avoid Foundation agents. The events that they cause are to be fixed using any form of Anti-reality warping equipment held on hand. Any information on their exact numbers is to be transferred to ASP high command.

Stockholm Hem för konstiga vapen (Translation: Home for strange weapons)
Activity: High
Danger Level: Apocalypse
Relationship to the Foundation: Associate

Description: The Stockholm Hem för konstiga vapen (hereby referred to as the Stockholm Home for strange weapons) is an institution located on the outskirts of Stockholm which contains anomalous weapons usually those from the Medieval period and 2nd World War. The majority of the weapons they contain hold some value to European pagan religions such as the Germanic and Nordic religions. The Stockholm Home for strange weapons seeks to find the origins of these items and the former of them while keeping them out of the hands of the public and those who would use them for their gain. They often work with Foundation operatives in pursuit of these goals and as such should be worked with in the field. Any anomalous weapons in ASP containment which they request and are proven capable of containing can be transferred over to their care and if aid in examining an anomalous weapon is needed at a facility they are allowed to be called in to aid Foundation efforts.

The White Wardens
Activity: High
Danger Level: C.A.A.C +
Relationship to the Foundation: Associate

Description: The White Wardens are a military organization dedicated to the eradication of non-human species and anything that may prove a threat to human existence. The White Wardens do not contain anomalies* but instead, destroy them as soon as they come into possession of which at times interferes with Foundation activities however the weaponry they possess to combat the inhuman, such as demonic instances of ASP 001 who have attained physical form and groups of ASP 010 more than makeup for any trouble they create for the Foundation. It is to be noted that this group´s leadership and personnel have fanatical hate for non-human entities and the chances of them coming upon a group of ASP 025 and terminating them are high. If this event happens multiple times throughout a year action may have to be taken against this group.

*Though they do not contain any object that is outwardly anomalous they do have personnel who may be considered anomalous (for example ASP 041) and weapons which have anomalous effects (ASP 038)

The Extradimensional Hospital
Activity: Extremely high
Danger Level: Safe
Relationship to the Foundation: Ally

Description: The Extradimensional Hospital is located somewhere above dimensional barriers as the name would suggest. Its date of founding on its introductory plack located on its lawn is in flux, though the date which has occurred the most is 1244. The hospital is mainly concerned with healing injuries associated with the extra-dimensional and only those affected by an extra-dimensional injury. Oftentimes the hospital will erase the memories of the experience from the affected person doing what the Foundation would usually do. Their aid is greatly appreciated in healing Foundation personnel and as such, they are labeled as allies to the Foundation

The Museum for the Extraordinary
Activity: Medium
Danger level: Safe
Relationship to the Foundation: Safe

Description: The Museum for the Extraordinary is a Museum which holds anomalous objects disguised as a tourist trap. The Museum holds many of the same goals as the Foundation though for different purposes. The interpersonal relationship The Museum's leader has with the Foundation's director is the main reason for the close co-ordination between our two organizations

Danger levels

ASP's are classified in 5 different danger levels.
Safe, Killer, C.A.A.C., C.A.A.C+, and Apocalyptic.
    Safe: Anomalies that abilities have been explained, neutralized, or can be easily contained with little or no problem or their abilities have become so common that their effects are commonplace. This does not mean they cannot kill you however, it only means that can negate or prevent their effects.

    Killer: Anomalies that abilities that have not been explained and are usually very aggressive however they can be contained somewhat effectively. These ASP's are usually no more than animals when it comes to intelligence, though some are slightly more intelligent than this.

    C.A.A.C: Stands for containing at all costs these anomalies whether their abilities are explained or not must be contained for the well being of humanity. Most ASP's of this type cannot be contained well and may escape from time to time. Usually more intelligent than Killer ASP's due to the inherent danger in an anomalous being with the ability to use human levels of intelligence

    C.A.A.C+: Anomalies that rank in C.A.A.C+ can be contained though barely and may escape often. These ASPs can threaten the very fate of the planet and should be kept under intense surveillance and should be kept under lock and key at all times. In the event of a breach, all ASP resources will go into the containment of the anomaly

    Apocalyptic: These ASP's cannot be contained with our current technology and may never be able to be contained, and if they can be contained they could escape with little difficulty. In the case one of these awakens or becomes aggressive the universe's safety may be at stake. The full extent of the power if some of these entities may be below or above that, but they are certainly all able to destroy the planet with little effort.


[i]ASP 001:Utter Stomp
Place of origin:Annihitor the Incred
Danger level:Safe

Description: The utter stomp is a pack animal who as the name suggests stomps when threatened. It is a herbivore. Though experiments we learned that it can take temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -87 degrees. If large groups of humans surround it will become threatened and begin threatened and begin aggressively stomping around.

Special containment notes: Keep in 100X100X100 room, no more than 20 people can enter its containment cell at once, herbivore, and remember to call trainer daily to see if it can be domesticated or trained.

Dr's notes: "It took 50 doses of elephant tranquilizer to properly contain and capture it. It is more of a normal animal than anything. Kinda expected more out of our first foreign ASP."
-Dr.Dakt, head of ASP research

ASP 002: Holy Stomparoo
Place of origin: Annihitor the Incred
Danger level: Killer

Description: A holy Stomparoo looks much like the kangaroo, but its feet have grown by a ridiculous 150% percent. Not only that, but X-rays have shown it's bone density to be extremely tough and tests have shown its hide to be incredibly flame resistant. Preliminary tests showed that it can easily crush tanks and is aggressive if not given treats. It seems to have taken a liking to granola bars

Special Containment notes: Keep in a Titanium cube with a small rectangular window. There is a trough inside a cell filled with granola bars. Refill daily. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE TROUGH BE EMPTY. IT WILL TRY TO BREAK OUT WITHOUT IT'S TREATS.

Dr's notes: "Seems more aggressive than the other one. I hope no one forgets to fill the trough. I don't want a repeat of Thursday."
-Dr.Dakt, head of ASP research

ASP 003: Zayats
Place of origin:Annihitor the Incred
Danger level:C.A.A.C

Description: A Zayat looks like an average rabbit, but is a military project by the ANNHILATOR government. These are highly aggressive to an unknown entity. We currently have had 13 casualties to this with 10 of them being security members when it activated on the way to the ASP foundation in [REDACTED].

Special containment notes: This is to be kept in a small closed off the cage with no room for air. A small bulletproof window is to be at the front of the cage and is never to be released. It is to only be let out when is going through tests on its capabilities. If it attacks EMP blasts should be used.

Dr's notes: "I almost died to that thing. Got this close to blowing off my face. Luckily security was able to EMP blast the gremlin."

