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On Fascism and the Road Ahead for Our Alliance

To the esteemed Monarchs of the Alliance of Absolute Monarchs, and to the many wonderful nations of the international community:

As you all know, the Alliance that I am charged with leading has a strong love for monarchy, tradition, and faith. Historically, we have sought to seek allies with anyone that can value at least one of those three things, with little regard for what exactly they advocate. This has, I am most sorry to say, put us in quite a predicament. Fascism, while strong in their promotion for tradition, holds the state above God, making it against one of our core tenets. Fascism also holds little regard for nobility, social status, and laws of succession, and often times Fascist leaders overthrown or subjugate monarchs. This puts it at odds with another one of our core tenets. I find it most prudent to no longer sacrifice two of our beliefs for the sake of one.

Consider also that allying with such regions puts us at odds with major players in the international community; starting wars that can not only be avoided, but should be avoided at all costs, lest our young and growing alliance become nothing more than ash. Not only does their mere presence in our embassy list make us enemies, it also gives people the wrong idea about us. We are not Fascists. We never have been, and so help me God we never will be. However, it does not matter what we are if we are unable to convince others of what we are not. In other words: nobody will ever bother to hear us out because they already have the wrong impression.

I have told you why fascism is against what we stand for, and also why we should not ally ourselves with them. Now, I will tell you why we should never have done it in the first place. Consider the beginning of the January War. West Pacific pirates and various affiliated groups make a raid against the Alliance and her Dominions, for no other reason than they were attacking our allies and we got mixed into it. Not only did our "allies" get us into a fight we didn't want, they failed to even provide warning prior or back up after it happened. Some allies.

By allying the Alliance with the Fascists, the regime before my ascension to the throne made a critical and almost fatal error. An error that made us enemies we had no business fighting, and brought trouble upon our friends. An error I failed to correct. And for that, dear reader, I am truly and deeply sorry.

From this day forward, the Alliance of Absolute Monarchs will not, so long as I am its Sovereign, ally itself with such a poor partner. We will only join with other Monarchists, and even then, we will not jump to the aid of those involved in fights that do not concern us. I have a vision that, with the help of my friends, Ministers, and true allies, the Alliance of Absolute Monarchs will grow to be a major hub for Monarchists across NationStates, and to do that, we must be more discerning when it comes to our friends.

Thank you, and God bless,
-Alexander IV, Holy Roman Emperor of the Alliance of Absolute Monarchs,
Emperor, by the grace of God, of Routcher