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January LCRUA Times

Thursday 25 January 2018
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South Asians narrowly wins the Tribunal Election

15 January, 2018
The January Tribunal Elections have been called the most competitive Judiciary elections in the history of The LCRUA.
Six Candidates declared their intentions for candidacy, them being South Asians, Ashebournia, Valenic, The antifascist union, Exbrenia and Ramgafelten.
Out of the 6 candidates, the top predictions at the time were that South Asians and Exbrenia would lead the vote, but The AntiFascist Union, despite never holding political office before quickly raked up 9 member votes, many claim this is because of his avid campaigning and leftist ideals.
Although The AntiFascist Union experienced fortune among early voters, South Asians narrowly won the election with 10 member votes, 1 more than The AntiFascist Union.
It was a tough competition and all the candidates participated beautifully, We'd like to congratulate the three new Judges: Exbrenia, The AntiFascist Union and South Asians. South Asians will represent the Tribune as Chief Justice.

Political Parties Act legalized in The LCRUA

18 January, 2018
President Saihosk has passed the Political Parties Act in the LCRUA, it outlines the rules regarding future political parties.
Part of the proposal was that when a party reached 5 or more members, the government had to recognise it. Currently, there are two declared parties in The LCRUA; Fortvento's 'PIE' party and The antifascist union's 'LCRUA Left' Party. But only PIE has been recognized, reaching 5 members on the 18th of January.

The Better LCRUA Plan causing Chaos and Debate

14 January, 2018
Although the The antifascist union has expressed desires to 'rebuild' this region before, only now has he presented his plan; he calls it the Better LCRUA Plan, it spans from splitting the LCRUA into 3 different ideological groups. The initial response was mainly criticism, especially from the older, more influential nations. The plan then sparked a debate between the supporters and opposers of the bill. After seeing the protests, President Saihosk ordered that the bill will only be put to referendum once 5 member nations declare their support for it.
Credits- Saihosk and South Asians

Role Play
Fortvento started the "Arcadian Landfall" Event

14 January, 2018
Fortvento started a RP event which is the continuation of the previous region's roleplay. Here is the story of what exactly happened to the old Arcadia-

The Cataclysm
Old Era, the year 1033. A great and unexpected catastrophe happens on the planet of Arcadia as a dormant super volcano in the territory of the Lapreynia tribes erupts. Thousands of tonnes of ash and smoke are spewed out into the atmosphere, and a long stream of lava flows trough the Atrian Empire into the sea. A long and dark volcanic winter ensued. This resulted in global famines in which large swathes of the populace starved. This event came to be known as the Cataclysm.

The Exodus
The few who could afford or manage it left the planet on any spaceship they could board, this is what we call the Exodus. These spaceships sought their future in many different star systems close by and far away. A handful of them recently arrived at the star Gamma Vitis (a.k.a. Caene). There they found a habitable terrestrial planet and landed as they were running out of fuel and options.

Arcadian Landfall
The Arcadian colonists have landed, scattered across the planet. They have taken to calling it "Arcadia Nova", but they do not find it empty. The planet called Erosia by its natives is covered in empires, kingdoms and republics all in the early modern period. How will they react to these Arcadians? And how will the Arcadians settle this alien planet?
You will get all the answers of these questions here.

Massive Warpgate appeared in the North Arasic Ocean

4 January 2018
A mysterious massive warpgate appeared in the North Arasic Ocean just between the nations of Sleetavia (Sleet Clans) and Vakunithia. The warpgate has surprised all the Scientists of Arcadia Nova. Researchers from South Asians examined it closely and found that it is a gateway to a parallel universe. Many nations are eager to solve the mystery behind the warpgate.

Explorers through the Warpgate

15 January 2018
An aircraft no larger than a C-130 cargo plane comes through the warpgate, eventually landing on the far Southwestern territory of Sleetavia on a large dirt field. As they entered they announced that "We come in peace. We are explorers and scientists, and we seek to learn more about your world. We also require fuel, can you assist?"
The message was received by a nearby military base, who are suspicious of the C130 lookalike suddenly landing on their territory.
After they informed High Command of the situation, the commander of the base ordered that they must keep an eye on these scientists until a delegation consisting of both Sleetavian diplomats and scientists can arrive to sort it out.
An announcement from the Sleetavian Military said, ''Hold your position. You have landed in Sleetavian territory without prior permission. We are sending a delegation of some of our diplomats and scientists to you, they will arrive in a few hours. Hold your position, if you try anything, we will be forced to act''.lii
Credits- Exbrenia, South Asians, Sleet Clans, Aquilan exploration guild and Fortvento

Credits- South Asians

The Armed Crystal continues as the Chancellor of SWORD

14th January 2018
The Armed Crystal is yet again elected as the Chancellor of SWORD. This time the election was between Saihosk and The Armed Crystal. The Armed Crystal won this election easily with 4-1 majority votes from representatives. We would like to congratulate him and wish him a good term.
Westphalia raided by a huge coalition of raiders

27th January 2018
27th January is an unfortunate day the defenders community because on that day Westphalia, one of the largest defender leaning region was raided by a huge coalition of raiders consisting of The Black Hawks, H Y D R A, The Imperium of Agia Germania, The Land of Kings and Emperors, Lone Wolves United, The Roman Empire, Unknown, and The West Pacific Armed Forces. The raider coalition openly challenged SWORD to prove its worth. But the coalition of defenders has more than 100 raider pilers which made it impossible for the defenders community to liberate it from the hands of raiders. A resolution was proposed in the Security Council let's hope that this resolution will pass.
Credits- South Asians

Interregional News
Seraph elected as the Delegate of The South Pacific

22nd January 2018
After a long process of the Delegate elections. Erinor a.k.a Seraph is elected as the delegate of The South Pacific. There was a tough competition between Former Delegate Tsunamy and Erinor. But at the end Erinor emerged victorious with a majority of 89-64 votes. We wish Erinor luck for his term as the Delegate.
Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends

9th January 2018
10000 Islands and The South Pacific recently celebrated a festival that's know as Harry Potter and the Festival of Friends. This festival was celebrated to show the love of these two regby hions for the Harry Potter books, movies, fan fiction, fandoms etc. This festival was successful as both the regions also invited outsiders to celebrate this festival with them and there were many types of forum games, discord games, quizzes, picture games and writing contests related to Harry Potter series.
Feautured Embassy of the Month
Credits- South Asians

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