-Dr. Dakt, head of ASP research

ASP 001:Ghosts
Danger Level: Varies
Place of Origin:Unknown

Description: ASP 001 is a spectrum of paranormal entities compounded into the following article. ASP 001 or more colloquially known "ghosts" are beings who after death have found a method of returning from the state of death as a semi-solid organism with varying degrees of existence. Specimens of ASP 001 do not technically exist in the reality which life normally conducts itself only being able to be seen via intense concentration possibly being a weak form of reality-warping. The goal of most examples of 001 is to return to life through a process titled 'thickening'. In the thickening process, the specimen, using the paranormal energy inside of themselves or from other sources to create a new form and condense into a fully physical form with minimal signs that the transfer has occurred. There are three main types of the specimen which have different ways of performing the thickening process. First, are specters which are the most common form of 001 and tend to appear fluorescent or light blue while half-visible in the middle of the thickening process. The specter type is likely to be humanoid with signs of the injury that killed them usually much exaggerated, however, in some instances, the specimen will appear as an amorphous "blob". These special instances act similarly to normal specter types and require no special treatment. They perform the process as previously mentioned and is considered the standard. The second form is the poltergeist usually resulting from a child or mentally ill/stunted becoming a specimen of 001. Due to the lack of what is theorized to be intelligence or mental fortitude poltergeists are unable to perform the thickening in the standard form. Instead, they take over objects and in special cases humans to help complete a form for themselves from the assorted objects. Poltergeists are especially dangerous as their hindered mental state can lead to excessive behavior and makes negotiations with these specimens of 001 especially difficult. The final type of 001 is the demon. The origin of the demon type specimen of 001 is unknown but is not human. They perform their thickening with material gathered from other organisms often leading to messily made forms possibly made to cause discomfort and disgust in humans.

Special Containment Notes: All three types of ASP 001 remain semi-solid by the use of a type of spectral energy. This energy is very similar to electromagnetism and the use of electromagnetism can disrupt their forms and completely stop them from performing the thickening where they can then be dispersed completely, destroying their form. A form of the electromagnetic pulse is available which only holds 001s form is also available. If thickening is finished they can be killed with physical weaponry and is the recommended course of action if no other option is more viable for containment. Specters and Poltergeists should be dispersed before they can perform the thickening except in special situations. Specters with very strong personified traits and appearances are to be taken into the foundation using a non-dispersive electromagnetic as this is uncommon among specters. Due to the nature of Poltergeists, the destruction of property may be necessary and is compensated by the foundation. Demons are to be dispersed on sight as they gather material for thickening very quickly and if allowed to form can be extremely dangerous. If a demon does form an anomalous container squad is to dispatched to kill the instance and preserve the body for documentation. If the demon proves hard to kill further destruction of the body is allowed.

Dr's Notes: " No, you can not have any sort of relationship with a ghost, no matter how 'attractive' the glow is. That may be in and of itself anomalous and we don't want to embrace it and we especially don't want to be intimate with it. Am I understood?"
-Mr. Bob Gallahan, Head of ASP Disciplinary Board

ASP 002: Spatial loops
Danger Level: Safe
Place of Origin: Worldwide

Description: ASP 002 is an anomalous phenomenon in which the spacial positioning of an area repeats itself in a closed environment allowing objects to enter, but leaving them unable to leave the area. This phenomenon can be recreated artificially with an application of quantum physics and can be reversed using an MK4 Reality Reverter. The event can also dissipate naturally, but this takes decades at the earliest according to conservative estimations. This phenomenon is most common inside buildings creating a loop of a room and or hallway leading into the same room or hallway when entering what should be a new location. Before a loop is broken using an MK4 Reality Reverter there is no escape from the phenomenon no matter what measures are taken to escape it. Any damage the area takes will be carried on to subsequent loops and once the loop dissipates the damage will remain except in rare circumstances where the damage is removed from the physical space. In less than 1 percent of instances of 002 will the physical space inside the loop be altered in ways that often violate the laws of physics and or Euclidean geometry. These cases can be fixed with the standard MK4 Reality Reverter.

Special Containment Notes: As stated in the description almost all instances of 002 can be contained with an MK4 Reality Reverter. If a specific instance cannot be removed then it is to be documented and noted for later remover when more advanced technology is available to the Foundation.

Dr's Notes: "I'd like to clear something up. Those special spacial loops are not alternative realities or dimensions or whatever. I've been to enough to tell you that those are much freakier."
-Dr.Dhakt, Head of ASP research

ASP 003: Reality warping submarine
Danger Level: TERMINATED
Place of Origin: United kingdom

Description: ASP 003 is an Undine Class submarine from the 2nd World War currently submerged at a depth of 1660ft below sea level without any type of identifying marks and or physical attributes other than rust. The submarine has not experienced any damage from undersea pressure despite it´s continued decline into the water. The submarine seems to have been deployed in 1941 from the Mediterranean and has records describing its operations. It was said to have been destroyed in 1942 by the Italian navy in a convoy raiding operation near the strait of Gibraltar. The crew with anomalous abilities labeled ASP 003-A, ASP 003-B, ASP 003-C, ASP 003-D, and ASP 003-E who have since perished inside ASP 003. ASP 003-A, B, C, D, and E are believed to have had some level of reality-warping ability before their assignment into the British navy. It is believed that before their submarine sunk their anomalous properties activated allowing for them to survive in the submarine unharmed, however since they could not control the application of their powers they were left inside ASP 003. The reality-warping abilities
of ASP 003-A, B, C, D, and E resided in ASP 003 and allows for ASP 003 to randomly generate reality-warping abilities and beginning random changes in reality caused by ASP 003. In 1999 it is believed that ASP 003-A, B, C, D, and E died leaving ASP 003 itself inert and left as an ordinary submarine.

Special Containment Notes: As ASP 003 was almost uncontainable before it's termination other than the use If MK4 Reality Reverters surrounding the expected location of ASP 003 there are no containment notes for this ASP worth reiterating here.

Dr's Notes: "The Mediterranean was a very exciting place for a few years before it died on us. We learned a good bit about reality warping before it passed."
-Dr. Muratov Matvei, Reality Warper specialist, Site 5-B

ASP 004:Huntress
Place of origin:Atkemri
Danger level: Killer

Description: ASP 004 is a tall, pale woman with a Dark red substance constantly dripping from the mouth. She has long claws and her canine teeth have become similar to fangs. Upon sighting another living being she will charge towards it and rip it to shreds leaving only chunks of flesh remaining. DNA tests have shown it is extremely close to humans, even more than Apes; ASP 004 may be the missing evolutionary link between humans and apes. It is most defiantly capable of speech but chooses not to speak. It seems to lose all higher thought when charging a creature. She seems to have a regeneration factor that allows it to survive almost all injuries. Any escape attempts are to be treated with extreme prejudice as it's bloodlust cannot be stopped and will kill anything it sees

Special Containment notes: Keep in Standard containment cell; a 6 by 6 room with white walls and one rectangular reinforced window for surveillance. Security cameras have been added in the [REDACTED] expansion and update of the foundation.

Dr's notes: "This was the first captured ASP, but since we changed the numbering system it is now 004"
-Dr.Dahkt, Head of ASP Research

Place of origin:Japan
Danger level:C.A.A.C+

Description: ASP 005 is a bacterium with extreme degenerative abilities on all organic matter. It can destroy organic material in seconds and can eat entire human bodies in a mere minutes skeleton included. The bacterium seems to have no effect on synthetic material and will die on them. However, they seem to have gained resistance to it and can survive on synthetic material. It is to be destroyed as soon as possible to ensure it never escapes containment

Special Containment notes: It is to be kept in a synthetic case in the deepest point in the [REDACTED] facility and only released for extermination attempts

Dr's notes: "700 attempts to destroy it,0 effective."

