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LEADER OF AIGANIA: Behavior, Familiy, Residence, Advisors WIP (pending changing to "standard")


1. Behavior
2. Body
3. Family Life
4. Residence
5. Advisors

1. Behavior
- Personal:
· The Cognitive Core Council affectionately nicknames supporters by number. (Fan club)
· The Cognitive Core Council has more friends than ever before. (Hobby: social media)
· The Cognitive Core Council can often be found attempting to coax random citizens' cats down from trees.
· saying "don't do anything that the Cognitive Core Council wouldn't do" doesn't exclude a great deal.
· (use of untraceable poison to deal with government officials in a conspiracy to make a coup d'état against the government)
· at least 1% of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs budget goes to the Cognitive Core Council's wardrobe. (Use of local type of clothes to enhance appreciation by hosts during foreign official visits)
· Gossip magazines have pictures of the Cognitive Core Council sunbathing on the beach with political rivals.(Opposition leader goes with the leader to international summits)

- Political:
· The Cognitive Core Council's speeches are beloved by insomniacs. (Speech: simple truths)
· the Cognitive Core Council has been seen stealthily slicing fifths off bread loaves. (no Value Added Tax))
· The Cognitive Core Council has no checks and balances after the upper house was abolished.
· The Cognitive Core Council's handshakes with opposition leaders usually lead to thumb wars.

2. Body
· government-run screening operations remove embryos with severe genetic disorders. (genefixed population)
· Citizens are grown in vats. (variant human races: upgrades, homo superiors, parahumans, specialists)
· The Cognitive Core Council spends Halloween alternatively growling and howling (Halloween Easter Egg: Werewolf transfromation option.)
Easter Egg color:Green

3. Family Life
· photographers can be found hiding behind the curtains in the Cognitive Core Council's bedroom. (Free Press: private life transparency)
· the family of the Cognitive Core Council bite their thumbs at paparazzi intrusions.(Violetists family members)
· t-shirts displaying a photo of the Cognitive Core Council performing the Full-Monty are selling out. (Free Press: legal photo manipulation parodies)
· The Cognitive Core Council's mistress is the belle at many state balls.
· tabloids coo over The Cognitive Core Council's expected child. (natality support)
· the Snapgram channel "Embarrassing Baby The Cognitive Core Council Pics" has made the Cognitive Core Council's mom a celebrity.
· many friends and relatives of the Cognitive Core Council have been given ambassador jobs in tropical island nations.

4. Residence
· The Cognitive Core Council's iHouse is so intelligent that it manages its own social media accounts. (House: high tech with AI)
· trespassers entering the Cognitive Core Council's office are immediately vaporized. (Office Door: forcefield)
· The Cognitive Core Council's office has a newly installed Max-Man arcade game programmed by a 5th-grader. (Computer curricula: C programming)
· they say that the Cognitive Core Council's personal computer is full of naked pictures of the Emperor of Maxtopia. (extensive computer surveillance)

5. Advisors
· every new building project has to undergo a five-year environmental impact study before it can go ahead. (Science advisor: Biologist)
· only clowns with PhDs from clown college can advise The Cognitive Core Council on Aigania's coulrophobia epidemic.
· the election for the Cognitive Core Council's office's janitor is heating up.
· late night talk show hosts are having a field day over the Cognitive Core Council's questionably sane new coalition partners.
· psychiatrists bizarrely accompany the Cognitive Core Council to meetings with
foreign heads of state.
· The Cognitive Core Council tells rebellious ministers to "drop and give me twenty".
(military service for political leaders)
· the comic book series 'The Cognitive Core Council and the Villainous Corporate Cronies' is a best-seller.