ASP 006: St.Margret Mary Library
Place of Origin:The united states
Danger level: Safe

Description: ASP 006 is a Library located [REDACTED] that seems to be Aggressive towards humans. It seems to alternate between three states. State one begins in the morning where ASP 006 will simply annoy Humans in a variety of ways. Stage 2 begins at half-past 12 and during this stage will throw books and later in the day chairs and tables. In stage 3, the most deadly stage a massive creature made of books, tables, bookshelves, and paper. The creature will attack any human it sees and will crush them. This happens at 7 pm. It is currently unknown the cause of its aggressiveness.

Special Containment notes: The building is to be closed off to the public at all times. The doors are to be guarded with ASP security personnel and the windows boarded at all times.

Dr's notes: "So far our best guest on its aggression is either extraterrestrial interference or paranormal activity and neither quite make sense. More research is needed."
-Dr.Nguvu head of ASP field research

Place of Origin:France
Danger level:C.A.A.C

Description: ASP 007 is a tall humanoid figure who is about 6.4 feet. ASP 007 is covered in a trenchcoat and seems to be physically unable to remove it by any means. It wears a black metal mask* which can be removed revealing a burnt human face. Upon seeing a sentient being ASP 007 will pull out a sharp or blunt object (usually a machete) and will chase them in an attempt to kill them. It is unknown where the objects are generated, but it is speculated that ASP 007 has its pocket dimension. When ASP 007 is within 15 feet of its target menacing music will play in the victim's mind (The music varies from person to person). Within 5 feet a large amount of Cortisol will enter the victim's body causing extreme fear. ASP 007 seems to have the ability to teleport 1 foot ahead of him at any time producing a trail of mist from it's starting location to the endpoint. Eventually, ASP 007 will catch up with its victims and often spectacularly kill them. ASP 007 is extremely durable being able to take [REDACTED] bullets and [REDACTED] explosives. Upon death ASP 007 will come back to life in 16 hours where ever it's body is placed last.

*ADDENDUM 007/01/2019: After the containment breach in the main facility it was discovered that the mask was controlling and leading the person behind the mask, [REDACTED]. It's the current form is based on his interest in the horror genre. Its a base state is that of a lumpy thick liquid that seems to be able to move and think by itself. The mask seems to be composed of a carcinogen similar to that found in a cigarette after being smoked commonly known as "tar". Upon further inspection, the mask seemed to be closer in composition to oil and is highly combustible. It was decided that it would be in the best interest of the Foundation to reattach the mask to a test subject with similar interests to [REDACTED . An exact copy of ASP 007 was created. As of the moment, all experimentation is to be halted on ASP 007

Special Containment notes: ASP 007 is to be contained in the standard containment cell and is to be placed in a metal coffin. That coffin is to be chained to the top of the room with ASP 007 chained inside the coffin. Upon any signs of movement, it is to be shocked with the shock collar on its neck.

Dr's notes: "This week a pool of blood was found in ASP 007's containment cell, and we were missing a janitor. The source of the blood is unknown. More research is needed on its abilities"
-Dr.Dahkt, head of ASP research

ASP 008: The Music Man
Place of origin:Atkemri
Danger level:C.A.A.C

Description: The music man is a humanoid figure standing at 4 feet (121.92 cm) holding a pair of brass drums that weigh approximately 500 pounds (226.796 kilometers) with bleached white skin and completely black pupils. His hands are biologically attached to his drum sticks and any attempt to remove them from him has ended in the destruction of all objects in a 20-mile radius. At random he will play the drum, the sound waves of his drum can, through an unknown process change matter with the sound waves the drum emits. It seems to have existed since the times of the American revolution and any knowledge of how it came to be is unknown.

Special Containment notes: ASP 008 is to have both arms held by robotic arms in a Standard containment cell with constant surveillance. Any significant movement is to be reported to ASP security high command as to avoid [REDACTED]

Dr's Notes: "This thing is just unsettling. I can't even look at it."
-Dr. Dahkt, Head of ASP research

ASP 009: Sir Tristan the Crusader
Place of origin:Syria
Danger level: C.A.A.C

Description: Sir Tristan is a 6'4 suit of Knight Templar armor. It is currently unknown if there is anything inside the armor or if there was ever anything inside it. Radiocarbon dating has revealed that the armor was forged in 1142. Sir Tristan is fully sentient and has some evidence of human DNA on his armor's helmet. He claims to have been a crusader since the first crusade and served in all following ones after though this claim is doubted. Sir Tristan can identify the religion of a person at a glance and if not Catholic will attempt to kill them. Sir Tristan has also shown the ability to summon what he calls "holy lightning" from his hands. The highest recorded voltage of his lightning ability was 80 MW of energy when surrounded by a room of Muslim test subjects.

Special Containment notes: ASP 009 is to be kept in a standard containment cell with a catholic bible, a crucifix, and any other materials that he asks for. Lightning rods are to be placed at the surveillance window and door to prevent potential escape attempts. Only Roman Catholic staff are allowed to interview ASP 009 and Catholic test subjects that have survived for more than two months are allowed to engage in conversation for no more than 15 minutes.

ASP 010:The Reptilians
Place of Origin:Unknown
Danger level: C.A.A.C +

Description: The reptilians are a civilization of intelligent lizards whose leadership wishes to take over the world and destroy humankind. A full-grown reptilian can be 5'5 at tallest and have a lifespan of 20 years. It is believed they have a variety of other reptilian races that they keep under servitude for battle and work. Their government is a despotic military dictatorship who has radicalized the vast population of reptilians towards their cause. This government has established a caste system ranked in order of strength, speed, and intelligence. They advance technologically slowly only just getting to levels of technology we had in the early 50s (minus nuclear technology). They conduct most of their operations underground in large colonies 50,000 feet below ground. It is unknown how they manage to keep themselves hidden from scans.

Special containment notes: Any attacks by Reptilians are to be engaged by the anomaly protection force [APF] and beaten with any means necessary. Any potential Reptile infiltrators are to be discreetly ruined, economically and socially. If a lizard gets into a position of high power any methods of elimination are allowed to be taken.

ASP 011: NKR (North Korean Rambo)
Place of Origin:North Korea
Danger level: Killer

Description: A 5'8 muscular North Korean man, with 16 scars across his body caused by multiple medical treatments. He can speak 14 different languages and is highly indoctrinated in the North Korean personality cult. His real name is unknown at the moment. From examination and physical exams, it has been learned that the North Korean government has conducted multiple tests on him of varying international legality and has given him a variety of physical buffs including increased strength, slowed aging, and the lessening of pain. He is also known to be able to catch bullets with his skin as it had been thickened. It is unknown exactly what the North Koreans did to him to attain these results. Upon seeing anyone who is not Korean he will attack them mercilessly and without remorse

Special Containment notes: NKR is to be contained in a standard containment cell connected to a steel gurney with a titanium door and reinforced one-way mirror with sedatives pumped into his arms at all times. Any escape attempts warrant the use of more sedatives in the future.

Dr's Notes: "Surprisingly The North Koreans themselves gave him to us willingly. He was too much of a hassle to keep."

ASP 012:Who
Place of Origin:Egypt
Danger level C.A.A.C

Description: ASP 012 is a heavily decayed body that is powered by the souls (or physical and mental energy of an organism) which can somehow steal. ASP 012 has shown the ability to hover a few feet off the ground and can focus the 'soul energy' into attacks. It does not speak but when it has it has only mentioned who. It is believed that the body isn't the main host but another being/force/spirit controlling it.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 012 is to be contained in an APS (Anomalous Power Siphon) and used as a source of energy alongside the main generator. The 'soul energy' it uses when trying to escape gives the facility 5% of its power and we must have as much energy as possible for further containment efforts.

Dr's notes: "This thing gives me nightmares and they are weirdly cryptic. Wonder why."
-Dr.Dahkt, Head of ASP research

ASP 013: 惡魔
Place of origin:China
Danger level:Killer

Description: ASP 013 is a 40-year-old Korean man with a notably red aura around him. He is 60 times stronger, faster, and more durable than an average human. It is unknown where he got these abilities from. He seems to be a sadist and wishes to attack anyone who seems human. ASP 013 seems to have some ability at psychokinesis and has in the past started large fires almost simultaneously and at will. His reasoning seems to be majorly impaired as he has no deductive or sequential reasoning as shown by previous tests on his intellectual ability.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 013 is to be put in a large 8x8 room which is to be pumped with liquid nitrogen at all times. A blast door made of titanium needs to be maintained. Food is to be delivered through a tube outside the cell.

Dr's notes: "I will never forget hearing him banging at the door when he almost escaped. Not a good memory at all."
-Dr. Dahkt, Head of ASP research

ASP 014: The Trapper
Place of Origin:Atkemri
Danger level: Killer

Description: ASP 014 is a male 16-year-old with gray skin and Black pupils standing at 5'8. He is completely devoid of hair across his whole body and his lower half of his body is extremely decayed to the point that the fact he can still walk is an anomaly itself. ASP 014 is dedicated to creating deathtraps made to cause as much pain to a human as possible. He will capture a victim and take them to what can only be described as a pocket dimension. This pocket dimension looks like the ASP Foundation's cleaning closet in the Atkemrian Facility. There he will make them escape one of his traps. If they survive they will be let free if not their body will appear back where they were captured with the injuries they gained in his trap usually deceased.

Special Containment notes: ASP 014 is to be placed in a standard containment cell strapped to the ground with iron restraints. A shock collar is to be put and kept on his head in case of an escape attempt. No one is to enter his cell when he is awake to avoid potential incidents

Dr's notes: "This thing caught me in one of its traps once. I managed to survive though I was missing half the skin off my arm. In hindsight, it wasn't the worst situation I've been in. That title probably goes to trying to see if ASP 004 could mate... That was not my finest hour "
-Dr.Dahkt, Head of ASP research

ASP 015:The Dealmaker
Place of originAfghanistan (made by Fardhin)
Danger level:Killer

Description: ASP 015 is a being only visible in complete darkness and as such details on its form cannot be properly described. The only verifiable detail is the flaming blue eyes ASP 015 can be seen within the dark. ASP 015 will choose to inhabit places it considers sinful and stays there until it determines a new location supposedly more sinful than the last. ASP 015 will find a human individual go to make a deal with. These deals usually end in the human suffering some cost and ASP 015 gaining something. It is unknown why or how ASP 015 does this.

Special Containment Notes: The current deal we have with it is that as long as ASP 015 stays in the foundation he will get a test subject to deal with every day. The deal must be kept to keep him belligerent. Personnel is not to, in any circumstances, make a deal with ASP 015 for Knowledge on its origins due to the danger this puts the site and the whole foundation in.

Dr's notes: "He offered me a deal once. That's how I ended up with an undiscovered tribe in the Amazon for 3 months"

-Dr.Dahkt, head of ASP research

ASP 016: Universal remote
Place of origin:Unknown
Danger level: Apocalyptic

Description: ASP 016 is a standard television remote control with an unknown label on the back. The remote seems to hold an unlimited amount of power over time and space. It's abilities have been documented to be able to pause, slow down, or fast forward time. It has also shown the ability to delete people from existence and teleport people into alternate timelines, dimensions, or planets.

Special Containment notes: ASP 016 is to be kept in a standard containment cell with no one allowed to be inside the cell. It is too dangerous to be allowed with test subjects.

Dr's notes: "It reminds me of a movie. What was it called again?"
-Dr.Dahkt, Head of ASP Research

ASP 017:The Beast
Place of origin:Russia
Danger level:C.A.A.C

Description: ASP 017 has no identifiable true form as it possesses ridiculous shape-shifting powers and in the few times where it has shown it's true form those who observed they have been unable to describe it or seemingly permanently mentally traumatized and disabled with what seems to be an intense level of PTSD with those effected having large levels of cortisol in the brain. Those who have survived have experienced an extended feeling of being watched and upon being reintroduced to ASP 017 are given special interest by the entity. ASP 017 has a preferred form of a twisted and highly mangled humanoid figure at a height of 6'8. This form is quickly abandoned amid combat for any more violent forms. ASP 017 is fully sentient and is aware of it's highly sadistic and overly cruel actions. ASP 017 has shown the capability to possess people to further its sadistic goals. Its origins are unknown as all the information it has given us is untrustworthy and contradictory.

Special containment notes: ASP 017 is to be contained in an electromagnetic wave to prevent its movement through solid surfaces and other such precautions against its escape. There should be no test subjects sent to ASP 017 under any circumstance nor are researchers or security ever enter his chamber. If it's electromagnetic waves field are to fail, electromagnetic field projectors are to be grabbed from the armory and if possible the larger versions of the original electromagnetic wave generator around the facility at to be turned on to solidify and contain it.

Dr's notes: --unintelligible screaming--
-Dr. Dahkt upon seeing ASP 017 for the first time.

ASP 018: Incan knowledge mask
Place of origin: Peru
Danger level: Safe

Description: The mask is a standard Incan mask from around the fall of the Incas. The mask has no apparent anomalous qualities until it is brought to a person with any sort of Incandescent. The mask will allow them to become fluent in the Incan language and well versed in the Incan culture. The effects of the mask wear off in twenty-four hours given they are kept away from the mask.

Special Containment Notes: Keep in a standard containment cell with no security. None is needed. Use on Field missions as needed for translation and such.

Dr's notes: "This ASP is probably the most useful one with the least negative effects. Other than ASP 34 that one is great."
-Dr.Dhakt, head of ASP research

ASP 019:DEATH.exe
Place of origin:[REDACTED]
Danger level:C.A.A.C +

Description: Death.exe is a file containing an AI program. The program is dedicated to exterminating all life in the universe. It usually decides to represent itself in the form of a red 3D skull on all digital devices it has appeared on. ASP 019 seems to be able to bypass almost any digital security system given it has time to solve them. It's creator is [REDACTED], a former ASP scientist. As of its containment, ASP 019 has been found on digital devices outside Foundation grounds 7 times. Its methods of escape are unknown, any other found instances if ASP 019 are to be sent to the Foundation immediately

Special Containment Notes: The first instance of ASP 019 (hereby known as the original) is to be kept in a standard containment cell. The original can only be talked to by Research personnel who have passed a mental health test and who have proven to not be susceptible to deception. Any other instances of ASP 019 are to be destroyed with extreme prejudice; the device containing ASP 019 is to have all it's files wiped, destroyed, and then burnt.

Dr's Notes: "It called me a "Stupid Sentient" the other day. Makes you wonder what goes through its head, or code, or however it thinks"
-Dr. Dhakt, Head of ASP Research

ASP 020: The German 6th army
Place of originRussia
Danger level: Killer

Description: ASP 020 is the Nazi army that was present at the Battle of Stalingrad. All members of this army are undead and are, despite the state of decay their bodies are in, fully functional in use. As of 8/14/16, all members of the army are fully functional. They seem to believe the war is ongoing and will launch "campaigns" mainly against Russia and when asked where the plans were made all say that "They are from the Fuhrer." possibly implying that there is a zombified Nazi leadership. ASP 020 seems to be able to continuously revive destroyed instances of ASP 020. As of 9/12/18, there are 230,000 confirmed instances of ASP 020

Special Containment Notes: Due to the large nature of the anomaly it is impossible to effectively contain it. At the moment whenever a "campaign" is launched an ACD (Anomalous Containment Division) is to be sent to kill all of the attacking instances of ASP 020.

Dr's Notes: "I feel that Zombie Hitler would be a possibility. I've heard of crazier things; like Mecha-Stalin. That was a mess."
-Dr.Dhakt, Head of ASP research

ASP 021: The Jintendo Wii
Place of origin:Japan
Danger level: Killer

Description: ASP 021 is a Nintendo Will console with an altered brand name. All mentions of Nintendo in any form have been changed to Jintendo. Any game mentioning Nintendo will also have it changed to Nintendo even in sound files. Furthermore, a Mii (the mascot of the system) named Jeremy. Jeremy will seek conversation and fun with the person using the system. Jeremy has the disposition of a child and is easily angered; when not satisfied by the person speaking to it it will try to give them a seizure. If the attempts are unsuccessful it will ask for the person to leave and continue to do so until they do leave

If a person especially angers 021 the person in question will suffer from a range of anomalous side effects resulting in death. The side effects are often violent and it is unknown if Jeremy is causing these by himself or if he is unaware of 021's violent side effects.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 021 is to be kept in a standard containment cell unplugged unless testing is occurring. Said tests must be approved by Regional Overseers. All test subjects who have angered ASP 021 are to report to medical staff to document their status over 50 hours.

Dr's Notes: "That "Jeremy" might play dumb, but I know it's up to something. I've seen it do awful things to those subjects. One guy comes in and.. and his ribcage is actively eating out his insides; almost like it was alive. Another guy. He was at lunch, right? He's in the middle of eating; then bam. He explodes into hundreds of little chunks. Blood everywhere, other test subjects are screaming. It was awful. I'm just saying that little devil is- Wait, is the intercom on? Can that thing hear me?"
-Dr.Culley, Medical specialist for ASP Europe, Site 19-C, [DECEASED]

ASP 022: A Dark Presence
Place of Origin: New Zealand
Danger level: Killer

Description: ASP 022 is a humanoid entity surrounded in a layer of darkness. It lacks legs and as such floats off the ground. All light around him is absorbed into his mass, almost as if he were a black hole; oddly this effect does not carry over to other objects which are not sucked into his mass. ASP 022 is carnivorous and highly aggressive to humans in areas that it marks as territory. It does this by vomiting a black liquid upon the area. ASP 022 possesses a keen memory and has shown the ability to remember people, events, and places. The possibility that ASP 022 was once human is still being considered and tested, and the theory should be treated as such.

ADDENDUM 12/05/16: ASP 022 has been convulsively confirmed as non-human and never was after an incident involving a series of tests leading to the unfortunate [REDACTED] of [REDACTED]. It is worth noting that ASP 022 has seemed to become far tamer after taming attempts and its humanoid features have become more pronounced

Special Containment Notes: ASP 022 is to be put in a reinforced Containment Cell after the incident on 9/5/07. Meat leftover from the test subject's lunch is to be given to it daily; ensure that the leftover meat is fresh and not covered in any outside substance. Attempts at "taming" ASP 022 can only proceed if approved by the Regional Manager of any given ASP Branch.

Dr's Notes: "Compared to most things I see on a given day, it's pretty cute. Comparatively at least, it's still an abomination..."
-Dr.Dhakt, Head of ASP Research

ASP 023: Succubus
Place of origin Mexico
Danger level: Safe

Description: ASP 023 is a creature traditionally known as a succubus. It appears as a young European woman and usually to young men around the ages of 18-29 rarely praying on men 30-40. There has never been a case of ASP 023 praying on anyone 41+. Upon finding a target it will seduce him often through some psychic means and proceed to suck the vital fluids (such as blood) and will continue to do so until the man is completely dry of them leading to death. Through the interview, it has "escaped" from some sort of entity that possesses more copies of ASP 023. From ASP 023s description this entity works as a queen of sorts. This entity is known as ASP 029 and its details will be described there. ASP 023 has been sighted growing wings out of the back. Such claims are yet to be witnessed but are most likely true.

ADDENDUM 3/18/19: After the incident at the ASP North America St.Patrick's Day party ASP 023 is to be allowed to roam free after promising to divulge more if it is allowed to move freely. Any attempts to attack members of the ASP Foundation by ASP 023 will lead to its immediate containment. Any critically injured Test subjects leftover from tests from other anomalies is to be given to ASP 023 given that no anomalous material has infected or otherwise made its way onto the body. In which case standard procedure is to be followed.

Special Containment Notes: The cell of ASP 023 is to be overseen by the most senior scientists of the ASP. Its cell is to be rather comfortable so it will divulge more information on ASP 029. In the case of a containment breach, all children are to be evacuated to prevent another incident such as the one that took place in Mexico City on initial capture.

Dr's Notes: "Luckily I'm too old for this thing. Given it's only by about a year and it's been weird about the over 41 rule it has recently, but I should be fine."
-Dr.Dhakt, Head of ASP Research

ASP 024: Mr.Morgan
Place of Origin:United kingdom
Danger level: Killer

Description: ASP 024 appears as a Middle-aged man with a significant hunch and a slight twitch in the right hand. It is unknown why that these are the exact form each incarnation of ASP 024 takes. ASP 024s incarnations will always come with a small house in the suburbs usually beginning to fall into disrepair. It will try to lure children and young teens into the house to presumably murder them. Nobodies have been found so this is only speculation. ASP 024 will sometimes prey on young adults, but with significantly less fervor as admitted by him in incident log 024-C. It seems to lack a brain and any sort of genitalia or evidence that there were any initially. ASP 024 is known to return from what should be death where he will [REDACTED and proceed to [REDACTED] everyone who has witnessed it.

Special Containment Notes: He is being kept in African site 2-S and left at the lowest level (Level 10/aka "The restricted zone) of 2-S and chained to the wall with steel chains. All other forms of Containment are ineffective and inefficient and any thoughts if moving it to it's designed cell are to be disregarded

Dr's notes: "I don't like how the Foundation thought that we would like the weird child predator in our basement that we can't use for some reason."
-Dr.Mbube, assistant research leader at Site 2-S

ASP 025:Homo Desmodontinae
Place of origin:Europe
Danger level:C.A.A.C +

Description: ASP 025 is a species often known as Vampires. They are a sub-species of humans that originate from Europe and then spread infiltrating early human settlements. They were slowly discovered and made to scatter at the threat of death. They seemed to be advanced as this history was recorded in a scroll in ancient French found in Alsace-Loraine. It seemed they began integrating into Human society and surviving through that method. To the actual abilities of an ASP 025, they are usually slightly faster than a human and have fangs with a hallucinogen that significantly stunts movement allowing for ASP 025 to hunt more effectively. Due to their small numbers (predicted to be in the 10,000s or slightly more up to 14,000) they collect themselves in groups scattered throughout the world made up of other instances of ASP 025. An instance of ASP 025 can is created through a direct blood transfusion by ASP 025 where the blood cells in ASP 025 will overtake the ones in the host organism and replace them before reaching the heart and converting blood production. It will then reach the cellular level converting those before reaching the very DNA if the organism and fully completing the transformation. In most instances of ASP 025 the age of the particular specimen determines it's a strength. The older one is, the stronger it gets. The oldest instance of ASP 025 still alive is 379 years old and holds a wide variety of powers not seen in the average instance. It has night vision, hypnotic abilities, and the power to transform into the mist. These extra abilities vary between specimens. ASP 025 needs blood to prolong its lifespan, without it its life would end another few years (20-30) after it stops consuming blood.

Special Containment Notes: Since ASP 025 are numerous and spread out they cannot be contained with conventional methods. Instead, they are to be kept separated and left unaware there are others like them. They are to be encouraged to hunt animals and stay away from humans at threat of force. All those who hunt humans are to be terminated upon discovery. There is to be no mention of a vampire nation of any sorts when speaking to an instance of ASP 025

Dr's notes: "I swear, every time I hear about that emo teen coven I die a little inside."
-Dr.Dhakt, Head of ASP Research

ASP 026: The Meshed
Place of Origin:The asp foundation
Danger Level:C.A.A.C

Description: ASP 026 is a titanium 8-foot tall suit that occasionally bleeds from the eyes, mouth, etc. The suit is normally unable to move, but on special occasions such as [REDACTED] will display movement and will require special attention on that day otherwise known as "The Merger". The Merger is always on 3/9 of every year. ASP 026 was created by the ASP Foundation in the summer of 1977 as an experiment to find more effective measures of containing supernatural ASP and was used as [REDACTED] holding in multiple bodies of people of all ages causing a very unfortunate chain reaction creating ASP 026. ASP 026 can easily be described as a supernatural WMD easily capable of wiping out cities if average power output can be believed. It will attack any ASP member on sight through its paranormal means. Its average attacks include psychic barrages leading to suicide, direct paranormal attacks through causing levitation of objects and direct attacks from the suit to add to its internal biomass. It is considered as a non-humanoid anomaly and should be treated as such by staff researching it.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 026 is to be placed in a standard humanoid containment cell and chained to a wall. There are to be no individuals inside his cell and any attempts to further experiment on it will result in the execution of the one sanctioning the action. There are to be no attempts at undoing the experiment either as this will lead to execution as well. When The Merger arrives five Anomalous Containment Divisions are to be stationed at the site it is held and the door into its cell plated with a layer of titanium. It is considered to be in good form to allow 026 any material or drawing tools during this time as it seems to calm it down

ASP 027: The Big Brother
Place of Origin:Laos
Danger Level: Killer

Description: ASP 027 is an 8ft, 500 pounds (226 Kilogram) male. It's back has a large hunch and long, flowing, black hair. Its skin is unnaturally darkened to a degree where it would appear that it's covered in coal dust. It has very pronounced muscles. Those muscles have scars lining them from unknown sources and are not from any animal identifiable on the Earth. ASP 027s anomalous ability is it's a connection with an individual known as ASP 027-B. ASP 027-B is a girl at the age of 16 with some similarities with ASP 027, such as hair, scars, and darkened skin (though much less extreme than ASP 027). ASP 027 has a connection to ASP 027-B which is currently unknown to the Foundation. It seems to know that the condition of ASP 027-Band will protect her at any cost. ASP 027-B seemed initially unaware of ASP 027's presence, but when put close to ASP 027 itself both of them seem to enter a blissful state being unable to feel pain, sadness, anger, stress, or otherwise do anything else then deeply stare at each other. When put together ASP 027s protective drive will increase to the point where something touching ASP 027-B will be viewed as a threat and attacked.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 027 and 027-B should be separated at all times, but not taken out of the same facility. ASP 027-B is allowed to roam her facility as long as she stays away from the ASP 027s cell. ASP 027-B is to be given a comfortable dorm inside its facility and be allowed whatever she would want aside from an audience or a visit to ASP 027 or any other ASP in her facility. ASP 027 is to be left in a reinforced containment cell, double-layered with titanium to block its escape via force. A shock collar is to be on it at all times and used if violent behavior is exhibited by ASP 027. If ASP 027 and 027-B are to somehow make unauthorized contact with each other ASP 027-B is to be removed from the cell and put into a standard containment cell in the facility and ASP 027 moved to a different facility preferably in a different continent. ASP 027-B will then undergo a mental and physical examination to see if contact with ASP 027 has any physical or mentally pleasing effects on ASP 027 or is addictive to her.

Dr's Notes: "I don't know where it came from, it just started following me one day."
-ASP 027-B when asked the origin of ASP 027

ASP 028: ASP U.K's Janitor
Danger Level: Killer
Place of Origin:United kingdom

Description: ASP 028 is a 5'5 male from the province of Essex in the United Kingdom. He is Caucasian with a beard and dark hair. ASP 028 has complete bodily autonomy meaning that he has complete control over his body and it's movement including actions that should be impossible. His containment is due to his attempted selling of anomalous objects. Seeing as he hid his anomalous abilities at the Foundation finding the source of his anomalous abilities will be done during his containment.

Special Containment Notes: To stop ASP 028 from escaping from his containment the door to his containment cell is to have nothing that can be slid through and put inside a small metal box with small holes poked in the side for air. He is allowed to come out of the sandbox for food and water.

ASP 029:Provocative Statue
Danger Level:C.A.A.C +
Place of Origin:Unknown

Description: ASP 029 is a statue depicting a woman laying in an elaborate bed with an ever-changing amount of clothing. ASP 029 has shown reality-warping powers being able to affect the matter around it with what seems to be little to no exertion*. ASP 029 has been connected to 023 through interviews with the latter. According to its accounts, 029 owns other instances of 023 and sends them out into the "Earthly plane" for an unknown reason. It is of unknown age and unknown origin. Its full capabilities are also unknown, but it is speculated to be past the abilities of ASP 008 "The Music Man" after the incident at Site A-4 was [REDACTED] resulting in multiple personnel going missing with two out of [REDACTED] being found one dead and one being questioned about her time missing.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 029 is to be kept in Site A-4 and kept unaware of the methods of the Foundation's amount of knowledge on it. 029 is to be interrogated and spoken to daily to see if it will disclose information on itself and its plans with ASP 023 and the human race as a whole. 029 can only be reached by top-level researchers at the facility and division heads. There should be no attempt to alter, chip off, or otherwise change the stone of the 029.

Dr's Notes: "The way we found out that it was a reality warper was quite interesting really. We were transporting it near the breakroom and we noticed that it moved it's head over to look into the break room and then suddenly the table grew wings and claws and began attacking me and a few colleagues. No one died, fortunately, but it was a very sobering experience as I was a recruit at the time."
-Dr. Williams, Doctor at Site A-4

ASP 030: Deep Dark Clown
Danger level: ELIMINATED
Place of Origin: [nation]Atlantic Ocean[/nation

Description: ASP 030 is a clown suit complete with nose, hair dye, and shoes which manifest in any large source of nearby water at a range of 40 miles (64 kilometers). If no sufficiently large sources of water are nearby it will default to the next largest source of running water. Upon any skin contact with the suit, it will disappear and within 30 minutes it will slowly grow over the subject's skin replacing it. Then the face will become white and their nose will morph into the traditional red nose of a clown. The hair will change color. At this point, the subject will lose their previous personality, memories, etc and seek to touch other individuals to spread ASP 030. Once enough instances of ASP 030 are created a portion will begin to stitch together other versions of the vector of ASP 030 (that being the suit) and move to place them strategically to maximize the effectiveness of the transfer of ASP 030. Those affected from ASP 030 form a hive mind and seemingly would attempt to infect all life on the planet if not expanding outward into the further universe.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 030 was destroyed after a successful termination attempt by Dr. Cavalier. The excerpt of the event is below

Cavalier walks into the containment cell and winks at an inside viewer behind the reinforced "Alright, so I just need to kill it? Was the last breach that bad?" Cavalier asks a viewer from the screen. She sees something from inside the screen and continues. Cavalier takes a lighter from her back pocket, turns it on, and throws it at ASP 030. After burning for a bit ASP 030's form rises flailing and begins moving towards Dr.Cavalier. Guards run in, only to be stopped by Cavalier who stood still. ASP 030 walked forward before collapsing thrashing about leaving burn marks on the white ground. Cavalier turns to the glass again "Can you turn on the water in the baths and put a wood-chipper underneath the faucet?" As the anomaly stopped thrashing the wood-chipper was being placed

30 minutes later ASP 030 was found in the shower system being shredded by the wood-chipper. Laughing is reported as being heard during this time. Dr. Cavalier was given a medal of commendation by Site A-1
Dated 6/3/13

ASP 031: A realistic EU4 game
Place of Origin:Ireland
Danger level: Safe

Description: ASP 031 is an unmodified version of the video game Europa Universalis 4 with all of the game's downloadable content and all additional updates that have come with the game. The anomaly carries an accurate recreation of the modern-day world map and all conflicts on it. ASP 031 can dynamically change the leader of a nation after the passing or resignation of a previous one as well as show the most likely heir for the position. This position is noted to be in flux for most nations. When a nation is clicked ASP 031 will show the status of the nation in question with what seems to be complete accuracy including classified information. If a nation is spectated as nation-specific events will become visible revealing even more information on leaders and national policies. If the game is played and a nation selected the anomaly will function as a normal Europa Universalis 4 game with the player controlling the unwitting government into making decisions. These decisions are remembered by the members of the government, but they will show no indication that they were not in control of their actions. All actions taken in the game will occur directly in real lives including any game mechanics unusable by a real government such as spending "admin points" and taking up national ideas. The origin of ASP 031 is unknown and the code of the game is currently inaccessible.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 031 is to be kept in a standard containment cell and left undisturbed and monitored. The anomaly is only allowed to be used by the current ASP security head while watched by no less than three other ASP personnel with no relation to the head. He is only to use ASP 031 when observation of a particular nation is needed or decisions that need to be made regarding anomalies in the government must be made without the recognition of said government. All interactions must first be approved by the current ASP head. If not all personnel involved in its use are to be executed immediately. Movement of military assets is a decision that is strictly in the control of the ASP head.

Dr's Notes: "The royal marriage button had some quite interesting results. Luckily the foundation 'canceled' the marriage between George Bush and a Pakistani woman that would have lead to a personal union between Pakistan and the United States. I'm still interested in seeing how that would work, but a few human resources people are against it, but I have a feeling that I'll get to try it one day."
-Dr. Dhakt, Head of ASP research

ASP 032:Mother Nature
Place of Origin:Brazil
Danger level: Apocalypse

Description: ASP 032 is an elderly humanoid woman, at a size of 5'5, (1.6 meters) entirely made up of plant matter including unidentified plants potentially encompassing plants deep underwater or potentially extraterrestrial plant life. ASP 032 has the anomalous ability to control any plant life, living or dead from an indefinite range with what seems to be limitless power. The anomaly's power over nature is not limited to only plant life, but also bacteria and other life in the microbiome. ASP 032 has an extreme hatred of the human race and has repeatedly stated that when given the chance would wipe out the human race in its entirety for the supposed harm caused by humans to it which implies that it is a direct personification of the environment. Such claims are yet to be proven

Special Containment Notes: ASP 032 is to be held in a Lead Containment Cell doused in petroleum oil delivered via a sprinkler located on top of the cell. The oil is to be lit with a lighter located inside the cell which is located inside a panel on the floorboard. Toxic gases are to fill the room at all hours of the day distributed by pipes on the top of the cells. These measures are shown to considerably hamper the power of ASP 032 and also stops escape through seedlings or macrobiotic means as shown in the breach incident of 6/4/89. If the power is to fail for whatever reason guards located outside the cell with flamethrowers must come in and begin using it on ASP 032 while it is in a weakened state. If for whatever reason flamethrowers are not available then weed killer will suffice.

ASP 033: Improbable Doctor
Place of Origin: Canada
Danger Level: Safe

Description: ASP 033 is a 5'6 Asian man named Dr. John Stephan Reddington. ASP 033 has the anomalous ability to heal any injury flawlessly with any materials he has gathered around him as demonstrated in his capture log where he resuscitates a family of 5 in a car crash using bandaids and multiple doses of Asprin. All those around him will see nothing out of the ordinary with his methods unless they have comparable amounts of history in the medical field as he does. ASP 033 does not seem to be aware of his anomalous ability himself but will acknowledge the oddity of some of the actions taken by himself. ASP 033 had a quite extensive family before being inducted into the Foundation; at the moment they are being researched to see if his abilities are hereditary or otherwise replicable for Foundation use.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 033 can roam freely around whatever site it is located in except for any cells of anomalies unless given explicit orders to do otherwise. The anomaly is to be transported between facilities for medical aid in intervals of 3 months. Any attempts to leave for the outside world are to be responded to with vague promises. These promises may be realized whenever it is discovered if his anomalous properties are carried through his family. If so the member carrying the anomaly will be swapped with our current specimen of ASP 033 and used to foster more instances of ASP 033 as so to use to reduce casualty rates in containment operations.

Dr's Notes: "He helped me out once after an unfortunate meeting with 004. Despite all the things I've seen so far having my limbs reattached with superglue will always be the most unbelievable."
-Dr. Dhakt, Head of ASP Research

ASP 034: Division by 0
Danger Level: Killer
Place of Origin: South korea

Description: ASP 034 is a calculator displaying the equation 6+9-2x0. Any attempt to change or alter the equation on-screen will fail; this failure can be attributed to unresponsive buttons and mechanisms inside the calculator. Despite this, the calculator appears to be freshly produced showing no signs of prior use by any human use. Upon viewing ASP 034's screen the exposed individual will enter the first of four stages. The first stage begins at first exposure to the screen of ASP 034 where the individual viewing it will begin thinking of the equation shown on the anomaly. The exposed individual will think about solving the equation even if they had no prior interest in the field of mathematics and will try and spur on the viewing of ASP 034 to others in conversation. Stage 2 begins after an hour after observation where interest in solving the anomaly grows and the individual will try and solve ASP 034´s equation and will feel immense disappointment and anger at being unable to find a non-zero answer to the equation. At this stage, it is impossible to try and take their minds off the anomaly´s equation and any attempt to do so will be dismissed by the individual. In Stage 3 the equation will consume their thoughts and they will continue to try and find a non-zero answer and encourage others to look at the screen of ASP 034 to help them in solving the problem. In stage 4 complete psychosis will envelop the affected individual and they will write the equation on papers, walls, and their skin. They will begin to force others to view the screen of ASP 034 and bring them through the process until they too are in the state they are currently in. Stage 4 will continue until the individual's death.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 034 is to be held in a steel container padlocked with a key held by the current head researcher of ASP 034 if such measures prove to be insufficient a digital lock will be considered. ASP 034 is to only be used when the current test subject for the effects of ASP 034 has expired or is slated for execution. All research on ASP 034 is to be focused on its effects on the brain and how it can affect the brain like this.

Dr's Notes: "I wonder who takes their time to make this stuff. I mean like all the seemingly man-made anomalies. Why would you need to make these? Just seems stupid, y' know?"
-Dr. Dhakt.

ASP 035: Walker.
Danger level: ???
Place of origin: Unknown

Description: ASP 035 is a humanoid figure about 5'5 feet in size and thin with a rounded head. ASP 035 is unable to be described further as his form is said to be 'blurry' to those that he appears to. ASP 035 can materialize himself in and out of reality and dematerialize into an unknown location without leaving any traces of any inter-dimensional travel. The anomaly is without arms, but when needed can grow arms and legs to grab objects and utilize its other anomalous abilities. With these arms, ASP 035 can send objects with it to the location it goes to upon dematerialization. When ASP 035 materializes it will travel to a location and take an object and dematerialize it presumably placing it in the location the anomaly itself dematerializes to. The anomaly seems to prefer taking office supplies and furniture before anything else though more useful objects have been taken in the past along with a few instances of ASP personnel and civilians being taken to his realm as well. Most of the people taken are usually record keepers, receptionists, clerks, and so on. What the anomaly does with the items is unknown, but it seems to be getting supplies and people for a business of some sort though this is unlikely as the anomaly takes weapons and on rare occasions returns items even though they have already been used by either it, the people he has taken, or another unknown force.

Special Containment Notes: ASP 035 cannot be contained or effectively interacted with. When ASP 035 appears it should be allowed to take the item that it had come for regardless of what it was previously being used for and if possible given the items if it will one-day co-operate with the Foundation. If ASP 035 is coming for you or another member of personnel, do not run for it is hopeless. Do not try and defend those who he comes for as it cannot be injured in any way and it will remove the item from your possession into its realm. If you are aware that ASP 035 is coming for you attempt to place a camera and listening device on yourself in hopes it will survive and accept that it will be taking you. When a viable method of containing ASP 035 is discovered further containment notes may be added to this log.

Dr's Notes:

    -Stapler (returned with half of the staples missing)
    -Various articles of clothing
    -Business cards from ASP front business
    -Dr. Edna Pendleton
    -5 9mm bullets from Site H-9 Armory (returned)
    -Mini-Fridge from ASP 004s observation bay
    -All the computers from Site A-1's library
    -Dr. Ivan Petrovitch
    -The S key on a keyboard
    -A Christmas tree from the annual Foundation Christmas party
    -A leather swivel chair from Site B-3

ASP 036: Magic
Danger level: Apocalypse
Place of origin: Egypt

Description: Magic is the use of anything which allows an average human to warp reality to a minor extent (Such as creating fire, ice, etc from thin air). Most magic orignates from ancient cultures who through some unknown means, captured reality warping energies and entrapped them into objects such as books and weapons and activating them with a code word. The larger and more complex the object is, the stronger the magic is. It is believed that most magic users were exterminated by the Catholic Church shortly after the collapse of the Roman Empire and all magical objects were contained by the Papacy and being studied for any divine revelation inside. Many were destroyed, but yet still many of these objects remained and in the time since more were created with a major influx of magic object creation during World War 2.

Special Containment Notes: Any magic user found outside the Foundation is to be killed or otherwise captured for study. Foundation held magic users are to be trained to served the Foundation's interests and to ensure the secrecy of magic is ensured. The Thaumics department is the only department of the ASP allowed to handle magic users.

Dr's Notes: "Magic is always a fun thing to screw with, that is, until it eventually screws with you and you get inverted like a sock. Basically what I'm saying is I wouldn't mess with it too hard unless you know what you're doing."
-Dr. Dhakt speaking to new Foundation recruits.

ASP 037: The Seven
Danger level: Apocalypse
Place of origin: Unknown

Description: The Seven are a group of immensely powerful reality-warpers from outside the known universe. Though all very physically different (referring to those who have consistent physical characteristics) there are a few consistent factors. They are almost always covered or surrounded by some unknown black slime, they almost always have skin which appears to twist itself in seemingly infinte circles, and they almost always sport an opening somewhere on the body which serves as a mouth of sorts. ASP 037 share a family like relationship with each otherfrom what the Foundation could observe in the limited interactions held with ASP 037-A, ASP 037-B, and ASP 037-E. There are seven instances of ASP 037 each holding a specific role in the `family` structure held by ASP 037. ASP 037-A is the father of the group and the one documented to be the most powerful and creative with his reality warping capabilities. All other instances of ASP 037 seem to be subservient to him without question though ASP 037-D seems to dissent in mostly insignificant ways. ASP 037-B seems to fulfill the role of mother

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